Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

The U.S. government is one of the largest employers in the country, beat out only by Walmart. The U.S. government employs more than 2 million people, even without including postal workers.

However, is USPS considered a federal job. You may have received conflicting information, but the reality isn’t that simple.

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  • Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    Is USPS A Federal Job In 2022?

    Employees of the United States Postal Service technically aren’t federal employees. USPS functions as an independent agency that is self-governing and does not receive taxpayer funds for its operation. The U.S. government is not their employer, although employees may receive benefits from the federal government.

    You are probably wondering how that works! What are the federal benefits? How do you make your salary at USPS? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about the USPS.

    Why isn’t the USPS a Federal Job?

    There are quite a few sites that will tell you USPS employees are federal workers, but I have to disagree.

    My assertion is based on an incident in recent history, where President Joe Biden declared that federal workers would need to get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

    Additionally, his executive order mandated that all employers of more than 100 workers must implement a vaccine mandate.

    His announcement was so confusing that even USPS employees got lost. Nobody knew whether they were federal workers.

    It’s easy to see why – they receive all the same benefits as federal employees and work for an agency under the executive branch (the same one as the president).

    But, Biden’s administration realized that they had to make clearer statements so a spokesperson released a statement.

    USPS does not have to be included in an executive order mandating vaccination for Federal employees. The USPS is a distinct statutory organization that has been independent from federal personnel actions such as this.

  • (USPS employees were actually obligated under the executive order – but because USPS employees well over 100 people.)
  • According to the spokesperson, the “separate legal scheme” is an indication of the USPS’s autonomy and separation from U.S. government work.

    Thus, USPS employees can clearly be said not to technically count as federal workers, even though this difference is quite subtle.

    Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    What is the USPS’s best job?

    Even though USPS employees technically aren’t federal employees, they are generally considered to be a good job.

    You get the same benefits as federal employees. These include health insurance that is generous, pension plans, life insurance with full coverage, sick leave, and vacation time.

  • Further, hourly wages start well above minimum wage. (Learn more about the benefits below.
  • Employment employees have enough income to support the entire family. Edward Dyer for instance, who is a father of five and has one child at college.

    The postal service employees at USPS earn all the benefits, including every cent. This job is physically demanding and even potentially dangerous.

    What USPS Benefits are Available for Employees?

    Federal employees have the same benefits that USPS employees. These are amazing.

    Here are some of the highlights (via

  • The majority of medical expenses are covered by USPS.
  • Vision and Dentistry: Extremely affordable Rates
  • FSA can help pay for out-of-pocket medical and daycare costs
  • Retirement benefits: USPS employees get federal retirement benefits. This includes a pension, disability and SSI coverage.
  • Social Security & Medicare
  • Commuter Program
  • Leave: First three years: leave of absence for 13 days, then 20 after the third year; and finally after five years it is 26 days.
  • Generous wages and generous salaries starting well over minimum wage and including time and a quarter on holidays
  • Student loan forgiveness
  • Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    What is the best job in USPS?

    When it comes to entry-level jobs at the Post Office, some Redditors advise getting into an MHA, or mail handling assistant, position.

    According to r/User 3971, “Work indoors, air conditioner, no irrational clients, no dogs and fewer supervisors.” However, another commenter suggested that hours could also be worked at night.

    However, there are some who may like the physicality and flexibility of CCA (City Carrier Assistant), whose working hours operate during the day (more like a nine-to-five), or RCA(Rural Carrier Associate). says CCAs are more profitable, but they also work harder and last longer.

  • These three posts are often available for hire if you want to join the Postal Service because of its great pay and benefits.
  • What is the Starting Pay at USPS?

    USPS offers an average starting wage of $18 to $21.

    It’s an average salary, but some earn less than that. This happens for rural and city carriers in my region.

    However low that may seem compared to some of the career salaries (the average is in the $70,000 range), it is still double the current national minimum wage.

    Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    Does the USPS offer student loan forgiveness to its employees?

    Although they may not be federal employees, USPS employees enjoy the same benefits as Federal employees. This includes forgiveness of student loans.

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program provides student loan forgiveness.

    You can find out if you are eligible for this benefit by visiting the page.

    You can see that it lists the requirements. These include an Income-Driven repayment plan, direct loans, full-time employees, and having Direct Loans.

    What Is The Highest Paying Job In The Post Office?

    The highest-paid job at USPS is – no surprise – that of U.S. Postmaster General, which in 2016 netted a salary of $285,000 per year.

  • This is the highest-paid job in all of the U.S. Government, second only to the president. (The average annual salary for the president is $400,000
  • However, the U.S. Postmaster general, Louis DeJoy makes close to $300,000 annually, according to

    If you want to know more about USPS please visit our post on whether USPS is government-affiliated, USPS delivery guidelines, and USPS job opportunities.

  • Conclusion
  • Although USPS employees technically aren’t federal employees they can still enjoy the full benefits provided by the Postal Service.

    Additionally, USPS employees at entry level can still earn more than the minimum wage.

    .Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

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