Does Walmart Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

The number of consumers using mobile wallets has skyrocketed into the billions and has been a long-awaited feature for Android users across America.

With the rise in popularity of mobile wallets you might wonder if Walmart will accept Samsung Pay or Google Pay. Here’s what I found out.

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay In 2022?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay as of 2022 either in-store or online. Walmart Pay can be downloaded on Android smartphones by customers to use at checkout and in-store registers. Walmart accepts Visa and MasterCard debit and credit card.

  • Continue reading for more information about Google Pay alternatives and Walmart Pay.
  • Why does Walmart still not have Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or both?

    Walmart will not accept Samsung Pay or Google Pay. They would have to lose all the data they collect when using mobile wallets.

    Walmart also offers other services, such as reward points and e-gift card, to customers who download WalmartPay.

    While Walmart Pay doesn’t utilize the NFC technology for mobile payments, they have instead opted for a QR code system. This allows customers, even with older smartphones, to pay within the Walmart app.

    Also, just like Google Pay and Apple Pay, Walmart Pay does allow customers to connect credit and debit cards to their account for quick payments.

    Does Walmart Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

    Walmart Pay For Android: What’s the best way to use this feature?

    Below is an overview of how Walmart Pay can be used to help you get started.

    Download the Walmart App here on Android and here on iOS.

    Once downloaded, open the app and select Walmart Pay from the services screen. The Walmart Pay section allows you to add payment information.

    Walmart Pay is compatible with all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard as well as Amex and Discover.

    Walmart Pay is also available for eGift Cards (Walmart Gift Cards), and prepaid card purchases.

  • For security purposes or fingerprint identification, you will need to have a 4-digit pin. Once that is done, it’s time to shop!
  • Once you’re checking out, you will be able to launch Walmart Pay and use the displayed QR code to complete payment.

    Walmart Pay is the same as Google Pay, Samsung Pay?

    It’s not quite true. While these services work in the same way, their sales processes are different. Near-Field Communication allows you to transfer your payment information wirelessly from your Samsung Pay or Google Pay phone to the payment register.

    Walmart Pay, however, asks for you to scan a QR-code instead. It means that no financial data are sent during transactions.

    Does Walmart Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

    Walmart Pay allows you to receive cash back

    Yes, you can! Walmart Pay is closely tied to the company’s rewards cards, including the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard and the older Walmart Rewards Card.

    According to credit card professionals, can give you 5% cash back if your card is associated with a credit card.

    Walmart Accepts What Payments?

    Walmart stores accept many other payment options. Any of these payment options are available to you:

    Credit cards like American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa.

    ATM/Debit/Check Cards: Walmart MoneyCard

    Walmart MasterCard and Walmart Visa

    Walmart Gift Cards and eGift Card



    Chase Pay.

    Amex Express Checkout.

    Affirm installment financing.

    Does Walmart Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

    Walmart Will Not Accept These Payments

    These are the payment methods that Walmart will not accept in store:


    Walmart Community and Business Card

    Sam’s Club Credit Card Advantage member

    Cash on Delivery (COD).

    Purchase Orders.

    FSA Cards

    Gift cards from other merchants.

    International Credit Cards

    Electronic Benefits Transfers

  • Apple Pay
  • If you prefer to use your Android to pay wirelessly with your device, we also have posts that discuss whether IKEA is accepting Google Pay.

    Also, check out our guides on alternative payment methods for Walmart. They include Venmo and American Express as well as PayPal, Visa Gift Cards (Visa Gift Cards), Venmo and Venmo.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart is not accepting Samsung Pay or Google Pay. However, the company has launched its own mobile wallet option, Walmart Pay.

    You can do this by downloading the Walmart app to iOS and Android, then entering your payment details into your Walmart account.

    Does Walmart Support Samsung Pay?

    Walmart Pay is Walmart’s addition to the growing mobile payment market. Walmart Pay can be linked to credit, debit or gift cards on your mobile phone to enable you to pay for your purchase using it.

    Can I Use Google Pay At Walmart?

    No. No.

    Walmart will accept these payment options:

    American Express Credit Cards, Discover MasterCard MasterCard and Visa. ATM/Debit / Check Cards, Walmart MoneyCard and other cards Opens in new tab Walmart MasterCard and Walmart Credit Card Open in new window

    Does Walmart Support Nfc?

    Walmart Pay doesn’t use near-field communication (NFC). Instead, shoppers use their smartphones to scan the secure QR code located on the checkout’s PIN pads.

    .Does Walmart Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

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