Top 10 Best Smartphones In 2020 (Cost-Effective, Entry Line And Top)

Top 10 Best Smartphones in 2020 (Cost-Effective, Entry Line and Top)

The smartphone is undoubtedly one of the most indispensable electronics in our day-to-day, it is almost impossible to live without it! But right to choose is important to consider features such as operating system, memory, camera, screen size, among others. Not to mention that prices vary greatly. There are models super cheap and also incredibly expensive.

Brands like Samsumg, Motorola, LG, Asus and Apple stand out in the market with numerous models. To help you in the difficult task of choosing the best smartphone for you, we have prepared a super detailed buying guide and organize the 10 best smartphones of the moment 3 rankings. With this article, surely you will find the perfect option for you!

Smartphone input, Good Cost-Benefit or Top of the Line?

Top 10 Best Smartphones In 2020 (Cost-Effective, Entry Line And Top)

We can separate the smartphones into three categories that are directly related to the product price range: the entry of smartphones, with the cost-effective and line charts. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive model of the market for a good smartphone, so it’s important to understand these categories.

The most economic models are the entry, which, precisely because they are cheaper, have limited resources and basic. But make no mistake, some economic models have good hardware and system configurations and can cater well to those that do not need so many technologies.

Smartphones with the best cost-effective, as the name implies, are those who for a range of median price, offer the most important features with good performance and quality. Already the line of tops are the main models of the manufacturers with the most current technological resources and the market. So they tend to be a little more expensive.

Keep in mind that all categories have pluses and minuses, so read the following tips and understand which analyze characteristics to find the perfect model for you without escaping your budget.

How to Choose the Best Smartphone

The smartphone is undoubtedly the most important unit of our day to day. With powerful features and important features to our routine, not only provide ease of communication, but also resources for work and entertainment. You will use it every day for a long time! So it is important to choose an excellent device.

Choose the operating system for Usability

Usability is related to facility to access the main apps, notifications and make maximum use of the machine’s potential. It is also related to satisfaction when using the smartphone, so it is important to evaluate what the best operating system for your style!

Top 10 Best Smartphones In 2020 (Cost-Effective, Entry Line And Top)

Google’s system is the most popular for smartphones, used on most devices around the world. The Android app store is the largest market, the system is customizable and ensures easy integration with Google services.

However, it is more susceptible to viruses and may have some operational errors over time.

iOS is the unique system of iPhones, Apple smartphones them, which is a brand that has remarkable dedication to design and intuitive usability in their products. So iOS features an easy to use interface. It also has a robust, secure against viruses and offering consistency in operation. Hardly a model with iOS will crash or display errors.

However, for some iOS it may be too limited, since there is no possibility of customization and offers a smaller application portfolio (although iOS is one of the first to receive the most popular apps and updated).

For Best Performance, Pay attention to the Technical Specifications

The technical specifications directly impact on device performance. The combination of processor, RAM, hard drive and battery, determines whether you will be able to perform all smartphone functions the way you expect! Here’s how to choose the best combination for you.

Top 10 Best Smartphones In 2020 (Cost-Effective, Entry Line And Top)

The smartphone processor performs operations that operate all applications and features such as the device of the brain. The two basic features of the processor are the number of cores (which divide the tasks among themselves) and clocks, the speed, measured in gigahertz (GHz). The more GHz a processor has, the better! Good models have 1.4 GHz or more.

On the core, the higher the number, the greater the ability of concurrent processing, since there is a better division of labor. Known as “core” to input smartphones or cost-effective 2-core (dual core) is already great to perform all the functions of the most popular applications.

Already who need a better performance, especially for games, videos and photos, processors with 4 cores (quad core) are the most recommended. Some top models have 8 processing cores, the highest level currently available, which meets with bank the most demanding users!

Top 10 Best Smartphones In 2020 (Cost-Effective, Entry Line And Top)

The RAM provides the space required for applications operating simultaneously. Along with the processor, it provides continuous experience in the use of the most varied apps and smartphone features.

For the phone does not catch even the most demanding applications, 3 GB of RAM is perfect. Avoid buying any smartphone with less than 1GB of RAM, it will only bring headaches.

Top 10 Best Smartphones In 2020 (Cost-Effective, Entry Line And Top)

The internal storage of smartphones is limited and it is precisely this part of the phone’s memory that the operating system is installed, consuming about 5GB. So, prefer smartphones with at least 16 GB of internal memory. So you able to install with ease your favorite applications.

Many devices have expandable memory via memory card. There are models with expandable capacity up to 400 GB. So if you usually take lots of pictures and install many apps, check this too. However, it is important to know that there are all apps that can be moved to the external memory of the phone and if you remove the card, some apps may stop working.

