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Usps Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

It seems like USPS offers services to ship just about anything. USPS Media Mail is a good option for shipping books.

  • But, there are still questions you might have about Media Mail. Is it possible to find out how much USPS charges for Media Mail shipping. Keep reading to find out more about shipping costs and the rules you need to follow!
  • USPS Book Shipping For 2022
  • USPS provides several options for shipping books starting in 2022. In addition to Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, the postal service provides highly reduced shipping rates through its Media Mail program. Media Mail packages arrive within two to eight days and cost on average more than half of other options.

  • If you’re curious about how much Media Mail shipping costs and want to know more about how to use this service, then keep reading!
  • USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    What’s the Cheapest Method to Ship a Book with USPS

    Media Mail, which is USPS’s cheapest shipping option, allows you to send books by USPS. Media Mail actually costs less for smaller shipments, $3.19.

    Priority Mail pricing is comparable at $7.95 per package. Prices can vary depending on how large or heavy the package.

    Media Mail is more affordable than Priority Mail, as you can see.

    How much does it cost to send a book via USPS

    Media Mail starts at $3.19. Prices will increase according to weight per kilogram.

    However, if your package falls between weights (for example, 2.6 pounds), you must round up to three pounds and pay the shipping fee for three-pound items.

    Here’s an example of Media Mail shipping costs based upon weight.

  • One pound is not enough: $3.19
  • $2.82 – Weight limit: 2 lbs
  • Maximum weight is 3 lbs: 4.45
  • The weight limit is four pounds. $5.08
  • Weight doesn’t exceed five pounds: $5.71
  • Weight doesn’t exceed six pounds: $6.34
  • Weight doesn’t exceed seven pounds: $6.97
  • Weight doesn’t exceed eight pounds: $7.60
  • Weight doesn’t exceed nine pounds: $8.23
  • 8.86
  • Media Mail packages have a maximum weight of 70 pounds. But, in the interests of space, I’ve limited shipping prices to 10 pounds.

    USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    Why is USPS Media Mail such a cheap option?

    Media Mail can be very affordable because of a couple reasons. You can get it heavily subsidised by USPS.

    You will need to comply with compliance requirements. It’s also more slow than traditional shipping methods. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

    Since over 80 years, USPS has subsidized Media Mail.

    Since President Roosevelt created the program in 1938, the goal has always been to encourage people to send educational materials through the mail.

    USPS also carries educational books at a loss. That is why Media Mail is so affordable.

    Media Mail is also more economical than traditional shipping options. Media Mail typically arrives within 2-8 business hours, though it is possible to take longer.

    In reality, Priority Mail will ship four times faster on cross-country travel than Media Mail.

    Media Mail’s third advantage is its low price.

    For instance, whereas Priority Mail includes up to $50 of insurance and is forwarded or returned for free, Media Mail only gets a one-way ticket.

    The recipient of Media Mail packages that must be forwarded to or returned will pay an additional fee to receive the package.

    In addition, Media Mail insurance costs extra.

    Media Mail is, last but not least, cheap as it’s the one class of mail which the postal services can legal open and review.

    So if someone tries to get a couple of extra things in with a book shipment, USPS might open the box and see you don’t just send books.

    The USPS can technically charge you for mail fraud. It’s likely, however that your package will be returned to you or held by USPS for the postage due from the recipient.

    You or the recipient may be required to pay any difference between the Media Mail rate or First-Class/Priority Mail rate.

    What’s the Average Time It Takes for USPS Media Mail to Reach You?

    USPS states that Media Mail can take between 2-8 business days for delivery.

    It is important to remember that the distance it travels and the busyness of USPS can make it take longer.

    USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    Does USPS Actually Check Media Mail?

    The USPS certifies Media Mail’s contents, although not nearly as often as one might think. The USPS methodology, in essence, is more spot-checking than systematic reviewing.

    USPS has too many Media Mail packages to review every day. USPS alone handles 173 million First-Class mail pieces every day.

    So, USPS simply doesn’t have enough time to verify the contents of most Media Mail packages.

    This in mind, USPS most likely inspects several hundred Media Mail packages daily.

    This may seem like quite a bit at first glance but is actually a very small fraction of all the Media Mail mail we have received.

    If your parcel conforms with USPS standards it is likely that it will be not flagged.

    How do I pack books for USPS shipping?

    These steps will ensure that your books reach their destination unscathed.

  • 1. Make sure to have all the supplies you need
  • Shipping box
  • Cardboard roll corrugated
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Packaging peanuts and bubble wrap are some examples of packing material.
  • Books
  • 2. Keep the book in a clear plastic bag
  • Put the book in a clear plastic bag or bubble wrap and close the zip lock if using a bag. If your plastic bag doesn’t have a zipper lock, close the flap and tap it tightly so it will not open.

  • 3. Cardboard Cardboard to Secure The Book
  • Next, wrap books using a corrugated cardboard roll, which will help protect them from any wear and tear in the shipping process.

  • 4. You can add more protection by placing the books in a shipping box.
  • Place books into a cardboard box and pack with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or craft paper.

  • 5. To Ship Your Books, Print a Shipping Label
  • Finally, go to the post office and have a clerk print a label for you or print one at home. Once your box is ready, hand it over, and USPS will do the rest!
  • You can read more about USPS shipping laptops, USPS shipping guitars, and USPS media mail speed.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS Media Mail makes it easy to ship books. You will receive your book in time and at a lower rate than with other shipping services.

  • You can still send books to your friends and family by using the postal mail, provided you accept that it is a non-standard service.
  • .Usps Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

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