Top 10 Best Sparkling Wines

Top 10 Best Sparkling Wines to Buy in 2020 (Salton, Chandon and Freixenet)

Always present at the turn of the year and the celebration of special dates, the bubbly is actually a type of wine that has carbon dioxide in its composition. Being a complex drink, sparkling wine has specific characteristics that directly affect the taste and final price.

Names such as Freixenet, Chandon and Salton are renowned brands in the Brazilian market and have high-quality drinks. In this article, we will tell you how sparkling wine is made with choosing the ideal drink and also we will show you what are the 10 best sparkling market. Keep reading!

Sparkling like is done?

Top 10 Best Sparkling Wines To Buy In 2020 (Salton, Chandon And Freixenet)

As I count you in the introduction of this article, the sparkling wine is a type of wine, therefore, the grape is the raw material used in beverage production. To become wine, the grape goes through some processes, the main ones being: crushing, pressing and fermentation.

The main characteristic of sparkling bubbles are present in the beverage. Unlike conventional wines, sparkling undergo a double fermentation, which causes the carbon dioxide to infiltrate into the beverage, so famous forming the blisters and giving pressure to the drink.

How to Choose the Best Sparkling

To choose the ideal drink for you, is not enough to look for sparkling term on the product label. Just below, we will tell you how the country of origin, the type and the grapes are super important points when making your choice. Come with me!

The Country of Origin says lot about Sparkling

As in most wines, the country of origin of the product says a lot about the quality and taste of the drink. Some countries have specific classifications that qualify your type of sparkling wine, moreover, tradition and history of the place also directly influence the final product.

Top 10 Best Sparkling Wines To Buy In 2020 (Salton, Chandon And Freixenet)

Unlike what many people think, Champagne is not synonymous with sparkling wine. In fact, only sparkling wines produced in the Champagne region of northern France can be called as such. This type of drink has higher values ​​and undergo a very rigorous quality control.

However, France is not only produced the champagne. Other regions also produce sparkling wines of the highest quality and most competitive prices. By owning tradition of producing wines, the French drinks are the choice of those who want to ensure a high standard in your cup.

Top 10 Best Sparkling Wines To Buy In 2020 (Salton, Chandon And Freixenet)

Originating in the 19th century, sparkling Cava is the most famous in Spain. This drink originated in Catalonia, however other 6 regions can also produce sparkling with this nomenclature. The sparkling Cava is famous for being a smoother drink, as a more affordable price and not as acidic.

Top 10 Best Sparkling Wines To Buy In 2020 (Salton, Chandon And Freixenet)

The Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in Italy, more precisely in the 15 cities that are located in the north. To be a Prosecco, sparkling need to have at least 85% of the grape Glera in its composition. A striking feature of the drink are bubbles that last much longer.

Although Brazil is still new to the drink production, Brazilian sparkling are becoming increasingly famous around the world. This is due to the fact that the climate and geography of the south of the country – where are the best wineries – are super conducive to grape growing.

Weather conditions and the Brazilian soil allow the fruit to ripen fully and at the right pace, resulting in easy to drink sparkling, refreshing and light. Even with only about 20 years of tradition, Brazilian sparkling already received awards and international recognition!

Choose Agreement Sparkling type with Your Palate

Sparkling wines can be classified in several ways. Simply put, this classification is made considering the amount of sugar present in the drink. Just below, we will tell you about the main classifications and their features.

The main feature of foaming with brut classification is the low amount of sugar present in the beverage. They are products that have up to 15 grams of sugar per liter. The sparkling brut only with the rating has between 8 and 15 g of sugar and is considered a common and versatile beverage.

Already sparkling Brut Nature are drinks with very low levels of sugar, up to 3 grams, normally this sugar comes from the waste’s own grape used in manufacturing. Drinks are extremely dry and flavor more pronounced.

There is also sparkling Extra brut, these are a compromise between the two types above, with a sugar content between 3 and 8 grams. Whatever type of Brut chosen, these sparkling wines are considered the most palatable and most traditional sparkling form.

Unlike what the name suggests, sparkling with the classification Sec or Dry have a sugar content higher when compared to the type Brut. In fact, they are sparkling wines that have values ​​above 15 grams of sugar per liter of beverage.

