Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card

Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

Walmart gift cards have a wide range of products which make them extremely valuable. You might find it more convenient to have money, so you may want to trade gift cards for cash.

You may wonder if I can get cashback from my Walmart gift card. Here’s what I found out about Walmart’s policy on cashback from gift cards:

What is the best way to sell my Walmart gift card for cash?

Although you can get your full purchase amount in cash, it is possible that the total value might be less than what you paid for. Several gift card exchange websites such as Raise, CardCash and Cardpool will buy your Walmart gift card, but usually for less than its full value.

Additionally, Walmart also offers a gift card buyback incentive where you can exchange unwanted gift cards for other stores at up to 95% of the original value.

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  • Conclusion
  • If your state allows gift cards that are refundable to cash, you can’t get any cash back on a Walmart card. A gift card exchange site may allow you to trade your card but it is unlikely that you will get cash back.

    .Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

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