Top 10 Best Tires In 2020 (Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear And More)

Top 10 Best Tires in 2020 (Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear and more)

You need to change your car tires? So probably already know that brands such as Michelin, Goodyear and Pirelli tires offer excellent. But the range of prices, models and indices that are eventually leave anyone confused. Do not worry! We are here to help you!

Here you will learn so easy that matters when it comes to searching for a new tire: how to read the code when changing the tires, how to know which brand to buy and everything you ever wanted to know! To make it even easier, we set up a ranking of the top 10 market tires. Enjoy!

You Know When to Replace your tires for New Tires? Find out here!

tread is the part of the tire that comes into contact with the ground. The rubber band is not continuous, it has grooves. With use, the rubber will wearing and grooves are becoming increasingly shallower. The more worn the tire, the greater the chance of skidding or stick.

You should be guided by TWI. They are indicators cube-shaped or bar within the grooves, which are usually 1.6 mm in height. An arrow on the sidewall indicates where are the indicators. When the rubber reach that point, it’s past time to change tires!

How to read the code on the sidewall

You may have noticed that all tires have a code with letters and numbers on the side. This code indicates the tire measures the speed and the load supported by it. And it’s easier to read than you think!

The photo above shows exactly what each number means. They are essential for you to know how to choose your tires. Let’s talk more in detail about the importance of these following data. Keep an eye!

How to Choose the Best Tire

There are several brands that have many models, which are manufactured in various sizes. There are thousands of tires sale! It’s easy to get confused, right? But rest assured that thinking about this problem, we set up a short and simple explanation for you will never be in doubt. Check out!

First, choose a good brand!

How can two same size tires costing 100 reais and 300 reais one another? This is because good brands use the best technology, the best materials and more rubber! That’s right! Tires very cheap have less rubber, lasting less and less safe, especially on wet roads or tracks.

That is, if you buy a tire remold or unbranded, cheap can be expensive. Check out what are the best brands in the market!

Check out our other tips and choose the right tire for you and a mark of quality.

Buy New Tires Same Size of Used

Top 10 Best Tires In 2020 (Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear And More)

The first number written in the tire sidewall is the tire width in mm. This number ranges 175-195 on normal tires, use in passenger cars. thinner tires consume less fuel. On the other hand, the larger the width, the greater the stability.

The second is a percentage of the height of the profile, or section. This number usually go 55-70 in passenger cars. You just need to know that the smaller the number, the better the grip in the corners, but the bigger, more comfortable to drive.

The most common size of the rims of passenger car wheels goes from 13 to 15 inches in diameter. This is written on the tire sidewall as well as R13, R14 and R15. To fit properly in the car’s wheels, new tires must have the same height, width and diameter of used tires. Tires of the same diameter can have different widths and heights.

Some people change the original wheels with larger wheels, but manufacturers do not recommend this change. This is because all systems such as ABS and the speedometer, use the original measurement of the tire as a reference. So be careful!

Prefer Load Index Equal or Greater than 84

Top 10 Best Tires In 2020 (Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear And More)

The load index corresponds to the maximum weight supported by the tire. See the index of the original tires and always replace a tire with equal or higher rate. A popular car weighs about 1,000 kg. The index supports each tire 84 to 500 kg. That is, four tires 84 index warehouse 2,000 kg.

A car with five people, tank and the trunk full can weigh a lot! Then prefer to buy tires with a load index equal to or greater than 84 and never put more weight than the maximum specified by the manual. And do not forget to always keep four tires inflated to the pressure indicated on it.

Prefer Speed ​​Index T or H

The speed index consists of a letter corresponding to the maximum speed at which a tire can run safely. It is just after the load index. See the index of the original tires and always replace a tire with equal or higher rate.

Most passenger cars from the factory with tires with at least the S, which supports up to 180 km / h. The index supports T 190 km / h and supports H 210 km / h. You will hardly achieve these speeds with its road car, but has a high rate brings more security.

Prefer Draw Temperature A or AA

Indexes are marked by the letters AA, A, B or C and come in English. To refer to them, look for the words treadwear, Traction and Temperature in small black letters on the side of the product. All tires of our ranking have traction and temperature indexes A or AA.

The draw ratio corresponds to the tire’s grip on the track. An AA index indicates a better grip than the index C. The temperature index refers to the tire’s resistance to heat and its ability to dissipate heat. AA tires are safer and more resistant than those C

Choose a tire with treadware Greater than 200

Top 10 Best Tires In 2020 (Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear And More)

Letters and small numbers on the side of the tires indicate treadware, traction and temperature. The number of treadwear indicates the durability of the tire model. The higher the number, the greater the wear resistance. The reference value is 100. Then a tire treadwear with 200 lasts 2 more times.

Stay tuned! Tires from the best brands last longer because they are made with better materials. A very cheap tire will last much less. Not to have prejudice, invest in a quality tire, as the top 10 in the rankings that indicate that you will give this article.

Look for the Inmetro Label

Since 2018 the tires may only be marketed with the National Energy Conservation Label (ENCE). This rule was established by Inmetro and the National Association of Industry of Tires (ANIP) explains how it works on your website.

It’s hard to find such information online, but they are helpful if you can. The label indicates fuel consumption, which depends on the rolling resistance, grip in the wet and the noise level. The best is the index A, the worst is the G and the maximum noise limit is 75 dB.

Now it’s much easier to choose the best tire for your car, right? And to make it even easier, we set up a ranking of the top 10 market tires. The top 10 models here are all rim 15 so you can compare the prices as well, but can be found in other sizes as well.

Top 10 Best Tires In 2020 (Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear And More)
Top 10 Best Tires In 2020 (Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear And More)

Comparison Leaderboard Tires

Place High Performance Tires Only in Powerful Cars

The high-performance tires tend to be quite large to maintain the friction at high speeds. However, this makes the life of these tires is lower. Furthermore, a very wide tire greater risk of aquaplaning.

So not worth modifying its passenger car tires to hold high performance. Only sports cars with powerful engine. And to run less risk of aquaplaning, keep tires with deep grooves and always walk at low speeds in the rain!

Now it’s easy to know how to choose your tires. Pay attention to the wheel size, the width, the percentage of the profile, the load indices and speed and treadwear. And if you can, check out the Inmetro seal to ensure choosing the best tire for your needs.

To assemble our rankings, we consider all these features and selected the best models from the best brands. In it you will find the top 10 market tires for great prices from trusted sites. Buy your share our article and good ride!