Top 10 Best Vr Goggles In 2020 (For Pc, Mobile, And More Ps4)

Top 10 Best VR goggles in 2020 (for PC, Mobile, and more PS4)

VR glasses are a type of wearable technology used for immersive experiences in virtual reality, allowing users to visit creations of real and fictional places and even interact with these unreal worlds. This technology, which was new for more than five years, today it is part of life for many gamers.

With devices of big brands such as Oculus, HTC and Samsung, it is difficult to choose the best. Not to mention that you also need to decide whether to play on PC, Playstation or whether an independent glasses. To help, we’ve gathered here all you need to know before buying and even ranqueamos the top 10 VR glasses available in Brazil. Come on!

How to Choose the Best Glasses VR

Before choosing your VR glasses, it is important not only to decide on which platform you want to play, as there are different devices for each platform, but also know some technical specifications. Check out some tips!

Know the Different Types of Glasses VR

As stated above, each platform calls for a different kind of VR glasses. We have from the simplest to smartphones, even the most complete for PCs and consoles and some that operate independently. Meet the following different types of glasses and what their main differences.

VR glasses for smartphones can be the ideal choice if your first time with this type of technology. Besides easy to use, these models are affordable. Simply access the virtual reality application’s own cell phone and insert it into the device appropriate area.

Despite the ease, it is important to check if your smartphone supports the glasses also some only work with specific models of cell. Do not expect a perfect experience, as these devices are simpler and do not offer such sophisticated features.

This simplicity, the models for smartphones usually offer only three degrees of freedom (3DOF), ie only identify the user’s head movements. So they are ideal for simple and especially virtual reality video games.

Advanced VR glasses (called in English “tethered”) work through PCs or consoles and as well as being the most sophisticated option, provide more immersive experiences. This platform there are two devices with three degrees of freedom, tracking only the user’s head, or six degrees, also capturing the movements and position of the rest of the body.

While there are several options of connectable glasses to PCs, the islands have only the PlayStation VR that works exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, many of them will have the small problem of multiple cables, although there are some with wireless connectors. In addition, the PC require a powerful machine to run the games. We recommend computers aimed at gamers.

While other types of glasses this list require compatible smartphones, powerful computers or current video game consoles with this option of a VR glasses, you will not need any of this because it works independently of any device.

Independent VR glasses come with everything – embedded processors, GPU, sensors, battery, memory, panels, headphones and more. Connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi, you can access video and gaming platforms and experiences that vary depending on the brand.

These devices are more similar to that run on smartphones, but its price is considerably higher as it does not rely on a more current cell. It may be a good choice if you want a glasses to play anytime.

Screening head or whole body? Check How the Degrees of Freedom Glasses Offers

Top 10 Best Vr Goggles In 2020 (For Pc, Mobile, And More Ps4)

By analyzing the technical specifications of VR glasses, you may be confronted with the DOF acronym, English degree of freedom (degree of freedom).

The devices are divided between those that offer three and six degrees of freedom, 3DOF, the pattern of smartphones for devices, and 6DOF, something more common in other types.

VR glasses with 3DOF are only able to track the user’s head movements, while the 6DOF capture not only the head, as well as the rest of the body. The latter option, which is the most immersive, is made possible thanks to an external camera sold only in conjunction of glasses.

As the Major Field of View, the Best Experience and Immersion

Top 10 Best Vr Goggles In 2020 (For Pc, Mobile, And More Ps4)

The field of view is important for you to feel in a virtual world, as this determines how much you will see around them or, in short, how the scenario in which you are immersed appears on the screen.

The current market standard is 95 to 100 degrees field / viewing angle VR glasses for mobile phones, 100 degrees for independent and 100-110 degrees in the connectable devices. There are already devices under development that seek to increase this number to 200 degrees, but are not available to the public yet.

To ensure the Image Quality, Check the Resolution and the Refresh Rate Glasses

To improve the immersion experience and avoid dizziness and nausea during the game, it is of utmost importance that the devices have not only a great image quality, but also a good refresh rate. Check out some tips regarding these criteria!

