Spark Reviewer Program 2022

Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + Faqs)

Everyone likes to receive non-bill-related mail and loves free stuff.

Walmart combines those two things with their Spark Reviewer program, an exclusive club of sorts, which rewards their most loyal (and thoughtful) customers.

  • The Spark Reviewer Program: What is it? But you’re not the only one, and it won’t take long for you to find out. Here is what you need to know!
  • Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

    What’s the Spark Reviewer Program 2022?

    The Spark Reviewer Program is run by Walmart, as a method of garnering honest reviews for their most popular brands. Participation is open to random customers who leave insightful product comments. Once invited, customers receive complimentary samples of products and can write honest reviews on product pages.

  • Let’s dive deeper into the Spark Reviewer program. We will discuss how to apply and what questions you may be asked. And how Spark activity could help you!
  • What is the Spark Reviewer Program?

    Walmart offers the Spark Reviewer Program, which is an innovative strategy that boosts customers’ confidence in making Walmart purchases.

    Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

    Ever looked at the product description and noticed that there were no reviews? It could have affected your decision to buy it.

    This has made it difficult for me to buy the products I was looking at and compelled me to look into similar products available on other websites with lots of customer reviews.

    The strongest form of earned marketing remains word-of mouth, especially when there are many positive reviews.

    Walmart is aware of the phenomenon. This is why Spark Review Program was created.

    Walmart encourages loyal customers to share their opinions about a wide range of products. This increases shoppers’ willingness to buy.

    Walmart doesn’t interfere with any reviewers in anyway. They are asked for honest feedback, not falsified positivity.

    Walmart increases their brand recognition by offering free samples for loyal customers.

    Walmart invites you to join their program and you’ll be able to tell that your efforts have had an impact.

    Register via the instructions to receive invitations and sample alerts. These occur approximately once per month.

    If you get a sample that appeals to you, you can choose to have it mailed and then wait for the item to arrive.

    Walmart will also give you a timeframe for your review.

    Next, write what you think about the product page. Then submit it. Boom! Now you’re done.

    Walmart will even pay for your shipping costs and all postage.

    How can you become a Spark Reviewer?

    However, signing up for the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program will not suffice. Walmart needs to invite you.

  • Be assured that Walmart is not your only option!
  • Start to be an active critic of any products you have purchased. It doesn’t matter if you buy bland toothpaste or a pack of socks.

  • Walmart is seeking commenters to give thoughtful feedback. It doesn’t matter if you are a great writer.
  • However, you must have a basic understanding of the product you are reviewing. Consider the factors that might lead someone to purchase this product.

    Now how well does it fulfill those needs? It is possible to focus only on one thing or mention several.

    The goal of your business is to distinguish yourself from those people who comment only one word, or leave unsolicited reviews that offer no value to potential buyers.

    Even if your review is negative, if you can convey that without sounding irate, you’re on the right track.

    Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

    Are The Spark Reviewer Programs Real?

    The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is completely real.

    This thread on Reddit shows that many shoppers received invitations to sign up.

    One user details their experience being a Spark Reviewer over nearly a full year. He also recounts all the freebies he has received such as dishes, jeans and blankets.

    The company receives at least four samples every month.

  • The Walmart Spark Reviewer program is a real way to get quality samples for free!
  • Is Walmart a Spark Community?

    Walmart Spark Community is an alternative rewards program offered to loyal customers.

    Walmart Spark Community members take part in activities that allow Walmart’s Marketing department to learn more from their customers.

    Spark Community members earn points by completing the activities. These points can be used to purchase gift cards.

    These activities include interviews, surveys and focus groups.

    The activities will be sporadic and can only be expected to occur for Chosen Members. According to the Spark Community FAQ page, there may also be one or two activities per month.

    And others might have no activities for a few months.

    You will need to complete the activities in a different time frame. Surveys are the shortest, at about five minutes, but I would imagine something like a focus group would be much longer.

    Points will be given depending on how involved an activity is. For example, an in-person interview could have a greater value than just a five minute survey.

    When a community member earns enough points to qualify for a gift card they can “cash in” the card and use the digital card on their accounts to make online purchases.

    You can either print it and bring it into the store. This can be printed out and used in stores at Walmart and Sam’s Club, as well as online.

    Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

    Are You Looking for Walmart Spark Activities Ideas?

    Spark Activities invites you to become a Walmart active commenter.

  • By showing that your reviews are thoughtful, insightful and offer real value to other customers, you can earn your way to free Walmart shopping!
  • You can read our other posts about Walmart shopping ethics, freebies at Walmart and how you can use Walmart gift cards.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart’s Spark Reviewer and Spark Activities are invite-only programs that give loyal Walmart shoppers free stuff for their honest opinions.

    By becoming an active reviewer on Walmart’s product pages, you too can increase your likelihood of catching Walmart’s eye and being chosen for these lucrative programs.

    .Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + Faqs)

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