In the case of iPhones can not expand the memory via microSD, expansion is online through the cloud storage service called iCloud. Thus, space limitations will not be a problem as long as you can pay for this expansion.

Problems with the battery life is a major inconvenience, so it is important to choose well. The battery operating time will depend on how you use your device. connected devices over Wi-Fi networks, for example, try to consume less power than devices connected to 3G or 4G. Games and videos also consume a lot of battery.

Anyway, the ideal is to prefer models with battery above 3,000 mAh, as they tend to ensure a good autonomy for those who make moderate use of mobile. As for who gets many hours on the road without access to an electrical outlet and uses quite the machine, models with 4,000 mAh or more are the most recommended.

Choose the size and Screen Resolution

The can do a little of everything with your smartphone. And how through his screen you have access to almost all features, this is an important item to consider when choosing. Features such as resolution and screen size can completely change your experience with the device. See below how to choose the ideal screen.

If you like to watch series and movies from your smartphone, check the screen resolution is very important. To have an amazing experience with your smartphone and enjoy your videos without problems, the ideal is to opt for models with full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) at least.

However, many entry models have screens with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), if your budget is short, one of these models can be a great choice. But avoid choose models with less than that. And stay tuned, larger screens do not mean better resolution!

For those who like to play, answer emails, and even read books by phone, screens with more than 5.2 inches can offer comfort. Since with them you will have more room to handle the applications and to type with your fingers.

There are also models whose screen occupies almost the entire front of the machine, so-called endless screens. With these, you can have access to a larger screen without increasing the device size. They tend to be more expensive, but they are a good option if it fits your budget!

However, for those who want more convenience or too using smartphone in the street, the ideal is to opt for smaller screens. The most compact smartphones fit more easily in your trouser pocket, purse or backpack, are easier to handle with one hand and, in a way, more discreet. Think of it too!

Be Alert to Quality Camera

In times of social networks, one of the main functions of the smartphone is take pictures, right? So to get that perfect selfie or beautiful landscape photos that will be pumped in social networks, it is important to assess the quality of the camera. Here’s how to choose the right camera!

The standard of most smartphones is a front camera with lower resolution and a back with higher resolution. For more elaborate pictures, rear cameras over 10 megapixels provide great resolution. For those who like selfies, a good resolution of front camera is important choice in this case above 8 megapixels.

For videos, there are already models capable of shooting in Full HD and even 4K. Therefore, it is nonetheless also check the resolution of the footage that the camera is capable of delivering.

Currently, the rear flash is pretty much standard. However check the flash presence also in the front camera to be able to take selfies even in dim lighting. The ability to zoom and aperture of the lens, can also be a big difference in your photos. Cameras with optical zoom and larger lens opening sensors (light entrance) provide better pictures.

Also check if there HDR resources and other color and lighting settings that ensure the camera setting according to the environment, providing the most beautiful photos. In addition, features such as slowmotion, time lapse and create GIFs, allow you to create amazing and super fun videos. Assess whether the model has these features!

Finally, an important feature is the automatic or remote drive that makes it easy to take pictures from a distance with a simple movement or click on an attachment button (the pen of some smartphones type note, for example).

Resistant models Water and Gorilla Glass Are More Durable

By investing in a device, you expect to use it for a long time, is not it? Therefore, the more additional features of “protection”, the better!

Smartphones waterproof are fundamental to those attending too pools and beaches. But make sure the protection is IP67 or IP68, certifying the device resistance when immersed in water for 1 meter, up to 30 minutes. Some models have only protection from sweat or splashing, watch yourself!

To protect the display from scratches and breaks, it is often important to have an additional protective film. However, some models already have super resistant display, type Gorilla Glass. The latest version of this sturdy Gorilla Glass screen is 5, which the manufacturer is resistant to falls from up to 1.6 meters! If you can, choose models with this type of glass.

Facial Biometrics and offer recognition Increased Security

It is important to ensure the safety and privacy of your smartphone, for this there are smartphones unlock through biometric systems (digital reading) and facial recognition. Only you will be able to unlock the device, it prevents others handle the device without your permission!

Biometrics is already relatively popular technology, digital reading is done by buttons or even on the smartphone screen, already face reading is a more sophisticated system. Apple developed the most notorious security system, which evaluates the depth of the image in combination with iris scanning and facial shapes!

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Top 3 Best Entry Smartphones to Buy Online

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There is an ideal smartphone for each use of style, we seek good value for money, economy or top model, you can already find the best option by consulting our ranking!

See our list to learn more about each smartphone and visit this article whenever you need a guide to making the best choice at the time of purchase!