Top 10 Best Vr Goggles In 2020 (For Pc, Mobile, And More Ps4)

The resolution of the VR goggles screen that will define the comfort of the user, with the ideal being 1080×1200 per eye. This sometimes value is presented to the entire screen rather than by eye. VR glasses offer different resolutions, from the simplest to the most impressive 640×800 up to 3840×2160.

Additionally, an option with OLED screen will have an image quality better and smoother video options with LCD panel, but will also be more expensive.

Top 10 Best Vr Goggles In 2020 (For Pc, Mobile, And More Ps4)

One of the most important factors for image quality is the refresh rate, since it will define how many times per second the screen will be “redesigned”. The ideal and common among VR glasses is having a refresh rate of at least 70Hz.

These amounts must ensure that your experience is dizziness more comfortable and free in the first minutes. Anything below these values ​​will surely displease. Fortunately, most devices respects these criteria. Those exceeding that tend to be more expensive.

Dedicated controls enrich the experience and are sometimes sold in the set VR Glasses

Top 10 Best Vr Goggles In 2020 (For Pc, Mobile, And More Ps4)

The motion controls of VR glasses are also very important to enrich the user’s immersion, allowing for more dynamic action within the virtual reality that differentiate the experience of a simple video game with joysticks or traditional controls.

For convenience, many of these controls are sold along with virtual reality devices, so it pays to look for models that offer.

Titles Playable variety and content offered by VR goggles is a factor to consider

It is important that you have up glasses that provide a varied library of games and experiences in virtual reality. We all know how horrible it is to buy something expensive and end up not using, is not it?

Fortunately, all kinds of VR glasses offer a decent selection of titles that the user can download across multiple gaming platforms and applications, such as Rift Store, Steam and PlayStation Store.

On the PC, it is still easier to find a wide variety of games even outside of official platforms, thanks to smaller project developers. Thus, if the user searches, will certainly find a variable quality experiences universe.

To avoid discomfort, Models Prefer Less than 500 Grams

It is extremely important for your comfort, as you spend time with prolonged VR glasses. Thus, on the purchase, you should pay attention to the weight of the device. It is worth noting that in the case of glasses for smartphones, this burden will be even greater depending on the used cell.

Many VR glasses can exceed 500 grams, which can tire your neck and head, not including the addition of a headset. If possible, choose glasses that weigh less than 500 grams.

Top 3 Best VR Glasses for Smartphones

Let’s meet some of the best VR glasses to smartphones. As I said, the price of these devices tends to be more accessible, then these best three can end up proving a great value for money for you!

Comparison Leaderboard VR Glasses for Smartphones

Top 3 Best Glasses VR Advanced (Tethered)

In contrast to the low price of VR glasses to smartphones, PC are considerably higher. Do not be alarmed either, since these glasses actually offer a completely immersive experience. Take a look!

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Top 3 Best Glasses VR Independent

These next devices provide a mixture of VR glasses experience to smartphones and PCs as dedicated to not require either of them to work. If this type of device is right for you, consider purchasing one of these three!

Comparison Leaderboard Glasses VR Independent

VR Glasses for Players PlayStation 4

We are still in the early days of virtual reality technology in the islands, with essentially only one VR goggles on the market: the PlayStation VR. This device works very similarly to for the PC, with stunning graphics and support for six degrees of freedom.

If you have a PlayStation 4 and want an immersive experience similar to that of a powerful PC, this VR glasses is ideal. Although a smaller library, console game store has high quality titles, but its price is basically the same from one console.

Now that you know all the main VR glasses, just decide what your preferred platform and choose wisely, based on the factors that explain! These devices provide unique experiences are amazing, so it’s important to know how to choose and then not regret it.

If you want to travel to distant planets or venture by a medieval city, there is a VR glasses just waiting for him to take you to a breathtaking trip.