Does Usps Charge By Weight Or Size

Does Usps Charge By Weight Or Size In 2022? (Full Guide)

It’s never been simpler to ship a package with FedEx, UPS and, yes, even the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Does USPS Charge By Weight Or Size In 2022? (Full Guide)

Did you know that you could take your packages to the post offices and have them estimate the costs?

You may have asked: Do USPS fees by weight and size? It is not clear how the price was determined. Here is what you need to know.

Are USPS charges by size or weight in 2022?

The United States Postal Service most commonly charges based on weight and distance, as with First-Class mail and Priority Express. Some services will apply dimensional pricing for parcels that exceed certain dimensions. Dimensional Weight Pricing factors length, width, and height. Some companies offer flat-rate shipping options for parcels that weigh up to 70 lbs.

  • Are you confused? I can break down for you how much USPS charges per pound for different services, whether it’s cheaper to ship UPS or USPS and whether or not it’s cheaper to use your own box when shipping. All the details are available in this article.
  • Does USPS Charge By Weight Or Size In 2022? (Full Guide)

    How much does USPS shipping cost per pound?

    Cost to ship a package depends on how far it will take and what type of USPS service you have chosen.

    Parcels can be shipped via First-Class Package Service – Retail Ground, Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail Express, Retail Ground and Priority Mail.

    If the maximum size has not been reached, four of these items may be shipped by their dimensional weight (DIM). USPS calculates DIM by: Length x Width x Height / 166.

    Here are the types of parcel shipping services, each broken down with the price-per-pound range given, as well as any Flat-Rate services or DIM pricing.

  • First-Class Package Service-Retail
  • First-Class Package Service only applies to small packages with less than 13oz.

  • Packages usually take anywhere from 1 to 3 days.
  • Prices begin at $4 per 1 oz. and rise to $6.25/13 oz.

  • Retail Ground
  • This USPS Tracking service allows you to track packages that are larger than Priority Mail/Priority Express.
  • Retail Ground limits include 70 lbs. of combined weight and length + girth 130 in
  • The price starts at $7.70 per pound, and rises to $49 for 70 pounds.

    If your parcel is over the allowed size, you may have to apply DIM Pricing.

  • Priority Mail
  • This is the “next-level” service to First Class shipping
  • The delivery time is slightly faster, usually within 1-3 business day. Sunday deliveries are possible (for an additional cost). This includes sending letters, large envelopes, and parcels.
  • Parcel must weigh 70 lb. Parcels must weigh no more than 70 lbs.
  • The prices start at $7.70 per pound and go up to $49 when you buy 70 lbs.

  • This service also includes Flat Rate shipping, which starts at $7.95 for envelopes, $8.45 for small boxes, $15.50 for medium and $21.90 for large
  • If parcels are larger than allowed, DIM pricing can be applied.

  • Priority Mail Express
  • This service offers fast shipping and also includes 2-day and next-day shipping of letters, envelopes, or parcels
  • Parcel must weigh 70 pounds. Minimum 70 pounds, maximum 108 ins.
  • The prices start at $26.35 per half-pound and go up to $184.30 when you buy 70 pounds.

  • Priority Express also offers flat-rate envelopes, which range from $22.75 to $23.25
  • DIM pricing may be applied if parcel exceeds size limit.

  • Select parcel
  • This service is for regular shippers who don’t need to get their parcels anywhere in a hurry and who want the cheapest shipping rates
  • Weight limit is 70 lbs. and size limit is 108 inches in length and girth combined
  • For a pound, prices start at $3.30; for 70-lb. package starts at only $9.24!
  • If parcels exceed the size limit, DIM pricing might be applied.

    The easiest way to estimate your shipping costs ahead of time is to use’s shipping calculator, available here.

    Does it cost more to send a box UPS than a USPS package?

    It’s difficult to top USPS when it comes to parcel shipping at low rates.

    That applies to shipping competitor UPS, which is generally priced higher (sometimes much higher) than your government-run Postal Service for basic parcel shipping.

    Flat-rate shipping from USPS is also an attractive option. The flat rate shipping option allows you to send large quantities of goods in one container, with weight limits of up to 70 pounds. This will allow you save tons of money.

    However, if you have a very large item, UPS and FedEx may charge extra.

    USPS cannot ship anything over 70 lbs., so if your item exceeds that weight, you will have to turn to one of their competitors.

    Does USPS Charge By Weight Or Size In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Is It Cheaper To Ship USPS With Your Own Box?

    It all depends on your item’s weight whether it is cheaper to send USPS without your box.

    It is possible to ship heavier items, such as 60 lbs. and the item will fit within a USPS Priority Mail flat-Rate mailbox.

    The box is free (you can pick one up in any post office lobby) and the flat rate for a large box is $21.90.

    Shipping a 60-lb. A 60-lb. package in its own box costs $42.90. The cost of shipping could rise to $277.15 depending how far away you ship it.

    What if I have my own box?

    For flat-rate shipping options such as Priority Flat rate and Priority Express Flat Rat, you cannot use your box.

    You should instead use USPS approved boxes. They come in 3 sizes and a variety of envelope options.

    To learn more about Priority flat rate boxes, you can visit this page here (Priority Express only offers flat rate envelopes at this time, which you can find the prices for here).

    For any USPS flat rate shipping service, your personal box can be used.

    Learn more about USPS. You can also check out our posts regarding whether USPS scans packages or updates tracking. We even discuss whether USPS charges for address changes.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS typically uses weight and distance for shipping costs. But, sometimes weight, size and length are used when packages exceed the size limit.

    A good way to save money, if your item fits, is to use USPS Priority Mail flat rate shipping, which often costs tens of dollars less than competitors like UPS or FedEx.

    .Does Usps Charge By Weight Or Size In 2022? (Full Guide)

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