Top 10 Best Thongs

Top 10 Best Thongs to Buy in 2020

Flossing is one of the most important steps to maintain the health of teeth and gums. With frequent use it prevents cavities, plaque and gingivitis. There are several types on the market divided between those who are for those who wear braces or not. They can come with stems that offer practicality and even refreshing mint flavor.

Brands such as Oral-B GUM, J & J and White Edel provide flosses of different lengths, with or without flavor, it is specific for those implants and even vitamins! To help you in choosing, we made a guide to choosing the best and we list the top 10 dental market wires! Check out!

How to Choose the Best Dental Floss

When choosing the best dental floss consider whether or not you use braces and has implant. There are specific types with formats, different textures and sizes. And the right choice will leave your teeth healthier!

Choose the type Ideal for Your Smile

There are several types of dental floss in the market, some for those who wear braces and others for whom do not use. Dental floss can not interfere with the device and need to get in tighter gaps between the teeth. Meet some below.

Top 10 Best Thongs To Buy In 2020

Most thongs are for those who use no braces and no implants. They can be divided into single or multiple filaments. The first, also known as dental tape is flat and sturdy, ideal for those who have more teeth spaced.

But the guy with multifilament is the most common of the market and is suitable for people with little space between the teeth or who have difficulty sliding the wire. This type of dental floss is made with various nylon fibers, and thus can clean a large area at once.

For those seeking a type more convenient and practical, prefer those with stem. It has a plastic rod or rubber and has to hold dental floss ready to be used. Ensure that the rod is ergonomically comfortable to hold and with the yarn is soft and thin to pass easily.

Top 10 Best Thongs To Buy In 2020

For those who wear braces ideally opt for a dental floss that does not harm the structure. A great option is the soft pick what looks like a brush only very thin and soft. Prefer it if your teeth have larger gaps to clean with comfort.

But the super flossconsegue reach the most inaccessible corners. It has 3 parts: a network of fibers foamed cleaning interproximal surfaces, the floss to clean between the teeth and gums, and a rigid part which facilitates the insertion in the device. It is also suitable for those who have crowns, bridges or implants.

Choose Between Thong with or without flavor

Top 10 Best Thongs To Buy In 2020

There are market neutral dental floss, or who have no taste, and others that may come with a different flavor. Among the flavors available in the market, the mint is the most common, providing a refreshing twist like the toothpaste.

This flavor can bring a sense of cleanliness and lightness longer the user and is great for those who enjoy a refreshing feeling. Now, if you feel uncomfortable with the flavors, be sure to check the packaging to ensure optimal product.

Waxed Dental Floss slides over Ease

Top 10 Best Thongs To Buy In 2020

For the floss slides easily between teeth, the ideal is to be waxed. With this substance that looks like a wax you will get through without difficulty. So also will not need to put too much strength and unintentionally end up hurting the gums.

This type of dental floss is especially ideal for those who have teeth very close together, because as the gap is narrow you may end up putting a lot of pressure and disturb the gums. If this is your case, choose a thong with this function and will not need to worry!

Check the size or quantity As the Frequency of Use

Top 10 Best Thongs To Buy In 2020

According to experts, the ideal is to cut 40 cm wire every time you use dental floss. With this length you can pass between all teeth. The most common types are measured by meters in length, which can vary from 25 to over 70 m.

For those who use several times the same day it is best to choose for a thong above 50 m. For those who use infrequently, you can opt for a dental floss 25 m. Remember that the higher the highest length may be the price. So, also consider how much you’re willing to pay.

Some types, such as wired rod, super soft and floss pick, can mark per unit. Choose a package that comes with at least 30 units, so you will ensure at least 1 month of use. The amount can exceed 50 units, think as you need.

Top 6 Best Dental Common Threads

Listed below are the best dental floss for those who do not use braces and has not implant or crown. They will help you do a great cleaning. Check out!

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Top 4 Best Dental Orthodontic Wires

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After reading all our tips on flossing do not hesitate and choose the best of our ranking! Consider whether you wear braces or have implants to see the best kind. See also if he is waxed and offers more comfort while cleaning!

Make sure the floss is shielded plates and gingivitis to maintain healthy teeth! Hope that you will choose the best dental floss and it is practical, comfortable and provides a great feeling of cleanliness!