Top 10 Best Shakers

Top 10 Best shakers to Buy in 2020

Everyone can make delicious drinks at home, just to have the recipes and tools. The shaker is the main item used by bartenders and those who love to try new drinks as a hobby. So come learn in this article how to choose the best cocktail shaker!

Cocktail shaker stainless steel, glass, plastic, what is the best? Let us help you find the perfect shaker for use at the bar or at home. Check out this article our Top 10 of the best cocktail shakers, choose your and get ready to make delicious recipes as a professional bartender!

Shaker: Perfect for Making Drinks Prepared

Top 10 Best Shakers To Buy In 2020

The shaker is used to place all the ingredients of a drink, add ice and stir the beverage easily. Through the bustle of shaker by the movement of hands the ingredients will be mixed. Thus, it is possible to make and serve drinks properly.

There are drinks that are scrambled and others who should be stirred in the latter case is that the cocktail shaker into action. It is easier to make these drinks in the shaker than in traditional glasses, so this is the main working tool of the bartenders.

Then the shaker is suitable for making drinks with fruit, eggs, dairy products, which need to be agitated. Moreover, with the cocktail shaker alcohol lovers can make the most elaborate drinks at home, a big plus!

How to Choose the Best Shaker

It is important to know the different types of cocktail shakers, the manufacturing materials and sizes available. Thus it will be easy to select the perfect shaker for you to make the most delicious drink recipes.

Know the Different Types of Shaker

The shakers can be divided into 3 types, which vary depending on the shape and composition of parts. Each type of shaker is more suitable for a use style. Check out the following details about each one!

The most traditional cocktail shaker is made up of three parts: a glass, the colander and a dispenser lid. It brings together the main tools to develop a great drink, since it is possible to dose the alcohol, mix in the cup and the end straining the ice and other ingredients that should not be served.

The shaker 3 pieces is easy to handle and provides the space required for all ingredients. As the lid is tight it does not come off by accident, you can shake well. Both for beginners and for those who regularly use the shaker as a hobby, this is the best option!

Boston shaker consists of two cups, a larger volume and a smaller, which should be fitted as a “cover”. Despite the simple composition Boston shaker requires more skill to handle. To brew a strainer part is necessary, but the challenge appears even time to shake.

It is important to well hold the two glasses not occur leaks. Some models have a weight in the bottom of glass, so are used by bartenders as juggling. The Boston shaker is the favorite of bartenders to make drinks with fruit, it is easy to macerate and mix the ingredients.

Some manufacturers are betting on changes in shakers to stand out. These shakers have design bold and not necessarily prioritize usability to make drinks. In general, these models are more expensive and serve to impress guests by serving a drink!

These shakers are composed of straight glasses, more difficult to handle and inserting many ingredients. Generally have a small strainer in the cup itself, which is an advantage. If you search for a different household utensil, this type of shaker will work fine!

Prefer shakers of Inox, Are More Resilient

The shaker can be made of three materials: stainless steel, plastic and glass. The best and most traditional option is the stainless steel cocktail shaker, which keeps the temperature drink with ice and is very resistant. The stainless steel cocktail shaker does not break if dropped or handling.

The glass shakers are elegant, but more heavy and difficult to handle. Since the plastic shakers are more fragile and not retain the temperature of the drink, but for anyone who is learning how to make drinks are great to begin with, because they are lightweight and easy to handle.

600 ml shakers with less are easier to handle

Top 10 Best Shakers To Buy In 2020

The size of the shaker influences the amount of drink made and also the ease of handling. The models easier to pick up and stirring, and the volume suitable for the most popular drinks have up to 600 ml. So whether you prefer practicality to make drinks!

Already the bartenders need larger shakers to make more drinks at one time. The shakers over 600 ml are heavier and more difficult to handle, therefore require the skill of a professional. If using as a bartender, prefer the larger shakers!

Top 10 Best shakers

Now you know what are the main aspects to choose a great cocktail shaker. So, check out which are the top 10 shakers models available for you to buy online now!

Top 10 Best Shakers To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Shakers To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Shakers To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the best cocktail shakers

Stainless Steel Shaker 3 parts

Stainless Steel Shaker 3 parts

Shaker with Revenue

shaker Acrylic

Shaker glass

Shaker glass

Coqueteleira Millenium

shaker Acrylic

Using the Shaker?

The ability to handle a shaker comes with time, so you have to train! The right way to use the shaker is to hold with your fingers, firmly fixing the lid and sides of the glass. Start slowly stir and gradually increase the pace, feeling the cool glass is ready!

Tips to Make Fruit Drinks with Shaker

There are several fruit drink recipes that can be made in a shaker. To begin, place the fruit, sugar glass and macerate (loved), only then put ice and distilled. Do not fill the glass with ice, leave a space so that it can stir and mix well to drink.

Never use a shaker to beat fizzy drinks at the time of an accident will happen surely open due to the pressure generated. Finally, wash the shaker after finishing not influence the taste of the next drink. So, you get to prepare delicious drinks fruit, just train!

Now easier to choose what will be your new cocktail shaker, is not it? In this paper we present a shaker of Boston, famous among bartenders and people more skilled at preparing drinks. We also show a bold style to impress guests by serving a drink.

If you are looking for a traditional cocktail shaker, 3 parts, also found the best models. In addition, we explain how to use the shaker and tips to make fruit drinks. Already made your mouth water, then do not waste time and buy your cocktail shaker, and share this article with your friends!