Top 10 Best Travel Bags In 2020

Top 10 Best Travel Bags in 2020

Did you know that for every trip there is an ideal bag? In this article, we will tell you all about how to choose the best suitcase for you! Some renowned brands such as Samsonite, Delsey and Swisswin offer excellent models.

However, there are several options in size, number of wheels and different materials. So to help you in the decision we made a guide on how to choose the ideal suitcase and still ranqueamos the top 10 bags of the market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Suitcase

When choosing a handbag it is important to pay attention to the material, size, duration of the trip, functions, and design to the airline rules. Thinking about it, we gather all these questions in this article, so you can buy your bag without fear of regret later. Keep reading!

Choose Mala As Material

There are bags in travel market of various materials, but the ones that stand out are the rigid and fabric. Below we show the advantages and disadvantages of each type of bag and stuff!

The rigid bags can be manufactured in three different materials: polypropylene, polycarbonate or ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). The polypropylene ensures greater impact resistance and is lightweight. However, it has poor resistance to sunlight.

Since polycarbonate is the material is very resistant to impact and tends not to deform easily, being able to withstand extreme temperatures. However, the bags of this material tend to be heavier and more expensive. However, it sure is the most durable.

Finally, ABS bags are cheaper and usually have the most different colors, so I tend to be more beautiful and fun. However, they are less resistant to sun, impact and pressure, ie, they tend to break more easily than polycarbonate and polypropylene.

Anyway, a great advantage that all these materials have in common is that they are waterproof, providing greater protection on rainy days. Not to mention that the rigid bags give more safety in the transport of delicate and breakable objects such as glass bottles and souveniers.

The fabric bags are usually made of polyester and are cheap and resistant options. How they are malleable, usually easier to accommodate all your belongings into a suitcase of this type. Not to mention that they usually have more pockets, which helps in the organization.

Unlike the rigid bags that scratch easily, polyester bags and not scratch or crack! However, check the amount of denier of the fabric that makes up. A fabric of 400 denier can now be considered strong, but the greater the amount of denier, the stronger the case.

However, not everything is perfect! There is also a major weakness of the fabric bags: in addition to not always being waterproof, this type of case tends to get dirty more easily and are more difficult to clean. So if you buy a bag of fabric, bags prefer darker.

Choose the size Mala

When choosing a bag, you need to pay attention to the size and capacity of it. The size of the ideal case will depend on the stay and the accompanying figures. Before making your choice, check the recommendations below!

The volume of bags usually measured in liters. However, some brands also indicate the size as small, medium and large. The volume varies depending on the model and manufacturer. However, the smaller usually have 25 to 45 liters average 45-90 liters and large 90-130 liters.

The ideal size of the bag varies according to the type of trip. Trips of up to three days work may be done with a small handbag. However, if the destination is a place very cold opt for larger bags, since coats take up more space. Holiday travel will also ask for larger bags.

If you are the type who likes to take several shoes and accessories, even for three days of travel, a medium-sized suitcase may be necessary. If it is more convenient and does not have many things to take, an average case can be sufficient even for 10 days travel.

If you want a wildcard model, invest in an average case. The bags of this size are usually easy to load and meet the needs of various types of travel. However, they must be checked in case of air travel, which could mean an additional cost.

Top 10 Best Travel Bags In 2020

If you are traveling by plane, be sure to read the company’s rules on the size and weight of the bags. By doing so, you avoid the charging of extra fees. Generally domestic tickets are not entitled to free baggage drop.

Moreover, even if you pay more to ship your bag, it should have the dimensions specified by the company and weigh less than 23 kg, otherwise charge a fee. The handbag is usually contained in the ticket price, but watch to the weight and dimensions rules.

Remember that documents, cash, jewelery and electronic devices may not be dispatched, so the hand luggage becomes important. When in doubt, always check what the airline’s baggage rules by which you will fly.

Protect your suitcase with TSA Padlock

Ensure the protection of the bags is crucial at the time of the trip. Currently, it is no longer recommended to use padlocks common in bags. This is because, if necessary any kind of supervision in their luggage, the federal police need to damage the lock to open it.

Thinking about it, the American agency TSA – Transportation Security Administration – created its own lock. This lock is super safe and is used worldwide. It contains a combination of codes and a master key.

If your bag is inspected, the responsible body to open with the master key, without the lock being damaged. To open and lock your suitcase on a day-to-day, just set up a 3-digit password. When buying a bag, make sure it has a lock TSA built.

Make sure the Mala has Double Zipper

Top 10 Best Travel Bags In 2020

A common zipper can be easily opened with any sharp object. Thinking about it, some manufacturers have already joined the double zipper, which prevents theft of your luggage. The Delsey brand, for example, developed its own zipper – called ZIP SECURI TECH®.

This double zipper promises to be 41 times stronger than a normal zipper. So when choosing your bag, make sure it has this feature. A double zipper leave your luggage even more protected!

Choose bags with 8 Wheels and Be Convenience, Comfort and Durability

There are bags with 2, 4 or 8 wheels. The suitcases with 2 wheels are older and, I would say even the most outdated market. Although they are easy to carry on uneven terrain, they are heavier and less resistant. So it is best to avoid them.

To ensure the health of your spine, take a trip more quiet and prevent fatigue, prefer bags 4 or 8 wheels. Besides being more resistant, these bags they move vertically, ie without the need to recline them, you will not feel the weight of the bag on the floor with them.

However, our greatest indication are the bags with 8 wheels. This model is very similar to the 4 wheels, but has two wheels at each corner of the bag instead of just one. Therefore, they offer even more lightness, mobility and strength.

There are also models with wheels that turn 360, known as “spin,” which allow you to move the trunk in all directions without straining the wheels. They tend to be more expensive but it is worth investing a little more.

Also check Other Facilities

Some suitcases also have compartments and features that can make things easier while traveling. So, be sure to also check other facilities.

If you plan to take your notebook or tablet for the trip, it is best to put it in a specific case pocket for it. Make sure that the case has this magazine. Thus, your device will be protected from potential impacts.

Top 10 Best Travel Bags In 2020

Some bags have an expansion system that allows increasing the volume of mail at any time to hold additional items. The expansion is made by means of a zipper system that can be closed, maintaining the compact suitcase, or open, providing more space.

This system can be found in rigid bags, semi-rigid or flexible, and it is an excellent option to ensure that comprinhas made during the trip will also fit in the luggage back, for example. So this is another factor that you should consider when purchasing!

Who indications tested and approved

Before checking the ranking with the best travel bags, see the recommendations of MyBest partners. They indicate only products tested and approved by them. Check out!

Top 10 Best Travel Bags

Now you know the main types of bags, but after all what is the best suitcase for you? To help you decide, we ranqueamos the top 10 bags available for purchase online. Do not forget to consider all the aspects listed, and find the perfect bag for your journey!

Top 10 Best Travel Bags In 2020
Top 10 Best Travel Bags In 2020

Comparison Chart of Top Travel Bags

Mala Bordo Chatelet More

Mala Helium Classic 2

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Have you chosen the ideal bag for you? Remember that when buying a handbag is necessary to consider the travel time, the purpose and even the means of transport they will use. We have seen various types of bags: for sightseeing or business; many or few days; and ideal for airports!

Therefore, when choosing a flexible bag, semi-rigid or rigid it is necessary to consider all these issues. Bags are necessary, but expensive; not save if the subject is durability. Remember, the cheap can be expensive. I hope you already know what is the best case for you!

Writing: Luana Goulart / Revision: Camila Ogawa