Top 10 Best Sewing Boxes

Top 10 Best Sewing boxes to Buy in 2020

Is to sew that button that dropped the shirt or build a beautiful skirt, it is important to have a sewing box and organized with all the essential items kept. Today they are found with different materials and designs that please women and men of all ages.

Brands like Incas, Gton and Kangur offer models made of wood, steel and plastic with different sizes, colors and an incredible amount of compartments. To help you in choosing, we made a guide to choosing the best sewing box and list the 10 best in the market. Check out our tips below!

How to Choose the Best Sewing Box

The ideal sewing box must have a size, weight and good space to store the items that you own. Furthermore it is important to have good durability and style, as it will make the decor of your sewing corner, bedroom or studio. See our tips!

Transport with ease: Prefer cm to 35 boxes and less 2.5kg

Top 10 Best Sewing Boxes To Buy In 2020

To successfully carry easily the studio or house, choose a model that has maximum extent of 35 cm width, length or height. More than that can hinder time to hold and carry.

Furthermore, also check the weight of the box and to prefer a maximum weight of 2.5 kg. So you do not overload your shoulder and can carry it easily.

Learn the Compartments Ideal quantity for items that you want Save

Choosing the right model depends on how many items you want to store and are the same or not. You do not need a very large box that you have basic items for example. See below the best for you!

Top 10 Best Sewing Boxes To Buy In 2020

The partition without boxes are ideal for small and has only the basic items with stitching lines, scissors, needles, and thimbles measuring tape. They are great for those who use just to fix buttons and simple things to be compact. Prefer with only a cover for you to get open and see all items at once.

Top 10 Best Sewing Boxes To Buy In 2020

For those who have enough lines and want to organize better, the ideal is a box with tips that serve as door-lines. The more tips you have more organized and practice will be. And to store some basic items such as needles and small scissors choose a template with at least three partitions to keep them.

Top 10 Best Sewing Boxes To Buy In 2020

For those who have many different items of sizes and functions ideally a sewing box with drawers and dividers varied. Is to save the essential or higher as wool yarns and fabrics, choose a model that offers different compartments will help you to better organize while all very clustered and messy.

Choose Between resistant materials such as wood or plastic as Light

Top 10 Best Sewing Boxes To Buy In 2020

For those seeking a very strong and durable material wood is a great option. MDF type is widely used because it is easy to customize, and is lighter. It also has a good durability and leaves no smell to items such as some plastics. Another option is also resistant steel, which preserves well the items and do not crumple easily.

Sewing boxes made of plastic are usually very light and is suitable for those who want to carry with ease. Prefer a box with good transparency to be able to see the items faster.

Top 10 Best Sewing Boxes

See below our list of the top 10 market sewing boxes for you to store your well organized and stylish items!

Comparison table of the Best Sewing Boxes

Organizing Sewing box

Briefcase Organizer Organizing Cash Sewing

Organizing box Sewing utensils Door Decoration

Sewing Box flocked

Sewing box Organizing Port Tampa Retro Reel

Sewing kit Organizing Cash

Organizing box Notions Sewing Button

Rectangular box Sewing

Best Sew with the Sewing Machine Ideal

Having a sewing machine is great to make from simple repairs to fabricate entire parts quickly and accurately. If you are thinking of investing in a check our articles with tips for choosing the ideal model and lists of the best in the market. Click below!

Now that you’ve read our tips to find the ideal model of sewing box do not waste time and choose among the best ranking! Remember to check the size and number of compartments according to the items and has more uses. So you will get to pick the box that will meet your needs.

Hopefully we get more organization, productivity and inspiration to his chest and sew very quiet!