Can You Use Duct Tape On Usps Packages

Can You Use Duct Tape On Usps Packages In 2022? (Guide)

Can You Use Duct Tape On USPS Packages In 2022? (Guide)

Duct tape can be helpful in many situations. Can it still be used for shipping and sending a USPS mail package?

Sending a package is a big deal. You need to make sure that it gets there. Here are the guidelines for tapes that you can use on USPS mail packages.

Is it possible to ship a USPS package with duct tape in 2022?

You cannot use duct tape to send a USPS parcel. The USPS is strict about what tape can be used and duct tape does not belong on their approved list. USPS will refuse to send you any packages with ducttape on them. You will be offered their approved packing material to choose from.

  • This article will cover some of the alternatives that USPS accepts, and also explain why ducttape isn’t included on the list. Continue reading.
  • Can You Use Duct Tape On USPS Packages In 2022? (Guide)

    Why is it not possible to use Duct Tape for USPS Packages

    You can use Duct Tape for many different purposes but it’s best to be used somewhere else.

    Duct tape won’t stick to cardboard in most cases. This makes it a bad choice to keep packages sealed and safe while they are being transported.

    Since USPS wants your package to arrive at its destination intact, they have rules about what sort of materials can be used, and unfortunately, duct tape is not one of them due to its poor gripping strength.

    Are USPS Tapes Free?

    USPS is simply a shipping service, which means you must pay for all the necessary shipping supplies.

    USPS will not provide free tape. This means you are responsible to secure your package with approved tape.

    USPS sells its own tape, but you can still be sure it’s the right one. You can purchase USPS approved shipping tape online.

    Can You Use Duct Tape On USPS Packages In 2022? (Guide)

    What Kind Of Tape Does USPS Accept?

    USPS recommends that your cardboard packaging be secured with clear and standard-issue packing tape.

    Additionally, most standard packing tapes will be accepted and it is up to you which one fits your needs and budget. You should note that they do not approve paper tape.

    Packing tape is available at most general retail stores and some grocery stores. You can order the tape online, as well as purchase it from your local USPS.

    Which tape is best?

    Clear packing tape suits most standard boxes well. Packing tape is designed to adhere to cardboard which makes it the obvious choice for making sure your package has a strong seal.

    It will suffice to place a few strips of tape in the centre of your box to make sure it reaches its destination safely.

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  • Conclusion
  • USPS allows you to use a number of different tape types, but ducttape is not. Duct tape is not designed to aid in shipping boxes and opting for a standard packing tape is your best bet to ensure you don’t run into any issues.

    USPS can ship shipping tape direct to you if there are any questions about how to pick the right tape.

    .Can You Use Duct Tape On Usps Packages In 2022? (Guide)

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