The dry sparkling considered having from 15 to 20 grams of sugar. Since demi-sec sparkling or semi-dry, have a sugar content ranging between 20 to 60 grams per liter. Drinks are great for people who like a sparkling nor dry but not so sweet.

Also known as sparkling to dessert, Muscat is an extremely sweet drink, with sugar content that exceeds 60 grams per liter. This drink is the right choice for people who have a preference for sweets or have difficulty drinking Dry sparkling.

In addition, Muscat is also a great choice in time for dessert, as the sweet taste helps accentuate the notes of the sweetest foods. It can also be a good choice to make drinks that need a sweet touch.

Discover the Grape Types Used in Production of Sparkling Wines

Top 10 Best Sparkling Wines To Buy In 2020 (Salton, Chandon And Freixenet)

As everyone knows, the raw material used in the production of wine is the grape, and the foaming could not be different. There are several different types of grapes in the world, the selection and combination of these berries affect – a lot – the final taste of the bubbly.

The Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay are combined and together form the champagne. The main feature of these fruits is the richness of flavor and aroma. Already Macaebo grapes, Parellada and Xarel they are originating from Spain and together produce Cava, famous for its ideal acidity.

The Glera grape is used in the production of Prosecco. It is a fruit of high acidity and mild flavor. Already the Moscato Giallo grapes is used in the production of Muscat and has a very sweet flavor. To close the Riesling grape can be used in sparkling and has an intense flavor and striking.

Indications Who tasted and approved

Before going to the rankings of the best international and national sparkling, see indications of MyBest partners. They are professionals, experts and bloggers indicating labels tasted and approved by them. It is worth checking!

Top 5 Best Sparkling Wines International

As you already know, some countries have a strong tradition of producing sparkling, so that the drinks produced there have nomenclature and specific characteristics. Just below, we list the top 5 international sparkling wines available in Brazil. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Sparkling Wines International

Champagne Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

Champagne Imperial Brut

Prosecco Valdobbiadene

Champagne Brut Nature (Philippe Starck)

Top 5 Best Sparkling National

Now that you know the sparkling national have high quality and are gaining ground among the world’s best, how about investing in a Brazilian sparkling wine? Next, we’ll tell you what are the national sparkling you should definitely try. Come with me!

Comparison table of the Best Sparkling Wines National

Rich Chandon Demi-Sec

Serving tips the Sparkling Form Correct

The sparkling wine is the drink of choice in the majority of the celebrations, whether between friends, family or co-workers. However, being a complex drink is necessary to pay attention to how to serve it. Read our tips below and make beautiful time to serve your sparkling!

Sparkling Must Be Served Ice

Sparkling beverages are to be consumed cold, because that way you guarantee freshness and accentuation of its flavor. Always check the optimum temperature rating indicated by the manufacturer, the temperature may vary between 12 and 4 ° C

One way often used to freeze and keep the temperature of the beverage during consumption and deposit it in a bucket of ice. By doing so, you keep the same ice-cold drink out of the refrigerator.

The Tulip Cup is the Best Choice

Sparkling drinks are complex, rich in flavor, textures and aromas. While it may seem silly, the choice of glass much influence at the time of consumption of this drink, as it is what allows the circulation of the liquid in combination with air and extols its properties.

According to experts, the best cup for serving sparkling wine is the tulip. This cup has tapered bottom and top slightly smaller than the body and allows the perfect tasting drink. In the absence of this option, bowls as the “coupe” and “flute” may do the trick.

Harmonize your Sparkling with Food

The sparkling beverages are super versaties and may be combined with various types of dishes. To be sure that you will steal the spotlight at your dinner, see the harmonization of recommendations given by the manufacturer.

Investing in a sparkling for hot and one for dessert can leave your more sophisticated meal. In doubt which sparkling choose, opt for the Brut type, since it combines very well with a wide variety of foods.

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We are sure that after reading our article you have become an expert on sparkling wines. Remember that the terms Champagne, Prosecco and Cava are used to classify high standard products and specific source.

Whenever paint any questions, or want to see what are the best products on the market, just come back here, read our article and see our ranking which was divided into national and international sparkling .. Now, just open your favorite bubbly and to celebrate! Tim Tim!