Top 10 Best Soap Powder

Top 10 Best Soap Powder to Buy in 2020 (Omo, Bright and more)

Washing is an everyday task and common to all Brazilian homes. To take care of the tissues, remove stains and dirt, the ideal is to have a good product, such as powder. It is used for decades to wash clothes and has good cost-effective, and high cleaning power.

Brands such as Omo, Bright and Tixan Ype offer various types of powder, but you know what is the best for your needs? Thinking about it, we have prepared some tips to help you choose the best soap powder, and a ranking of 10 excellent products. Check out!

What Is Soap Powder and What are the Benefits of Using it?

Top 10 Best Soap Powder To Buy In 2020 (Omo, Bright And More)

The powder, as we call it, is actually a detergent. Therefore, it has more chemicals than an ordinary soap. It has additives such as anionic surfactant and enzymes responsible for removing stains. Since the addition of bleach, it provides an antibacterial action.

The use of washing powder is common, since the 40s and is today one of the best products for washing clothes. The washing powder has good profitability and its cost is the lowest of the market. It also has high power in removing stains and dirt, carrying out deep cleaning of clothes.

How to Choose the Best Soap Powder

There are many products on the market and you may think that all the powder is equal. However, some details must be observed in the choice, as the indication of the color of clothing, fabric softener or antibacterial action and also the product yield. Check out all of these tips below!

Note the Product Display The Clothes Color

Top 10 Best Soap Powder To Buy In 2020 (Omo, Bright And More)

Most of the products available on the market are multi-purpose, ie, suitable for all kinds of colors and fabrics. Therefore, the use of these powder detergents will be safe for colored clothes, dark and white. What makes a difference is the correct separation of the clothes at the time of washing.

A substance present in these multipurpose products, is an additive called optical brightener. This component is capable of absorbing ultraviolet light from a white piece, and issue fluorescent light blue. Thus, just reducing the yellowish appearance of clothing.

However, be careful when using products with optical brightener, in excess, or without the correct dissolution of the powder. For the colored pieces may end up getting a “whitish” tone.

Select Soap Powder with Functions Agreement Extra with your Need

In addition to washing, the powder also has some extra features. It can be multiaction to practical use on a daily basis. Or, have a more specific role, such as softeners in detergents, antibacterial and hypoallergenic dust. Check out all these extra features, just below!

Top 10 Best Soap Powder To Buy In 2020 (Omo, Bright And More)

The type powder multiaction is the best selling in the market and has a good cost-benefit ratio. This is because it is ideal for a more practical use on a daily basis. This type of product has its main function washing, but in addition is also effective in removing stains.

The multiaction products are able to remove even the toughest stains such as tomato and wine sauce. Thus, they perform a thorough cleansing, but do not leave out the care of the tissue. The washing powder multiaction, is ideal for those looking for a versatile product, without a more specific function.

Top 10 Best Soap Powder To Buy In 2020 (Omo, Bright And More)

The powder detergents, as well as to clean and remove stains, usually bring a fragrance light clothing. But that does not mean that the product has a softening action. Those who have this extra function, leave this clear in its packaging. So check the product packaging!

The powder which has softener caps in their formulation, helps maintain the fibers and prevents fraying of the fabric. Moreover, it brings a softer look to the clothes. However, the use of a fabric softener after washing is recommended. For the powder is not able to bring the same result.

Top 10 Best Soap Powder To Buy In 2020 (Omo, Bright And More)

Another type of washing powder with an extra function that is called antibacterial. It usually comprises bleach and other additives in its formula, able to eliminate bacteria and germs. While performing this deep cleansing, it also acts against bad odors.

Using an antibacterial soap powder is ideal for sportswear, containing impregnated sweat. And even containing bleach, it is safe for washing colored clothes. In addition, the product provides a faster drying, great alternative for those who usually drying clothes in damp locations.

For sensitive skin, prone to allergies, it is ideal to rely on special products, even to wash clothes. For this, there are hypoallergenic detergents in powder, which do not cause damage to sensitive skin and even the clothes are for babies.

The hypoallergenic usually have pH balanced, mild fragrance and its use is also suitable for delicate fabrics such as silk and wool. Stay tuned to dermatologically tested products because they decrease the irritation in normal skin. The most sensitive skin can still suffer reactions.

Check the amount and the Agreement of Product Yield to Use

Stay tuned to the number of washes informed on the product packaging. 1 kg of a powder usually yield 10 washes, considering a machine with 10 kg capacity. For large families, the recommendation is to purchase larger packages 1.6 to 2 kg yielding 20 washes.

The smallest packaging, may be sufficient for those who live alone. However, always remember to take into consideration the size of your machine and how many washes usually do, weekly or monthly. Also note if the product is concentrated, because its use will be lower dosage.

Top 10 Best Soap Powder

Now that you know how to choose the best washing powder, to improve the cleanliness of your clothes, see below our ranking of products! Selected the most traditional brands, with options for white and colored clothes with antibacterial action, fabric softener and also hypoallergenic type. Check out!

Comparison table of Best Soap Powder

Soap Powder Omo Washing Perfect

Soap Powder Comfort Fiber Protect

Soap Powder SA 8 Amway Home Premium

Omo soap powder Pure Care

Total Hygiene soap Bright Powder

Soap Bright Total Care Powder

Soap Powder So Triplacao

Soap Powder Surf Coco Care

Soap Powder Tixan Ype Softness

Soap Powder Ype Premium

Tips for Washing Clothes No Errors

Now that you’ve chosen your powder, we will help you to use it the best way to ensure a good yield and also the quality of washing clothes. The correct dosage is the first step, but separate colored garments from whites, is also key. Find it out!

How to Use and Know the Right Dosage Soap Powder

For a better action of the detergent powder, never pour directly on clothes, just in the engine compartment. If necessary, make the dissolution in warm water. Do not use the product beyond the dose reported in the package, it can damage the tissues and hinder rinses.

See the correct dosage of powder for each washing machine size:

How to Make the Right Separation of Clothes

Wash separately white and light-colored clothes, colorful clothes because they can release ink. Colorful clothes can be soaked for a maximum of two hours. White can remain in the sauce, from one day to the other without problems.

The heavily soiled items such as children’s clothes that usually have many spots, should also be washed separately. The correct is that they are to soak for a while until the complete removal of stains, then be washed in the machine normally.

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After leaving their limpinhas clothes, the ideal is that also are soft and fragrant! How about counting on a good fabric softener for that ?! Click the link below and check out a ranking of excellent products, to give the final finish to the cleaning of your clothes!

The use of washing powder is so common in our daily routine, we do not even realize if we are using the ideal product for all our needs. In this article, you gave some important details to choosing the best washing powder, as well as valuable tips for proper washing.

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