Top 10 Best Urban Bicycles In 2020

Top 10 Best Urban Bicycles in 2020

In cities such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, the bike is considered sustainable means of transport for a long time. Is to preserve the planet or to save, in Brazil many people are also preferring to use the bike to get around. If you are one of those people, you’re in the right place!

There are several details to be noticed when buying your bike. To help you, we made a complete guide to buying and even ranqueamos the top 10 market bikes. Brands like Caloi, Sense and Soul are just some of what you will find in our ranking. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Urban Bike

When choosing a bike is very important to note details such as the amount of speed, the width of the handlebars, frame height, among other things. Discover below the most important features to be observed when choosing the perfect urban bike for you. Stay tuned!

Bicycles with frame of aluminum are lighter and Cockroaches

Top 10 Best Urban Bicycles In 2020

The framework is the main frame of the bicycle. Its weight and durability are important points to note when buying. It is also largely responsible for the performance of pedaling. The lighter and resistant, the better.

The models available in the market usually have aluminum frame, chrome molybdenum steel or carbon fiber. Aluminum is the most widely used in the manufacture of frames and other components of urban bikes, because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of handling in manufacturing.

Another material widely used in the production of frames is carbon fiber. She is known for lightness and durability that brings the bike. However, in terms of price and strength, aluminum comes out ahead.

Prefer bicycles Disc Brake

Top 10 Best Urban Bicycles In 2020

Urban bikes are manufactured with two types of braking system: V-Brake and disc brakes. In addition, the disc brakes also are subdivided into two other types: mechanical and hydraulic.

The disc brakes, hydraulic as well as mechanical, are considered safer, especially at higher speed and wet surfaces. Though a little more expensive, this type of brake is still favored the more experienced cyclists. It also requires less maintenance.

However, when the use of bicycles in the city does not involve high speeds, brake V-Brake type may suffice. This system has a lower cost compared to disc brakes and is more commonly found in urban bikes available.

In general, 7-9 Marches Enough Already

Top 10 Best Urban Bicycles In 2020

Urban bikes more popular on the market today come with up to 27 gears. However, for displacements as trips to work and rides, gears 7-9 are the most used. With this gear, you can have a pilot without much effort.

Gears basically serve to make it easier pedaling, especially uphill. They may require regular maintenance, so it is important that quality. Give preference to bicycles containing gear systems of the Japanese brand Shimano, the most recommended in the market.

Prefer Aros 29 “or 700 mm

Top 10 Best Urban Bicycles In 2020

bicycle rims the most commonly found on the market are 26 “, 27.5”, 29 “and 700 mm. The rings 26 “because of its small size, they tend to be more resistant. Bicycles with this rim size are lighter and usually perform well. However, they are less stable.

Despite having almost the same size, the tire rim of bikes 700 mm is slightly narrower, which makes lighter and hence even better for walking on asphalt. On the other hand, the rim 29 “, performs better on rough terrain and to go through holes.

Finally, the models of 27.5 “, are intermediate between 26” and 29 “. Although they are a bit slower than the models of 29 “have more stability than the 26”. They are a good choice if you want a bike with good performance both on track and in the city.

If You Can, Take a Test Drive

Buy bikes over the Internet is the best option because you can compare prices and still get home. However, test the bike in a physical store before purchasing it can be a good one. If you have the chance, check the height of the bicycle, the handlebars and the saddle. Here’s how!

Top 10 Best Urban Bicycles In 2020

To guide a bike is necessary that you can count on a handlebar that makes you feel safe. So before you purchase your bike, check that the steering rod is comfortable and safe for you.

Also note if you guide more securely with straight or curved handlebars, short or long. If the road has many curves, for example, the longer are the best. Overall, straight handlebars are more versatile and appeal to more people.

Another important point is to check if the handle, which is where we put the hand to guide, is comfortable and has good grip. If you often sweat a lot, opt for foam handles and not plastic. It is important to have control over the direction, so watch the handlebars is critical.

In the urban model bike height it is of utmost importance, since the rider must stop and balance on the bike, supporting one or both feet on the ground. Therefore, the ideal height of urban cycling is one in which the driver may have this support in the stop time without difficulty.

If the bike is too high, the balance is compromised. If it is too low, you can bring back pain and knees. There are ways to calculate the optimal size of the bike for each person, but they are not very accurate. Therefore, the ideal is to test.

However, some brands offer tables that indicate which is the ideal height of the rider for each of their models. In addition, it is often possible to find different sizes for the same bike model. So if you can not test, keep an eye on the information offered by the brand.

Another key point when buying your bike is to check if the saddle, ie the bicycle seat is comfortable. Typically, wider saddles and padded offer more comfort for longer rides.

If you can, choose a saddle with shock absorbers, they will guarantee you more comfort even on rough tracks. Also check that the possible height adjustments of the seat bring you comfort and safety.

Top 10 Best Urban Bikes

Below, we have prepared a top 10 with the best urban bikes available for purchase online. Be sure to check this list before purchasing yours!

Comparison table of the Best Urban Bikes

Bike Explorer Aro 29 ”

Bicicleta Bad Boy 4 Aro 700 mm

Bicicleta Active Urban Aro 700 mm

Hacker Sport Bike 29 ”

Move Disc bike Aro 29 ”

Bicicleta Easy Rider 2019 Aro 700 mm

The bicycle disc Jazz 700 mm Aro

Downtown Bicycle Aro 700 mm

More 6 bisisileta urbama ”

Bicycle Legend Aro 29 ”

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Buy an urban bike can bring a number of benefits such as quality of life, saving time and money and moments of pleasure. But it is important to know the models available in the market and know which are key features for you.

So be sure to follow the tips we gave this article to choose the city bike best for you. Enjoy and select just one of the models of our ranking, certainly among the 10 that indicated has some perfect for your needs! Good rides!

Writing: Ana Paula Muller / Revision: Camila Ogawa