Top 10 Best Wall Fans

Top 10 Best Wall Fans to Buy in 2020

Among the available models, wall fan is a great choice for environments that require good air circulation. But after all, what is the most appropriate? With a diameter of 40 or 60 cm; It is worth investing in a wall fan with remote control?

To answer your questions, we have prepared an article with this and other information, as well as a ranking of the top 10 market wall fans, brands such as Ventisol, Arno and Ventisilva. Ready to choose the best wall fan? Follow our article and choose without fear!

When Opt for a wall fan?

Top 10 Best Wall Fans To Buy In 2020

Wall fans are a good option when installing a ceiling model is not feasible, as in rooms with ceilings too high or narrow places and columns. A little noisier, they are also suitable for outdoor residential areas and areas with high movement of people.

Are safer for those with pets and children at home, since the wires are not exposed and access to the device is not easy. On the other hand, do not have mobility, it is important to choose carefully the installation location for the wind reaches the whole environment.

How to Choose the Ideal Wall Fan

Learn now how to choose the wall fan most suitable for your environment and needs. Criteria such as diameter, number of blades and air flow are important so that your purchase does not end in frustration.

Choose Agreement diameter to the environment which will be installed

Top 10 Best Wall Fans To Buy In 2020

The size of the wall blowers can range from 40 cm to 1 meter in diameter, so the first step is to set the appropriate size for the space you have available. The fans with a diameter between 40 cm and 60 are charts and fan efficiency with spaces from 10 to 25 m².

Already the devices between 70 cm and 1 meter in diameter are designed to cover areas up to 35 m². They are usually installed in large and closed environments that require mechanical air circulation, such as factories, laboratories and commercial environments in general.

Select Model 3 blades or More for More Ventilation

As the diameter, the amount of its wall fan blades is directly related to the wind power unit will produce. So choose fans with three or more blades. Currently, there are machines with up to 6 blades, regardless of diameter.

So if you choose a smaller unit, 40 cm, invest in a model with six blades to ensure good ventilation. As for the larger models achieve a good result even with a few blades, as the blades are larger and therefore more powerful.

For Environments Up to 10 m², Choose Flow Index of 1 m³ / s or More

The flow index is measured in m / s, and defines the room size that the apparatus is capable of venting. Fans with flow rate of 0.8 to 1.7 m³ / s are effective in rooms up to 10 m². Already larger environments, 20-35 m², ask for a higher flow rate of up to 2 m³ / s.

To ventilate larger environments than 35 m², you will need more than one device. Information relating to the flow of your wall fan level should be in the Procel product, fixed visibly on its packaging.

Prefer models with Speed ​​Adjustment

Top 10 Best Wall Fans To Buy In 2020

If you go to install your wall fan at home or in a commercial area, it is advantageous to choose a model with speed adjustment. This way, you will have greater wind force control and can adjust to a comfortable level between low, medium and maximum.

There are also devices that have only one speed. Usually more powerful and larger, these are suitable for wide spaces with great movement of persons, such as factories and commercial spaces where air circulation needs to be constant.

Remote Control facilitates the operation of the apparatus

Top 10 Best Wall Fans To Buy In 2020

The wall fan models with remote control are still rare in the Brazilian market, but can bring more convenience to your everyday life, especially in your home. With the remote control you can set the speed and ventilation mode without going to the machine.

In addition, wall fans with remote control provides an extra function. The timer allows you to program the unit shutdown, ensuring ventilation as long as necessary without forgetting the electricity savings. It is a great choice for those seeking convenience.

Check Wall Fan Voltage

Top 10 Best Wall Fans To Buy In 2020

There is no standard voltage between the wall fans, so it is necessary to pay attention. Some devices are dual voltage, while others have specific voltage divided between 110 or 220 volts.

To avoid inconvenience, check if the voltage of the ventilator is suitable for the chosen place of installation. This is because a higher voltage device is connected to a lower voltage outlet, will not work. And otherwise you can burn the product. So stay tuned!

Prefer devices with Classification Energy Efficiency

To ensure that, in addition to ease the heat, your wall fan will not bring extra expenses on your energy bill, choose appliances with energy efficiency rating. Products in this category are considered the most economical.

To discover a list of the chosen wall fan, just look for the Procel Inmetro. This seal has to be fixed on the product packaging. Thus, you guarantee a utility bill no alarms at the end of the month.

Top 10 Best Wall Fans

Now meet our selection with the top 10 market wall fans. It is the result of a careful choice considered important aspects such as diameter, air flow, energy efficiency, among others.

Comparison Leaderboard Wall Fans

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New Delta Free Wall fan

Check Our Fans indications ceiling and table

Requiring more mobility and efficiency in ventilation smaller environments? If after reading our article, you concluded that the ideal for you is another fan model also check our indications ceiling fans and table:

If you got this far, we’re sure feels much safer to choose your next wall fan. Do not forget to consider the best diameter, flow rate and quantity of blades for your needs, and good shopping! We suggest you consider the ranking of our options: it brings together the best products from the market.

You know someone who is also looking for a wall fan? Share this article! Our intention is to help more people to make better choices. If you have any doubt, go back to check our tips! We wish much cooler days from now!