Top 10 Best Speakers For Mobile In 2020 (Jbl, Motorola And More)

Top 10 Best Speakers for Mobile in 2020 (JBL, Motorola and more)

With speakers for mobile it is easy to enjoy a moment between friends, have a party or even listen to music while working, cooking or bathing. Known as Bluetooth speakers, they allow easy pairing with your phone. Simply connect and enjoy quality sound!

These portable speakers enhance the sound quality of the content transmitted by cell phone. There are speakers from JBL Mobile, Motorola and other brands. But what is the best? In this article we explain how to choose and show the top 10 speakers for mobile. Check out!

Why Use a Speaker for mobile?

Who is not satisfied with the cell own audio to listen to music, watch videos and play, should consider buying a portable speaker. These boxes easily connect with mobile and offer more quality sound. You can even enjoy an outdoor music!

The speaker for mobile works with bluetooth transmission. The pairing is efficient, the sound does not lose even with distant devices together. Portable, these boxes are perfect for those who use the mobile entertainment and want to hear a sound quality, anywhere!

How to Choose the Best Speaker for Mobile

When choosing a speaker for mobile is essential to check the sound quality and features that facilitate use. Moreover, it is important to evaluate the battery life, protection against water and the weight, so you can take the speaker mobile anywhere!

Choose Agreement Sound Quality with Environment and Experience

To use outdoor, the power must be greater. To watch content more immersion, prefer the sound stereo type. Usually the boxes need to be larger to have more power and more than one speaker. Choose the best audio quality that fits your needs!

The powerful speakers let you listen to music in greater volume in larger environments and outdoors. If using a portable speaker indoors, smaller, you do not need as much power as well. Then, choose the power of the speaker according to the use environment.

The power is measured in watts (W) means the ability of the speaker to achieve a level of decibels (volume) higher. Invest in a sound box with minimum 3 W for use in small and indoors, while working, cooking, or even taking a shower!

If you want to use your phone and the speaker in the bathroom and also in larger places, such as a living room, consider at least 10 W. If it is to use outdoors and in wide open places, you can even consider powers higher of 20 W or more. The party is much more lively!

Top 10 Best Speakers For Mobile In 2020 (Jbl, Motorola And More)

The speakers of the speakers are divided into two types: stereo and mono. In boxes mono sound comes from a single speaker (channel), so it is not possible to identify their origin in depth. Already the boxes with stereo sound provide an immersive, three-dimensional sound experience!

As the stereo sound output is distributed among the speakers (multi-channel) can feel a three-dimensional sound. This makes it easier to identify where the sound is coming (front, left or right), which offers a more immersive listening experience close to real.

Prefer with microphone for Answering Calls for Speaker

Top 10 Best Speakers For Mobile In 2020 (Jbl, Motorola And More)

If the focus is to use the paired speaker with the phone, a feature is very important: built-in microphone in the box. With microphone you can answer calls directly on the sound box without touching the phone. This feature is perfect for those who drive, work or cooking listening to music!

With the built-in microphone you do not need to stop what you are doing to answer the call (so is called hands free function, hands free). Best of all is that the music continues after the call is disconnected. So, consider buying a portable speaker with built-in microphone!

Prefer Protection IPX5 water or Greater

The protection against water is essential for anyone who uses the portable speaker in camps, near a swimming pool or even in the shower. The sound box waterproof will not be damaged by splashes or even layered, but it is important to check the IPX or IP capability described.

The IP54 protection is only for spills, has IPX5 or IPX6 offer resistance to light and intense jets of water, however, can not be immersed. Already with IPX7 protection the speaker is waterproof and can be submerged for a while. Always check the level of protection!

Choose with autonomy of at Least Battery 4 Hours

Top 10 Best Speakers For Mobile In 2020 (Jbl, Motorola And More)

Nobody wants to be in hand in the middle of a walk or a party !. So it’s important to evaluate what is the battery life of the box and if it is right to use style. Autonomy depends on how you will use the box, then the number of hours shown by the manufacturer is an average.

For the most common uses of portable sound box, a battery life of at least four hours is great. Who uses the speaker with the phone on a daily basis for work, cooking, bathing or enjoying with friends, usually have an outlet nearby, so this will not be a problem.

But for those who like to camp, meet outdoors or in another location that does not have an outlet nearby, it is important to consider the battery life of at least 10 hours. In addition, the phone also need to follow this ability, so do not forget the cell loading!

Take your Iphone to Anywhere Buying a Laptop Speaker of up to 500g

Top 10 Best Speakers For Mobile In 2020 (Jbl, Motorola And More)

If you want to use the speaker mobile anywhere, evaluate her weight. The lighter better, because then it is easier to carry. However, some higher power models are naturally heavier, no way, because the structure of them is robust.

The mini speakers have reduced size and weigh up to 500 g, perfect for those who want to pair your phone and listen to music while away from home. These speakers can lodge in the backpack or even in your pocket. Lighter models are ideal for use anywhere!

Consider a speaker heavier to use at home or at parties because it will certainly be supported somewhere. In this case, the weight will not be a problem and offered sound power is greater, plus the battery life time and other factors that guarantee a great sound experience.

Check the functions Extras

Several speakers have functions that make it easy to use on a daily basis with the phone. These functions are extra features that are not present in all the boxes, then you have to meet the specifications. One is the automatic pairing NFC, between the box and the phone.

With NFC just holding the phone and ready, no need to tamper with the bluetooth. Some speakers connect to each other to create a sound system more powerful, others allow more than one phone is connected. Check out the extra features that make using the speaker with the phone!

Top 10 Best Speakers for Mobile

Now that you know which factors influence the choice of the best speaker for mobile phone, know what are the top 10 models of the moment. Hurry up and buy your box now!

Top 10 Best Speakers For Mobile In 2020 (Jbl, Motorola And More)

Comparison table of the Best Speakers for Mobile

Speaker Boost Mobile soundcore

Speaker to Phone Charge 4

Speaker Mobile Wave 2

Speaker to Go Mobile Xboom

Speaker for Mobile soundcore Mini 2

Loudspeaker Mobile Sonic Play + 275

Speaker for Mobile Go 2

Sound Box Mobile Level Box Pro

Speaker for Mobile Extreme

Speaker Mini Speaker for Mobile

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Now you know how to choose the best speaker for your phone, be it Motorola, Samsung, iPhone or other brand. It has templates for all pockets, so everyone can have a sound box that amplifies the sound experience on the mobile. Then help others by sharing this article!