Top 10 Top Boxes Sound Bluetooth Waterproof In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)

Top 10 Top Boxes Sound Bluetooth Waterproof in 2020 (JBL, Sony and more)

A bluetooth speaker waterproof is a very versatile device. With them you can listen to your favorite music at the pool, on the beach and even in the rain. With this product, there is no worry of dropping a few drops of water. And there still models have impact resistance, winding and hanging handle to the bag while making a trail.

You can find many brands like JBL, Ultimate Ears, Philips, Multilaser, Sony, X-Craft and others. Each device has its advantages and to know them, you will make your way choices much faster and practical. To help you through this process, we have prepared a guide to choosing the bluetooth speaker waterproof ideal water and a ranking of the top 10. Check and turn up the sound!

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

When buying one bluetooth speaker waterproof we need to be aware of some features like: certified protection against water, sound quality, power, battery life and more. They that make your experience with the product even better, making the purchase worthwhile. So, here are these and other points that should be considered when choosing your speaker.

Choices boxes with IPX5 water resistance or More

Products resistant to water and dust need to be certified in order to have the guarantee that will not be damaged by these elements. This certification is called Protection Input or IP (English, Ingress Protection). The degree of IP protection is expressed in four digits, for example IPX5, the third digit is related to the level of resistance to dust and water the last.

When the third or fourth digit is “X” means that the product has not been tested for its resistance to dust or water, respectively. Keep in mind that the higher the number, the greater the protection, and the protection will account dust 0-6 and from 0-9 water.

If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker waterproof to stay in an outdoor area without worrying about the pool water or rain, for example, the ideal model must have the IP certification with the last number 8 or 9 . For only a few splashes, IPX5 is enough.

Check 2 Points Down and Have Good Sound Quality

There are two features that make your bluetooth speaker waterproof with a good sound quality: sound type and power level. To understand how this works, see below for details!

A bluetooth speaker waterproof sound system may have mono, stereo or surround. When it is mono, then you have only one audio channel and the sound comes out the same way for all outputs. It is ideal for listening to music from classic bands like The Beatles – which made music suitable for this technology.

But the stereo type plays sound on two different channels, right and left. With it, you can get a sense of depth and spatiality more accurate. This is the type that we recommend! The bluetooth speakers waterproof, are usually small and portable, so models with surround sound may disappoint a little

The surround speakers can be up to 7 channels and propose to give a greater feeling of fulfillment, as if the sound were coming from different places, but in small boxes that can be practically imperceptible. As often more expensive, they do not end up paying off, but they are bad role models, so if you want to invest a little more there is no problem in choosing one of these.

The power of the speakers is measured in Watts (W). If you are using your box environment and small and a bit noisy, boxes with 5 W of power or even less than that can serve you well. However, for more noisy or spacious environments ideally opt for boxes with 10 W or more.

The higher the power, the better the bass will sound. If you like serious, regardless of the environment, prefer more powerful boxes.

Prefer boxes with at Least 8 hours battery autonomy

Top 10 Top Boxes Sound Bluetooth Waterproof In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)

When choosing your bluetooth speaker waterproof, a tip is to pay attention to the battery runtime. Especially if you want to use it in locations without access to outlets. Up to 8-hour is enough for those who use little but the batteries with more than 10 hours duration are ideal to take on trips, holidays, barbecues and gatherings with friends.

However, it is important to be aware that, even if the speaker can be on for 10 hours or more, may be the source of the music – your smartphone, for example – do not have such a high autonomy. Therefore, if using for more than eight hours, be sure to carry a portable battery for your mobile phone.

Keep an eye on the Bluetooth Version

Top 10 Top Boxes Sound Bluetooth Waterproof In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)

To avoid compatibility issues you need to check if the speaker is compatible with your device’s bluetooth version that will be the sound transmitter to the boxes (smartphone, tablet and notebook). incompatible versions may General transmission failures or even work.

Boxes that accept Bluetooth 4.1 or more, if they are compatible with their devices are those that offer higher transmission speed and better sound quality. Prefer one of these!

See if the Speaker is Impact Resistant

When the Bluetooth sound box has water resistance, it is very common to use this device in trails, beaches, swimming pools and other places where there is greater risk of falls. To reduce the risk of failure, it is interesting that the speaker has impact resistance. Prefer boxes with resistance falls at least 1.5 m.

Check the weight and size Speaker

Top 10 Top Boxes Sound Bluetooth Waterproof In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)

Weight and size matter a lot, okay? If the speaker is too heavy, you can leave your hiking trails a bit tiresome. In this case, so models are ideal to have at home or leave the pool. Consider, to take on their adventures, the boxes that are up to 200g. About the size, it is critical that it fits easily in your purse, bag or backpack.

Boxes with handle or are Ventosa More Practice

Finally, another important tip is to see if the bluetooth speaker waterproof has a handle or suction cup to hang the device. The handle is great to let the speaker safer in one hand. Since the suction cup is ideal for hanging the speaker on tile or glass bathroom stall.

Top 10 Top Boxes Sound Bluetooth Waterproof to Buy Online

Now that you know what are the main features of Bluetooth speakers waterproof, it is time to choose the right for you. Evaluate what your artistic needs according to the information already submitted and choose the one that meet your needs!

Top 10 Top Boxes Sound Bluetooth Waterproof In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)
Top 10 Top Boxes Sound Bluetooth Waterproof In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)

Table Comparison of Top Speakers Bluetooth Waterproof

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof Boombox

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof Pulse 3

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof Charge 3

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof Megaboom

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof BT6000B

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof Pulse SP-253

Sound Bluetooth box Water Proof d’SRS-XB10

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof Go 2

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof x7

Sound Bluetooth box Waterproof MTC1310

With a bluetooth speaker waterproof you give rhythm to the parties, trips to the beach or weekends in place. Handles facilitate transport as it gives to load by hand or hang on the backpack. In addition, many models can even be dipped in water, but attention, no diving in seawater, huh.

Now that you know how to choose the bluetooth speaker waterproof ideal water, just stay tuned while analyzing options to buy. And you know that in case of any doubt, you can refer to this guide again.