Top 10 Best Robes

Top 10 Best Robes to Buy in 2020

Synonymous with comfort, the bathrobe is commonly used in the bath or pool exit, being far fetched for swimmers or water aerobics. Its main benefit is dry and protect the body, but a growing number of people who use it on pajamas or clothes, in order to keep warm in the cooler days.

Brands like Buddemeyer and Dohler increasingly seek to create robes appropriate to each situation, with different lengths and details. To help you, we list below points to consider when buying and selected the 10 best robes market. Read on and choose your own!

Top 10 Best Robes To Buy In 2020

Many people believe that the robe is a luxury to be enjoyed in hotels and spas, but there are many benefits in using it daily. The first is that the robe can replace the bath towel in some situations, such as when taking care of the hair before dressing or changing the children first.

In winter, the piece gets another goal is to warm up the body right out of the shower and maintain skin moisture not drying it with the cold. It also helps to keep warm pajamas when we get up to go to the bathroom or go out early in the straight from bed to breakfast.

How to Choose the Best Bathrobe

The ideal model robe is one that has the right features for the type of use you want to give it. For choosing to work, pay attention to some points that we list below and that will make a difference in your satisfaction.

Choose Type Robe agreement with Use

In Brazil you can find two categories of bathrobe in the big stores. Knowing the characteristics of each is the first step to choose the one that fits in your expectations

The traditional robe model is normally closed in front with the help of a band. It can be sold in different lengths and have long or short sleeves. Versatile, it adapts to all body shapes and is easily placed and removed. It can be worn over pajamas and clothes.

The robe model zipper usually well levinho, ideal for use in sports activities at the pool such as water aerobics and swimming. Usually it has long and short sleeves, so it is not very practical for use in the winter, but a great choice for warmer weather.

Consider Tissue Bathrobe

The fabric of the robe is the main factor that will be more suitable for a situation or specific time of year. So it is important to pay attention to it when buying. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Top 10 Best Robes To Buy In 2020

The cotton robe may appear in various types of fabric, such as atoalhada and velvety. It provides extreme comfort, and be gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. It is usually more expensive and does not heat up as much as polyester, but it has high power absorption and dries quickly body.

Top 10 Best Robes To Buy In 2020

polyester robes are a great option for those looking for prices cheaper. They have the advantage of quickly warm the body, ideal for cooler days, but are less soft than the 100% cotton. Who does not give up the comfort should invest in plush microfiber or plots.

Top 10 Best Robes To Buy In 2020

The combination is mixed in most cases are 95% cotton and 5% polyester. The advantage is meeting the power of cotton with polyester absorption heating. The disadvantage is that the presence of yarns and reduces the softness can not be accepted for very sensitive skins.

Keep an eye on the size Suitable for Every Temperature

Top 10 Best Robes To Buy In 2020

A bathrobe can have a short length (the height of the thighs), medium (knee) or long (in the middle of the calf). Similarly, the sleeves may be long or short. The choice depends on your taste, but also how you want.

If the idea is to heat in winter, prefer long or medium with long sleeves to better protect the body. As for out of the shower in warmer weather, short-sleeved short is ideal.

Pay Attention to Details

The robe may have functional details like pockets and hood to protect hair in the cold. There are also models with lace or embroidery, and even different collars, such as shawl collar that adds beauty to the piece. Furthermore, they are sold in various colors and patterns, to suit all tastes.

We will now present the 10 best robes. When choosing your, consider where it will be used to buy the model with the right features!

Comparison Leaderboard Bathrobes


Robe Velvety Regence

Bathrobe Egyptian Cotton Bathrobe

Bathrobe Velor Lovely

Bathrobe Long Sleeve Adult

Bathrobe Microfiber Male

Bathrobe Short Sleeved White

Bathrobe terry One Size

Bathrobe Adult Summer Naturale

Bathrobe Bath Hawaii

Now that you know the benefits of using the robe and how to choose the ideal model, do not hesitate and take advantage of it in various situations. Do not forget to think about the type, tissue and appropriate size to your wishes. Also, look for an option that you enjoy and that makes you feel good.

Do not waste time and choose a product of our ranking logo to enjoy the advantages of using a bathrobe. And whenever you have questions about which model to choose, come back here to see our tips.