Top 10 Best Wines Merlot 2020 (Chilean, Brazilian And More)

Top 10 Best Wines Merlot 2020 (Chilean, Brazilian and more)

For those who like to venture into the world of wine is interesting to experiment with those flavors and aromas complex and versatile, such as Merlot type. It is marked by fruity touch and notes of spices such as chocolate, cinnamon and coffee. It is usually velvety, soft and balanced, combining with various types of dishes.

There are several countries that produce wines Merlot, France, Italy, Chile, United States and even Brazil. Some brands such as Salton, Miolo, Redwood Creek and Casillero Del Diablo offer great options. In this article we did a guide to choosing the ideal product and list the 10 best Merlot wine market. Check out!

Discover the Wine Merlot Features

Top 10 Best Wines Merlot 2020 (Chilean, Brazilian And More)

Merlot is a red grape variety originally from the Bordeaux region in France. Its name is inspired by a black bird very common in Europe called “Blackbird”. As the cultivation is easy, several countries around the world produce wines through it, being the second most widely grown grape in the world.

It is one of the most versatile wine market, full-bodied and flavored velvety and smooth. Depending on the production can be more sweet or acid and structured. Younger people often have aroma of red fruits and aged in oak have notes of spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and coffee.

How to Choose the Best Merlot

Find the Merlot wine that suits your palate analyzing the place of production, aroma, taste, crop year, alcohol content and cost-effective wine. Choose the perfect and enjoy with friends, family, a romantic evening or even alone!

Be Alert to the Wine Production Location

Even with the region of Saint Emilion in Bordeaux offering the most celebrated wines in the market, there are several places around the world that produce a good Merlot. But did you know that the climate of the production site directly affects the aroma, flavor and body of the wine?

Top 10 Best Wines Merlot 2020 (Chilean, Brazilian And More)

For those who like sweeter wines with touch of fruit and less tannins, the hot climate countries offer the best options. That’s because the grapes are exposed to the sun and heat longer, maturing faster and accumulate more sugar.

Also, they get a strong taste of dark fruits such as plums, blackberries, strawberries and cherries. It is ideal for those just starting to venture into wine and does not have much experience. Choose from warm climate countries that produce the best Merlot wines such as the United States, Brazil and Argentina.

Top 10 Best Wines Merlot 2020 (Chilean, Brazilian And More)

Wines produced in places with cold climates tend to be more structured, full-bodied and with more tannins, being considered more elegant. As the grapes face more challenges and take longer to mature, gain more acidity, which helps to enhance and harmonize drink flavors.

The wines aged in oak earn woody characteristics that resemble coffee beans and can have notes of spices such as vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate. They are ideal for those who already have knowledge of wines and want to venture into complex flavors. The best countries are France, Italy and Chile.

Choose Between Guard Wine and Wine Young

Top 10 Best Wines Merlot 2020 (Chilean, Brazilian And More)

Many people believe that the older the wine, the better it is. However, most red wines, such as Merlot, is young and made to be consumed within 5 years. However, you can find on the market products of older vintages.

The young wines are more practical in relation to the place and manner of storage, since the guard require wineries to acclimatized age. Another major difference between them is that when young Merlot has a strong fruity flavor, reminding cherry and raspberry.

Check the Amount of Alcohol

Top 10 Best Wines Merlot 2020 (Chilean, Brazilian And More)

When choosing the best wine Merlot is important to pay attention to your alcohol as it greatly influences the body and intensity of flavor. Typically, it ranges from 12% to 15%, and the more alcohol, more full-bodied wine is. Otherwise, it will be lighter and smoother.

Be Alert to the Product Price

You do not need to buy an expensive wine to sip a great drink because there are many with prices from 25 reais that offer a good experience. For those who are beginning to appreciate wine and do not want to spend fortunes in the first, choose options from 25 to 60 reais.

Just be wary of options with very low prices as they may have a lower quality of production and therefore taste, besides indicating that already exceeded the maximum consumption. If you want to venture into more complex flavors and high quality products between 60 and 300 reais will surprise you!

Indications Who tasted and approved

Before meeting our selection of the 10 best Merlot wines, separate indications experts. Sommeliers Erika Libero, Leo Albertino and Denise Chechelaki have two great choices. Check out!

Top 10 Best Wines Merlot

The following is the ranking with the best Merlot wines with different flavors, aromas, prices and intensity for every occasion!

Comparison table of the Best Wines Merlot

California Merlot wine

Merlot Special Reserve Wine

Portillo Merlot Red Wine

Chilean Merlot Red Wine Reserved

French Red Wine Varietal Merlot

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Now that you know what to evaluate in choosing a Merlot wine, do not waste time and choose what pleases your palate. There are numerous options available on the market with excellent quality, but to save time, choose our ranking!

Be sure to check issues such as better taste, aroma, body and alcohol content. We hope you will be surprised with complex mixtures and have great experiences with special people, enjoying a good wine!