Top 10 Best Whiskys

Top 10 Best Whiskys to Buy in 2020 (Chivas, Old Parr and more)

Whiskey is a drink much appreciated and seen as synonymous with refinement, elegance and good taste. Whether you’re a liquor lover or someone who is getting to know this means, it is very important to know to choose a good whiskey, is paying attention to detail that will make your choice the best.

Brands like Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, Chivas and Ballantine are great examples of diversity and quality of this drink. For this we have created a comprehensive guide to choosing the best whiskey for you. In addition to a Top 10 with the best whiskey to buy in 2020. Check and choose yours!

How to Choose the Best Whiskey

To choose a good whiskey you should note factors that go well beyond the age or price, after the drink to be pleasant for your palate. Here in this section you will find everything you need to know to make the best choice possible. Check out!

Origin of The Whiskey Says Much About Your Taste

The origin of whiskey can reveal much about the flavor you find in the drink. This is because the process of production, the raw material used and the drink aging local changes according to the country. Check out more details below.

Top 10 Best Whiskys To Buy In 2020 (Chivas, Old Parr And More)

American whiskey is divided basically into two categories, Bourbon and Tennessee, both produced with the same criteria. They are a mixture of grains having at least 51% of corn and use of new oak barrels for aging, which should be at least 62.7% alcohol.

The only difference between them is that the Tennessee goes through a carbon filtration after distillation. As for taste, they are very similar, and bring with them the woody notes of oak barrels, in addition to taste a little sweet gift in Tennessee due to the filtering.

Top 10 Best Whiskys To Buy In 2020 (Chivas, Old Parr And More)

Scotland is the oldest whiskey producer in the world, making them the most popular market. Scotch whiskey is produced from barley or malted grains, that after being doubly distilled must age for a minimum period of 3 years in oak barrels.

Scottish whiskeys are divided between the Single Malts and Blendeds. The first is produced only from the mixture of malted grains, resulting in a more intense flavor and creamy. The second type uses a mixture of malted and distillations of various grain, resulting in a simpler flavor.

Top 10 Best Whiskys To Buy In 2020 (Chivas, Old Parr And More)

Japanese whiskey is the newest in the market, and brings a great inspiration of Scots. Both the types of beverage produced there are the same, ie, Single Malt and Blended. But the barrels used for aging are different, for this we use the Japanese oak.

Also the drinks of this nationality have extremely pure raw materials and technology applied to production. This results in a lighter flavor and malted drinks when compared to other sources.

Note the Age Whiskey, Aging drink Agreda lot of quality to her

Top 10 Best Whiskys To Buy In 2020 (Chivas, Old Parr And More)

When looking for a Whiskey, one of the first things that catches the eye is its age, it may be said that it is primarily responsible for the beverage taste and quality. After all, the longer the whiskey ages, the flavor is accentuated, making it clear all flavor notes and applied it.

In addition to the flavor, aging adds texture and flavor the drink, making it more creamy and fragrant. As a rule, the minimum age of three years so that the drink is considered a whiskey is required. So, know that if there is information age in the bottle, this is the least she will have.

The Alcohol Can Make Difference, mostly for Beginners

Top 10 Best Whiskys To Buy In 2020 (Chivas, Old Parr And More)

Usually alcoholic whiskey dosages begin from 40% and can reach concentrations higher than 70%. However Brazilian law sets a limit of 54% alcohol in the drink. Reason why the majority is between 40% and 50%.

The higher the alcohol content, the more impact the drink will have on your body. So if you’re starting to consume whiskey, prefer less alcohol. This factor can also be used to differentiate fake drinks. Be wary if you find a bottle out of these standards.

The Volume of Bottle Can Change Depending on the brand, Pay Attention to Not Paying More For Less

The volume of the whiskey bottle may change according to the type or brand. Normally the simplest drinks are usually bottled in bottles of 1 liter, such as Jack Daniels No. 7 and a few copies of Johnnie Walker.

Have drinks with a little more complexity are often sold in bottles of 700 or 750 mL. Being aware of this can be a good way to not pay more thinking they will get more volume. After all, the value that the drink has, directly reflected in their market price.

Now, how about give a prepared list of what is best in the market? To this list the top 10 whiskeys for you. This way, you certainly get what best suits your preferences. Note that all listed products have excellent quality.

Comparison Leaderboard Whiskys

Glenmorangie The Original

Grand Old Parr 12 Years

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Very interesting to know more deeply this amazing world about whiskeys, is not it? Now you have everything you need to choose which option will best meet their preferences for taste, harmonization and other points of extreme importance.

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