Does Usps Print Labels?

Does Usps Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

United States Postal Service makes shipping and receiving mail easy and simple.

USPS extends the executive branch federal government and offers competitive prices on every type of shipping. This includes standard letters, up to 70-lb. parcels.

But does USPS print labels for their customers? You might also need to have a printer in your home. We have the solution you are looking for.

Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

Will the USPS print labels by 2022

Customers can use the United States Postal Service’s shipping label generator to create their own labels and have them printed at-store for free. These labels are available to those without a printer and small-business owners who have an ecommerce store. USPS does not charge shipping charges for printing labels.

  • Learn more below about what it costs for USPS to print labels.
  • Does USPS Print Labels For Free?

    USPS does print shipping labels for free, though it is worth noting that the printing service itself is free – not the actual shipping label.

    Let’s move on.

    Only recently, the U.S. Postal Service had just announced that it had combined their Label Broker program, Click-N-Ship.

    Click-N–Ship can be used to allow customers to print shipping label from their home.

    USPS stated they were addressing a problem that many people face: Lack of access to a printer.

    They remarked that with more people working from home, the glaring lack of printing access needed to be addressed.

    Enter the Label Broker/Click-N-Ship integration, which makes it easy for both small business owners and their customers to access shipping labels when they need them.

    Although the shipping label will need to be purchased and may vary in cost depending on the parcel, the USPS provides printing services at no extra charge.

    The Label Broker is a free service that allows eCommerce stores to offer free returns shipping.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    What Is USPS Label Broker?

    The USPS Label Broker service gives postal customers easy access to shipping labels even if they do not have a printer at their home.

    If you don’t own a printer, this service can help you purchase shipping labels. Then have them printed at no cost.

    It is particularly useful for eCommerce store and small-business owners, who may sell products that require return or additional shipping.

    Label Broker will work in tandem with USPS’s Other Service, Click-N­Ship.

    According to USPS websites, Label Broker can now be applied for the printing option following the completion of a label transaction.

    It will say “Print Your Labels” while “Print Labels later at The Post Office” is your last option. Enter your email address and select that option.

    USPS will automatically send a QR-code to your email. Small business owners can also forward the code to customers if required (or directly email).

    They or you can take the code to the post office counter, where the postal worker will scan it and print the label for free.

    It must then be affixed to the package and collected for mailing. You cannot take the label home.

    What types of labels will USPS print for you?

    USPS will print labels of any kind that Click-N’Ship supports.

    As of now, that includes Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail International and Global Express Guaranteed.

    Be aware that, because you are (or your customer is) printing the USPS label in the post office, they must affix the label onto the package there.

    This feature of the Label Broker isn’t for printing labels at the Post Office and then taking them home.

    You should remind customers or bring your package to the USPS postal office.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    What is the best place to print a prepaid shipping label at USPS?

    You will need to verify that your local post office supports Label Broker.

    You can do that here, on the location finder tool.

    You can enter your address to see a listing of nearby post offices. Click to zoom in on any location or view the services available.

    If Label Broker is supported by the shop, the service will be included in the “Services At This Location” section as shown below.

    It appears that label brokers are a common feature at post offices.

    However, if there is only one postal office in your area that does not have it you may be able to search further up to 100 kilometers.

    How can I get a USPS shipping label printed from my cell phone?

    There are two options for getting your Label Broker-generated QR Code into a postal office to be printed.

    This is the easiest way. This is all that’s required to scan and print the QR code.

    The QR code can be printed and brought to the office.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    This might sound a little strange – after all, aren’t you getting it printed because you don’t have a printer?

    As paradoxical as it sounds, perhaps you ran out of packing tape to affix the label at home, or you have bad handwriting that makes the USPS puzzle over your intended destination.

    Whatever the case, USPS likely counts on most people bringing in their QR code for Label Broker on their cell phones.

    To know more, you can also see our posts on whether or not USPS notarizes documents, if USPS scans packages, and if USPS updates tracking.

  • Conclusion
  • The United States Postal Service offers free printing of shipping labels via their Label Broker/Click-N-Ship mash-up.

    However, it is an excellent tool for business and individuals who can’t afford a printer.

    .Does Usps Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

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