Top 10 Top Microwave (30 Liters) 2020 (Electrolux, And More Philco)

Top 10 Top Microwave (30 Liters) 2020 (Electrolux, and more Philco)

Nothing better than a microwave to heat up that pizza or make a mug cake! But this device is also possible to prepare meat on the grill, heat frozen food and cook vegetables to steam! The microwave up to 30 liters can be flush-mounted or desktop, depending on the power it is possible to prepare dishes for the whole family.

The microwave Electrolux, Philco and LG are some of the technological and powerful devices, but there are different models. To help you choose a microwave up to 30 L, we prepared a guide with all the details to be observed. In addition, we made a list of the top 10 microwave up to 30 liters, split between Flush and table. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Micro-waves up to 30 Liters

The microwave should be chosen based on a number of criteria, such as capacity, the installation type, the available features and power. In addition, you should evaluate whether you prefer a stainless steel or white microwave and is also important to note the presence of Procel and the voltage, for safe installation. See more about each of these points, then.

Choose Capacity Agreement with the Revenue Want to Do

In the Brazilian market, there are micro-wave models of 19 to 42 liters capacity. In this article, we discuss the models up to 30 liters, yet the ideal size for you will vary according to use of the device mode. Some people only get hot food, while others seek to cooking and grilling dishes for the family. Check out what the right capacity for your type of usage.

Top 10 Top Microwave (30 Liters) 2020 (Electrolux, And More Philco)

Microwave up to 25 and L are compact devices that fit in smaller kitchens. Often serve only to heat drinks and prepare quick and simple meals in small portions. It is ideal for those who love warm up a dish at lunch or burst that pipoquinha to see a movie!

Therefore, these microwaves are for those who live alone or have a small family up to three people. But do not be fooled. Not because the device is small it does not have a good power models up to 25 liters can defrost meats, grilling and making meals steam (these features when available).

Already the microwave from 26 to 30 L are the most suitable for families of 4 to 6 people. Because they are larger equipment, provide the internal space suitable for large platters, as well as allow you to prepare more elaborate recipes that take longer to heat up.

These microwaves usually come with several features to facilitate the user’s life. The microwave 30 L fits perfectly in larger kitchens and can compose the design of planned environments. As usually the embed microwave is very powerful, it pays to consider larger models.

Microwave Recessed or table: Choose agreement with Kitchen

Before choosing a microwave, it is always important to note where it will be allocated. For this, you need to evaluate the style of your kitchen and measure the location where you will install the device, not to miss! There are two types of microwaves on the market, and to embed the table.

Top 10 Top Microwave (30 Liters) 2020 (Electrolux, And More Philco)

The Built-in microwave is more powerful, has an elaborate design and more complete functions, when compared to desktop models. However, they are more expensive and consume a lot of energy due to the fact of needing greater ventilation and temperature control, since they are usually embedded in the planned mobile kitchens.

It is recommended to choose the microwave before planning the kitchen design, to establish the measures already in the project. If you want to create a kitchen with modern look and match the style between different appliances, choose stainless steel microwave classic, however, want to leave the conventional, consider white outfits, with mirrored glass or black.

Top 10 Top Microwave (30 Liters) 2020 (Electrolux, And More Philco)

The table microwave are the most common and economical devices. They can be placed on countertops, tables and open shelves. They can also be fitted into brackets on the wall, but before buying the microwave, always check that there is ventilation at the site. As can be placed in different places, they are preferred for traditional kitchens!

It is not recommended to adapt this model and plug in a closed shelf, as it has no proper ventilation for this purpose. The table microwave are easy to use, have numerous functions and also offer the right power to prepare delicious dishes. Oh, and a big advantage is that these microwaves are much cheaper than the embedding.

Prefer models with Special Functions

Some microwave bring differentiated, special functions, as they make it easier to prepare different foods. Meet the main and choose what makes sense for your day to day, microwave consider having at least one of these functions.

One of the features we can find in certain microwave is the Grill. Pressing the button of this function, an electrical resistance that is installed on top of the microwave starts emitting heat. Thus, the food begin grilling and browning evenly.

