Top 10 Best Wallpapers For Buy In 2020

Top 10 Best wallpapers for Buy in 2020

Patterned, smooth, textured, flowering or wire fences. All these wallpapers are models, essential item for those who want to decorate the house or in a practical and inexpensive way office. The success of this product is so great that brands like Final Decor and Allodi have a number of amazing options.

It turns out that with so many options soon arise many doubts about which model to choose. If this is the case, rest assured. From now on we will explain how to choose this accessory. Then we prepare a ranking of the top 10 wallpapers. Be sure to check!

How to Choose the Best Wallpaper

If you are in search of the perfect wallpaper for your home or business, be aware that there are several versions, with different colors, materials and sizes. Discover below how to choose the best for you!

First Select Size Suitable for This Take the wall Measures

Top 10 Best Wallpapers For Buy In 2020

It is very important to pay attention to the size of the paper as it should perfectly cover your wall. First, take the measurements of your wall. Then multiply the height by the width, so you will have a value in m² indicating the size of the area to be coated.

For the paper range, simply multiply the wallpaper dimensions, usually informed by the manufacturer on the product packaging. For example, a wallpaper with 3.0 m wide and 2.4 m high covers an area of ​​7.32 m². Thus, if the area to be coated on the wall is 10 m², so you’ll need two paper rolls.

Avoid accumulation of dirt, Opt For Wallpapers Washable

Top 10 Best Wallpapers For Buy In 2020

wallpapers can be divided according to the type of material they are made. In the market you will find six main types: cellulose, vinilizado, vinyl, TNT, velvet and rubber. Basically what differentiate them is the durability and type of cleaning that can receive.

Vinilizado: should be cleaned with a dry cloth or a vacuum. How are sensitive to moisture and can not receive heavy cleaning, should stay away from outdoors. Last on average 5-6 years.

Vinyl: are made with PVC and have a vinyl layer on the surface, therefore, they are super tough and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. They last on average 12 years.

TNT: are made with natural and synthetic fibers, that is, a paper with fabric look, logo, ensures a more natural finish. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth as they are more resistant. They last up to 12 years.

Rubberized: can be cleaned with a damp cloth or soft bushing, since they have a surface EVA. They can be applied outdoors. They last up to 12 years.

Each wallpaper has its own outstanding features, so it is important to choose the material that best suits your routine and need. Be sure to check this detail!

Stickers offer models More Convenience in Installation

Top 10 Best Wallpapers For Buy In 2020

Regarding the application of wallpaper, we can divide them into two categories: the stickers and those who need spare glue. The first provides more convenience because you can simply lift the protection and apply the paper on the wall.

But what makes the wallpaper is self-adhesive is the material used for manufactures it in case the vinyl. Therefore, only the vinyl wallpapers have this characteristic. If you seek a role in TNT to give effect fabric, vinilizado or made of cellulose, you should buy a glue part.

Decide which colors or Prints of Your Wallpaper

Top 10 Best Wallpapers For Buy In 2020

Flower, motifs, striped, geometric, graphics, brick, marble, wood and drawings. These are just a few types of prints that you can find in wallpapers, in various colors. It also has monochrome, easier to apply since there is no designs to fit each other.

To choose one of these options, we suggest you consider where it will be applied. After all, as some studies suggest, the colors interfere with the feeling that the environment will result in people. Below we will explain better:

Be sure to consider all these points and, of course, consider your personal taste to choose the color that suits you and the environment you want to decorate!

To Effect Relief Opt For wallpaper with texture

Some wallpapers models have a high relief effect or, as many call it, 3D. In such cases, the decoration is even more elegant, but it is important to note that the care of this role should be reinforced. Apply it only in dry environments and asking for a refinement more.

By having embossed parts, eventually accumulating more dust, and are more sensitive and can not be cleaned with damp cloth or bushings. Moreover, this kind of wallpaper is also often more expensive than the others. Analyze well the pros and cons and choose the most cost-effective.

Top 10 Best Wallpapers

Now that you understand which points to analyze before buying wallpapers, it’s time to choose a model. Below we present 10 and legal options. You’re sure to find one for your home or business!

Top 10 Best Wallpapers For Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Wallpapers


Wallpaper Imported Off White Arabesque Gold

Wallpaper Imported TNT Striped Elegance

Sticker Children’s Wallpaper World Map Drink

Wall Zara Fendi Rose Gold paper

Wallpaper 3D Sticker Wood Shadow Effect

Wallpaper Stickers Stone Brick Canjiquinha

Wallpaper Sticker Tile Portuguese

Wallpaper Vinilizado Ballerina Girl

Wall Landscape Classics 3D Paper

Breakfast Vintage wall paper

Tips for Applying Wallpaper with Glue

As you may have noticed, most of the wallpapers that are indicated stickers. This greatly facilitates the application because simply remove the protective film and apply it. However, there are also wallpapers that need extra glue. This type of application can be complicated, so we’ll explain how to do it!

Following our tips certainly will be easy to apply your wallpaper. Be sure to try!

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The wallpapers are excellent options to renew the whole house without spending too much or have that lot of work that you would have if paint the wall. Also, you can remove them easily later if you want to exchange it for another.

At the time of purchase, be sure to well analyze the color, texture and pattern, okay? But remember to choose the size and the correct material is key to a good result. And of course, if you hit any doubt again, come back and re-read our article.