Top 10 Best Tvs And Smart Tvs Up To 32 Inches In 2020

Top 10 Best TVs and Smart TVs up to 32 inches in 2020

TVs are getting bigger, it’s true. However, not everyone needs a huge screen. If you live in a small apartment or is looking for a secondary TV for your bedroom, for example, up to 32-inch models can serve you well! TVs and Smart TVs this size vary greatly in features, technical specifications, resolution, among other things.

Therefore, you must know exactly what to consider before buying your. To help you with that, we’ve assembled this comprehensive guide on how to choose the right TV for you and yet did two rankings with the best TVs and Smart TVs in the market. There you will find cutting-edge manufacturer of options like LG, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba Semp. Keep reading and already prepare the popcorn!

How to Choose the Best TV or Smart TV up to 32 ”

As technology advances every second, it is important to be aware of new features that each TV manufacturer brings. Below, we list some points that should be considered when buying a TV or Smart small TV.

If You Get to up to 1.5 m from the TV 28 Models “They are a Good Option

To find out which is the right size TV for you is important to consider how far it will be on your couch or bed. Knowing this, simply multiply this distance by 18 you will know the size of TV that will be more comfortable to use that room. You do not like to do math? We will make your life easier, then! Check the TV sizes indicated according to the distance:

TV 32 “: for rooms in which the distance between the couch and the TV does not exceed 1.8 meters 32-inch models will suit very well. Moreover, they are also an interesting option for those who want a TV in the foot of the bed!

24 “TV models this size are ideal for small rooms because the distance between you and the TV is 1.35 meters. This type of TV can also be used as a monitor for your PC without many problems, because the distance of 1 meter between her and her eyes is safe for your view.

TV 28 “: 27 options” are a good intermediate choice between models of 24 and 32-inch, but also are more recommended for very small rooms, since you should be approximately 1.5 m it. In addition, not usually a good choice for bedrooms, unless it is positioned next to your bed and not at your feet.

Screen resolution should be HD or Higher

Top 10 Best Tvs And Smart Tvs Up To 32 Inches In 2020

In the market for TVs, opt for a model with more inches usually means opting for a model with higher resolution image. Find a TV with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) with size less than 40 inches, for example, it is very difficult. However, this does not mean that we should settle for lower resolutions.

To have a good experience in small TVs have as a minimum an HD resolution. It usually comes in the following versions: 1280 x 720 pixels in screens below 24 inches; and 1366 x 768 on 32-inch screens. Values ​​below the popularly known “720p” are not considered high definition. So, flee from them.

TV or Smart TV? Understand the Difference Before You Buy

Top 10 Best Tvs And Smart Tvs Up To 32 Inches In 2020

Some people buy a 32-inch TV, and only when I got home, realize that it does not have the resources “Smart”. That is, no YouTube or Netflix. This is because the TV does not come with an advanced operating system and supports only basic tasks. If you only want to watch a soap opera or TV cable, no problem, but if you want more than that, stay tuned!

By opting for a smart TV, realize the term “Smart” is explicit in the ad and then immediately note if the model runs any operating system with your favorite applications. The best operating systems are: WebOS, LG; Tizen, Samsung; and Android TV, which is less popular in this price range.

To avoid confusion, this article we made two separate rankings: one with the 5 best Smart TVs and others with the top 5 simple TVs. Both models with up to 32 inches. Be sure to check!

Make sure the TV has all the Resources You Need

Leaving aside the typical features of a Smart TV, a TV may or may not have extra features that make your most advantageous choice. It is important to choose a model that meets all your needs.

Top 10 Best Tvs And Smart Tvs Up To 32 Inches In 2020

Among many additional features, “recording” feature really stands out. With it, we can program the TV to it at any given time, save what is being transmitted directly to its internal memory (if) or on a removable device – flash drive or external hard drive.

If you wish to use this function quite often, we recommend choosing a TV with internal memory. This detail can really make your life easier.

Top 10 Best Tvs And Smart Tvs Up To 32 Inches In 2020

If you have or plan to have many devices connected to your new TV, it is essential that you know exactly how many input and output ports it has. A good starting point is to look at the number of HDMI inputs – which are used to connect Blu-ray players and game consoles – and USB inputs, used to play media in general.

And since we mentioned the HDMI standard, also note if it is present in the “ARC” formats and “MHL”, as they are important to control multiple devices with one remote control or mirror screens of smartphones or tablets.

On Smart TVs, Prefer Options with Integrated Wi-Fi

Top 10 Best Tvs And Smart Tvs Up To 32 Inches In 2020

In Smart TVs, the internet connection is essential. However, not all models in this category enable connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi. As we can not always rely on an ethernet cable (RJ-45) covering the entire house, it is interesting to choose a TV that comes with integrated Wi-Fi. Thus, the fun is guaranteed!

Top 5 Best Smart TVs up to 32 inches

Now that you know what to look for in a good Smart TV, check our ranking with the top 5 models found in major retail stores online. We selected the finger each of the options below and we are sure you will find the ideal option for you. Come with us!

Comparison table of the Best Smart TVs

Smart TV LED 32” 32LK615BPSB

Smart TV LED 32” LE32S5970

Smart TV LED 32” L32S4900S

Smart TV LED 32” UN32J4300

Smart TV Monitor LED 27,5” 28MT49S

Top 5 Best TVs up to 32 inches

If you want a simple TV just to watch your favorite channels, this is the perfect ranking! Here are the 5 best TVs up to 32 inches and choose your logo!

Comparison table of the best TVs up to 32 inches

TV LED 23,6” LT24D310

So far, you’ve probably decided if you need a basic or a TV with Smart functions. If your idea is to acquire one of the first type, there are not many complications along the way: just knowing if the chosen size is ideal for your room and see if there is a good amount of HDMI or USB ports for connecting multiple devices.

However, if you want to opt for a Smart TV, a crucial tip is to choose the one with the most complete operating system possible. That it is, in addition to having multiple applications, the TV must also be quick to access them. After all, nobody wants to wait a minute or two to access Netflix, right? logo Choose your preferred TV in our ranking!