Meats, for example, are more douradinhas, juicy and tasty. This is because the internal moisture of the food is preserved. Typically, these devices come with an accessory of the same name, the grill, a support inserted into the microwave brings the food to the nearest electrical resistance.

Top 10 Top Microwave (30 Liters) 2020 (Electrolux, And More Philco)

Have you thought about preparing healthy meals in the microwave? One of the best solutions is on devices with baking function steam. There are few on the market but they reach the goal. This type of microwave comes with a specific pan, which allows you to cook foods like fish and vegetables. You just put the food inside the accessory, push a button and steam cooking!

Top 10 Top Microwave (30 Liters) 2020 (Electrolux, And More Philco)

Some microwave devices come with pre-programmed recipes that help in everyday life. Push of a button you can prepare, for example, mug cake, lasagna, rice, popcorn and pudding. In addition, the function thaw is essential for those who always forget to take the refrigerator meat.

Among the extra features, the microwave with deodorizer free the device from unwanted smells after food preparation. This function contributes to microwave maintenance and easy cleaning. Other microwave also feature a security lock, blocking children’s access to the device (the keyboard and port), more safety for your kitchen!

Furthermore, there are several functions that provide convenience for day to day, as the weight and defrosting time maintaining the heated plate and to mute the handset. Check out what are the most important functions to your routine, and choose a microwave with them!

Choose models with 900 W or More Power

The greater the power of the microwave, the greater its ability to heat, cook and defrost food in less time. If you only want to heat drinks and food or other, you may even consider devices with 800 W. However, if you need functions and confidence to prepare dishes, prefer to buy a microwave with power of 900 W or higher.

Always observe the unit’s power levels, sometimes it is not necessary to use the maximum of their ability. Typically there are 10 levels, each of which means 10% of the total power. To get an idea, the power 1 is ideal to soften butter, eggs and cook for 7 to 10 for baking and cooking meat. Give preference also for devices with more power levels!

Instruments with prefer A or B Procel to Save

Procel Seal is a classification conducted by Inmetro, which analyzes power consumption of appliances in Brazil. The devices with the label are those that use less energy and save the user’s pocket money. In the case of microwave, Inmetro rating 6 requirements, including the power stand-by mode and energy efficiency.

To save you prefer devices with the seal A. Unfortunately, it is rare to find microwave embed with the seal A, because these appliances use more energy to ventilate and control the temperature. In this case, always seek at least the seal B to save, after all, no one likes to spend as much on energy bills!

Always check Microwave Voltage

It is important to check the voltage of the outlet in your kitchen before plugging the microwave. You may run the risk of burning the appliance purchase it at a lower voltage than its outlet. And if you do the contrary, it may not work. In Brazil, there are two voltage: 127 volts and 220. You find this information in the device’s technical specifications.

Top 5 Best Microwave Recessed up to 30L Buy Online

Now that we know what we need to analyze in a microwave is time to present the best models on the market. Let’s start with the microwave to embed with the capacity of up to 30 L. Check!

Comparison Leaderboard Microwave Recessed to 30L

Microwave 25 Liters want MYAG31

Microwave 28 liters MB38T

Microwave 25 liter stainless 94,880,003

Microwave Mirror 30 liters PME31BM

Microwave NN-28 Liters GB68HSRU

Top 5 Table Top Microwave 30L up to Buy Online

Now came the turn of the table microwave, these devices may also be known as a bench or even as traditional as they are the most popular models! Check out what the microwave best of this type available for you to buy online.

Comparison table of the Top Table Microwave to 30L

Micro-ondas 30 Litros EasyClean Grill MH7057Q

Microwave Mirror 30 liters PME31

Microwave 20 liters Ma30S

Microwave Mirror 25 liters PME25

Microwave 30 Liters Style Grill NN-GT68HSR

The microwave is a great helper in the kitchen is to make easier or more elaborate dishes. Remember to always choose a machine with a capacity that is sufficient for your family. In addition, microwave seek the best features for your day to day. The microwave may be the apparatus that was needed to make Friday even hotter with a pipoquinha!

If planning a kitchen, give preference to microwave built in, which can bring more beauty to your room. Now, if you prefer something more basic and simple, favoring the table microwave, which can be of stainless steel or traditional white. If you know someone who does not know how to choose a microwave, share this article and help to make a better choice!