Top 10 Top Refrigerator Averages (300 L To 450 L) 2020 (Brastemp, And More Electrolux)

Top 10 Top refrigerator Averages (300 L to 450 L) 2020 (Brastemp, and more Electrolux)

A beautiful fridge and behave well all food is very important. There are several sizes in the market, but the means are the most suitable for families up to 4 people. To choose the best model for you is necessary to check points as freezer size, efficiency, extras and more functions.

Here you will find tips fundamental of how to choose the medium size refrigerator best for you. In addition, we selected the top 10 models of the market and set up a ranking of brands such as Electrolux, Brastemp, Consul and Samsung. It surely there is the perfect model for your family. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Medium Size of Refrigerator

Be efficiency and beauty in your kitchen to choose the right refrigerator for your tastes and needs and their families. Follow the tips apart to make the right purchase!

Choose Total Capacity and Freezer Right for Your Family

To choose the optimal capacity of your refrigerator, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages that smaller and larger models can offer and what will best suit your family. To help you in this task, parted down the most important features. Check out!

Top 10 Top Refrigerator Averages (300 L To 450 L) 2020 (Brastemp, And More Electrolux)

There are refrigerators with various sizes and capabilities, this is the most important aspect when choosing. For a couple, the ideal size is from 300 liters. They think about raising a family with one or two children? 350 devices 450 liters be the most suitable, then.

Some cheaper models with less than 400 liters may have only one door. They are options that take up little space in the kitchen, but in these models the refrigerator and the freezer are together, so the freezer is usually small and you end up opening the refrigerator more often, as it will also need to open it to access the freezer.

The fridge-freezer, two-door, enables direct access to the freezer without letting between both heat inside. The larger space also enables the foods are better organized in larger quantities and stored. Think about it when choosing!

Top 10 Top Refrigerator Averages (300 L To 450 L) 2020 (Brastemp, And More Electrolux)

Your eating habits must also be considered when deciding the capacity of your new refrigerator, you know? People who buy many frozen foods use a large freezer space and need to open this compartment frequently.

So you have room for a good organization and freezing, freezers indicated above 80 L. Check the refrigerator freezer capacity you want to buy, they range from 47 L to 135 L. duplex models tend to be more spacious check.

Consider an Inverse Model, They Are More Practical in Day-to-Day

Inverse models are refrigerators that have the freezer on the bottom and cooler at the top. The advantages of this model is the convenience of having shelves that are usually used more within reach. In addition, these models tend to have freezers with enough space.

The disadvantages are that models like this have the price higher and it is difficult to find options with a capacity below 400 liters. They end up being models for larger families or people who are keen to have enough storage space.

Remember to Check the available space in your kitchen

Top 10 Top Refrigerator Averages (300 L To 450 L) 2020 (Brastemp, And More Electrolux)

It is quite important that the ideal refrigerator is spacious, but it also needs to fit in your kitchen, do not you? Therefore it is important to carefully check the width, height and depth of the product. Thus it will be easier to choose a model that can pass through the corridors of the house and fit in the kitchen.

Also check the port size to know how much space will be needed product aFront for it to open. Some manufacturers indicate leave at least 5 cm between the wall and the back of the refrigerator to prevent overheating. Do this to ensure a longer life for the product.

Prefer models with Procel A and check the consumption in kWh

Top 10 Top Refrigerator Averages (300 L To 450 L) 2020 (Brastemp, And More Electrolux)

The refrigerator is a product that is constantly on to keep food cold, so it’s important to choose a product with low power consumption. medium sized models have spent between 31 and 67 kWh (kilowatt hour), depending on the functionality and size.

For, as the refrigerator will cost per month on your utility bill, check the cost of the kilowatt hour in your neighborhood and multiply the energy consumption of the refrigerator and 720 (hours a month of 30 days). The consumption of the refrigerator is in procel seal, where you also find the level of efficiency of the product.

The efficiency of refrigerators ranges from G to A, A being the most efficient, ie that freezes more with less power consumption. Always prefer products with the Procel seal! To avoid waste of energy, remember also just open the refrigerator when needed and never forget it with the door open!

Select Additional Features to Be More Important to You

The refrigerators models may have functions that facilitate maintenance from the device to the use of mechanisms on the day to have a drink always cold quickly. We separated three functions to help you choose and can be a great increase your new refrigerator.

Top 10 Top Refrigerator Averages (300 L To 450 L) 2020 (Brastemp, And More Electrolux)

The most modern refrigerators have the freezer turbo function for those moments where there is need of a cold drink preferred to kill the family seat. The function is used in a momentary way and should not be thrown several times, but for those situations Day greater haste in consumption.

During the remaining hours of the day, a refrigerator with good power will cool your food and drinks continuously. The turbo freezer is a key differentiator for those times where you get home and have a cold drink with speed is important to you.

The water dispenser and ice makes it possible to have fresh water and ice cubes without opening the refrigerator. there is still the traditional ice option, diced, and yet, in some models, the crushed ice. Practicality is also welcome in the kitchen, right?

The water dispenser also saves energy. When the refrigerator is opened, the indoor temperature increases. It is therefore necessary spending more energy to cool again. Nothing better than having all the advantages of a quality product and still save energy, right?

In addition to the freezer turbo function and water display, refrigerators can bring other extra features such as touch screen display, filter against odors and alarm against the open door.

The touch screen display normally is on the outside of the refrigerator and has the function of controlling the device temperature and set modes of use. Thus it is not necessary to open the door unnecessarily refrigerator, avoiding waste of energy.

Since the filter against odors helps prevent against the spread of bacteria and prevents the smell or taste of the food to be mixed as they are cooled. Finally, the door open alarm warns you when the refrigerator is not completely closed, which is very important to keep it from entering hot air into the product, compromising cooling.

These and other extra features help to make the best use of the product and make your day more practical. So be sure to check which functions are most important to the daily life of your family!

Top 10 Best Refrigerator Between 300 L and 450 L

Considering the criteria we discussed in the previous section, we chose the top 10 refrigerators between 300L and 400L currently on the market to place in our ranking. Check immediately after and good shopping!

Comparison table of the Best Refrigerators between 300L and 450L

Refrigerator / Freezer Refrigerator Samsung Inox Bottom

Refrigerator / cooler Panasonic Frost Free 2 Doors Brushed Steel

Geladeira Panasonic Frost Free Inverse

Refrigerator / Freezer Refrigerator Top Platinum

Refrigerator Consul Frost Free Duplex

Fridge / Refrigerator Frost Free Stainless

Refrigerator Consul Frost Free Duplex

Refrigerator Brastemp Frost Free Duplex

Refrigerator Brastemp Frost Free Inverse

Refrigerator / cooler Consul Frost Free 1 Door

Looking for a refrigerator Maior? Do not Stop Check Our Indications

Is your family big? Or is not that big, but you like to stock up on food and organize food with comfort? So be sure to check the link below for our article on larger refrigerator models with various functions for you to choose the best for your needs.

Our tips helped purchase? The refrigerator has a life of up to 10 years, so the purchase must be well thought out. Be sure to check the freezer capacity right for you and what extra features will make your practice more routine.

We selected the best models in the market to help in the choice of an efficient, beautiful product for decorating your kitchen. Buy your logo! It does not fail to visit us again if you have further questions about refrigerators or any other product!

by Claudine dos Reis Moreira