Top 10 Best Romance Books

Top 10 Best Romance Books to Buy Online in 2020

When it comes to books, there is not the right gender or the best genre, this is a matter of taste and defines who you are. In this article, we invite you to know about the novels. Much more than love stories, novels are books with complex plots that mimic reality and has great potential to involve the reader, carried him into the story.

However, in addition to so many consecrated novels for decades, every year are launched new books saw sales success. On the one hand have so many options is great, but then turns choosing a great challenge. So we made a guide to choosing the ideal novel and ranqueamos the 10 best novels of the moment! Read only brings benefits, see our tips and enjoy!

Top 10 Best Romance Books To Buy Online In 2020

Many believe that a novel is not a love story, but it’s not just that. A novel can be rather about a love story, but it does not have to do only with romantic stories. Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, for example, is a novel that talks about social injustice.

The novel is a literary genre characterized by long stories that narrate in detail the actions and feelings of the characters. In the novels we have a psycho-social atmosphere where the characters are dense and complex and the stories bring us closer to everyday events.

For resemble real life or tell about other epochs of human history, often generate empathy in the reader and wrap it more easily in history. It is so easy to fall for a novel. So do not delay! See the tips listed below and choose one of the books of our ranking!

How to Choose the Best Romance Book

Next, we’ll give you some tips that can help you to acquire a novel. There are so many options right? It is not always easy to choose. But considering some important points you should be able to make the correct choice.

Use the Internet to Discover New Books

Top 10 Best Romance Books To Buy Online In 2020

The internet is filled with all kinds of content and no different to the literature, so use this diversity to literary discoveries. On Youtube, for example, there are many channels that make reviews about books. There are channels that focus only on novels! It’s no different with literary blogs are reviews, plus reviews on various books.

In addition, on Amazon, you can filter your books by genus romance and see what the best-selling and best-evaluated in this category. On Amazon’s site you can also read the synopsis of the book and the first chapter of some of the titles available in the catalog. And of course, do not forget to see also a selection of books from our ranking, sure there are some that you will love!

Authors are already Read a Secure Way, already the Unknowns are reserved Surprises

You can choose your next novel based on authors you already like, for example, if you read “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens, you are likely to also like “David Copperfield.” This is because the writing style, the construction of the characters and several other features that made you liked one, will be present in others.

Or, if you you like the elegance mixed with black humor of Machado de Assis in “Don Casmurro,” chances are “The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas” please you too. But do not gift it is always nice to meet new authors, so many classic ones like today and even those who are not critically acclaimed, but are very good.

Choose Romance Based on Historic Period that happens Trama

Do you have a favorite historical period or would like to look more closely at all? Why not use this as a starting point for choosing a book? You will be able to “travel” back in time, even if only through words and imagination, and can understand a bit more about our own history.

Lygia Fagundes Telles is a good start if you want a book that portrays the military regime in Brazil. Now if your thing is the Victorian period begins with Charles Dickes, can not help but fall in love with some of its main characters. The period of the 2nd world war is not always portrayed only in biographies, authors such as Maria Duenas wrote beautiful stories of fiction.

Give A New Chance to Classics

The classic books are often labeled as boring and tedious. This is not true, it happens that in high school many children are required to read classic authors. As most of the time the student does not have the habit of reading and faced right away with a book dense with content and difficult to read, it ends up generating a “trauma”, and the book makes a boring fame.

However, the classics are very important from them is possible to understand the society and customs of a particular time, switch over between different literary periods and know stories that are still used by writers as inspiration for new books. Then choose a story that has to do with you and miss just this fear to read classic books.

Check out books that Adapted for TV and Cinema

Often when a book is very good ends up attracting the gaze of directors who end up turning it into movies, series or even novels. “The slave Isaura”, “Gabriela Cravo e Canela”, “The Adventures of Pollyanna” and “Ciranda de Pedra”, for instance, are novels inspired by books.

Just like “Pride and Prejudice” and “Les Miserables” were inspirations for creating movies. With the success of the series, several books are also adapted in this format, such as “The Tale of Aia” and “Game of Thrones”. It is worthwhile to use this criterion for choosing a book, after all the director will not spend with production if the story is not good, does not it?

Keep an eye on Releases and Bestsellers

Top 10 Best Romance Books To Buy Online In 2020

Every year, several books of different genres, are launched. Among these good titles novels are worth exploring. To always stay inside these new releases stay tuned to literary blogs and social networks of publishers, they always publish on new books.

Many of these books are so well accepted by the public who end up among the top sellers on sites like Amazon. Some remains in the top positions for years. So whenever you enter the site of a bookstore, worth looking for more information about the books that are among the most sold or, better yet, in the first position.

Indications Who’s read and approved

Here are the favorite romance novels bloggers and professional partners MyBest. They are works that they have read and recommend, therefore, worth checking out!

Top 10 Best Romance Books To Buy Online In 2020

Top 10 Best Romance Books to Buy Online

From now on, we will show incredible 10 novels for you to know. This selection are titles that portray various historical periods, written by both classical authors and modern. It has options for all tastes, it will not be difficult to find one that is your face!

Top 10 Best Romance Books To Buy Online In 2020

Comparison table of Top Romance Books


Big Little Lies Little Big Lies

Time Between Seams – Deluxe Edition

The Girl You Left Behind

The Best Story Is To Come

There are so many good novels that we do not know where to start, is not it? But as our tips you will be able to find one that has everything to do with you. And so to finish it go to the next huh! It has many good stories waiting to be read.

A book is always holds an amazing trip!