Top 10 Best Tooth Brushes In 2020 (Curaprox, Colgate, Bamboo And More)

Top 10 Best Tooth brushes in 2020 (Curaprox, Colgate, Bamboo and more)

An efficient brushing is essential to keep problems like cavities, tartar and bad breath away from our mouth. So it is important to have a brush quality teeth. With so many options on the market, it is natural to be in doubt about which one to choose. What is the best design and softness bristles? How to determine the best size for the brush head?

To help with this choice, we prepared a complete article, as well as a ranking of the 10 best toothbrushes on the market with brands like Curaprox, Sensodyne, Colgate, among others. Follow us and understand how to make the best choice according to the characteristics of their mouth and gum health. Let’s start?

How to Choose the Best Tooth Brush

From now on, you know all the important features of a toothbrush for it to be efficient. Issues such as thickness and softness of the bristles, and the size of the head and cable angle can make all the difference to maintain the health of your mouth in the day. Check out!

Softness set the bristles of the Need for Your Teeth and Gums

We find in the market toothbrushes with 3 different levels of softness: medium, soft and extra soft. professionals recommend that the softness of the bristles is chosen according to the characteristics of your gums and of course, their perception of comfort when brushing your teeth. Check out!

Top 10 Best Tooth Brushes In 2020 (Curaprox, Colgate, Bamboo And More)

Soft and extra soft bristles are the most common on the shelves and also the most recommended by dentists. Soft brushes and ultramacias are composed of more delicate and numerous bristles, promoting a softer contact with the gums and minimizing the risk of injury.

They are especially suitable for those with sensitive gums or suffers from problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis and hypersensitivity. In this case, your dentist should indicate the type of ideal toothbrush for you.

Top 10 Best Tooth Brushes In 2020 (Curaprox, Colgate, Bamboo And More)

Although no preference professionals, stiffer bristles also have their value. Studies indicate that they are a bit more efficient in removing bacterial plaque, responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. They can also sanitize more prostheses and implants easily than soft bristles.

However, it warned: if you prefer more stiff bristles, pay attention to the force used during brushing not to injure the gums or damage the enamel of your teeth. Strong brushing too coupled with stiff bristles may even cause gum recession, exposing the roots of teeth and finishing hypersensitivity.

Choose the format of the Agreement bristles with their needs

Top 10 Best Tooth Brushes In 2020 (Curaprox, Colgate, Bamboo And More)

The toothbrushes manufacturers offer numerous choices of bristles formats: there are irregular, which form different designs together, with rounded or tapered bristles arranged in V shape and more.

flat and sharp bristles, for example, better reach the back teeth, while the jagged bristles help clean hard to reach places. In addition, there are also some brushes with rubber bristles that help remove stains.

Some of these models also have bristles with ultrafine tips. These bristles reach better the gum line and can promote a more efficient cleaning not only between the tooth and gums, but also between the teeth. However, this type of product does not require the use of dental floss.

Small Angled head or Achieves More Easily the Boca Fund

Top 10 Best Tooth Brushes In 2020 (Curaprox, Colgate, Bamboo And More)

Always remember to check if the brush head is compact enough to easily reach all sides of the last molars. This is important to ensure that all the teeth are properly sanitized.

Some brush models have light angles so that this task is simpler. The correct size of the head of the toothbrush may vary according to the design and size of your dental records, so it is best to consult a specialist so that it indicates the best model for you.

Assist cleaners in the Language Cleaning

Top 10 Best Tooth Brushes In 2020 (Curaprox, Colgate, Bamboo And More)

As we know, the correct cleaning of the tongue prevents problems such as halitosis – or bad breath – caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the soft tissues of the mouth. For this, there are specific brushes and scrapers for language, effective at removing this biofilm as harmful.

But day by day and we can not always carry many gadgets to sanitize the teeth and in such cases, a brush with tongue cleaner can be a good option. They are like textures in soft rubber or silicone, designed to escovarem his tongue without attacking.

Although good helper when you spend the day away from home, it is worth remembering that these cleaners are only an alternative to adverse situations, but do not require the use of specific brushes and scrapers, not bring results as efficient.

Top 10 Best Tooth brushes

Now meet our selection with the top ten toothbrushes. They were selected from the best manufacturers, including important issues in this article. As the minimum amount of packaging by brushes varies widely, we seek always select packages with two units when available, for best price comparison.

Comparison table of the Best Tooth brushes

Brush Tooth Sensodyne Deep Cleaning

Brush Tooth Care Pro

Tooth brush Curaprox Adult Ultra Soft 5460

Tooth brush Oral-B Ultra Pro Health

Colgate 360 Advanced Total 12

Colgate Tooth Brush 360 Black

Brush Tooth Sensodyne Repair & Protect

Tooth brush Oral-B 3D White Deluxe Pro-Flex

Tooth brush Close Up Deep Clean

Tooth brush Bamboo

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There are other products that can, in conjunction with the toothbrush, you help take care of your oral health. The mouthwash, for example, also offer many benefits such as the prevention of bacteria and bad breath. Learn more about them and check our ranking of the top 10 products!

Now you know everything that is important to check before choosing the ideal toothbrush. Consider the features of your gums, the size of your arch, your routine brushing and see your dentist so that he can indicate the most important features for you.

If you know someone who also has doubts about which toothbrush choose, share this article! If any doubt remains, return here to check out our tips. The MyBest works so you can make the best choices ever!