The History, Evolution & Meaning Behind The Walmart Logo

The History, Evolution & Meaning Behind The Walmart Logo

Since Walmart’s inception in 1962, the company has been ever-evolving by offering new services, expanding to multiple continents, and bringing its e-commerce website to the forefront.

  • In the form of the Walmart Logo, another evolutionary step has taken place. Keep reading if you’re interested in the meaning and evolution of the Walmart Logo, as well as other details.
  • Walmart Logo Meaning
  • Walmart’s logo signifies the friendly and approachable aspect of the brand, which is represented in a blue calming color and crisp bold white font. Walmart’s logo features a yellow star, signifying a “spark”, which is a customer’s chance to find the right product or service.

  • You can read on to find out about the amazing history behind Walmart’s iconic logo.
  • The History Of Walmart’s Logo
  • Walmart’s original logo was developed in 1962 with the opening of its first store chain across America.

    The original logo was simply the word ‘Walmart’ capitalized and colored blue that was used from 1962 until 1964 before it changed for the first time.

  • Walmart has also documented the logo as an ‘unofficial’ one. Walmart’s owners were not able to design one and left it up the printer.
  • The Walmart logo has been changed five more times since then! Lippincot, an NYC-based graphic designer, created the current logo in 2008.

    The History, Evolution & Meaning Behind The Walmart Logo

    Who was responsible for creating Walmart’s initial logo?

    Walmart’s logo’s design was not done by any one. Sam Walton was the original designer.

  • In truth, Walmart opened in 1962 and 1964. The font and color scheme that was used to spell Walmart during those 2 years were determined by the individual who had to print the advertisement.
  • How has Walmart’s and the logo evolved over the years.

    Walmart’s logo, which was first created in 1962 has seen 5 changes. Walmart has even had its brand name changed from Walmart to Walmart. Wally World is a different name.

    They used dark colors of browns, blacks, and browns in the initial designs. Then they introduced the familiar blue which is very similar to the present design.

    In 1992, the original design included a little star. Walmart has since made the six-line yellow version of the logo. The logo we have today, created in 2008, does not fully capitalize the word “Walmart”.

    The History, Evolution & Meaning Behind The Walmart Logo

    Are There Hex Codes for the Colors on Walmart’s Logo Logo?

    Below are the Walmart’s color schemes hex codes. Walmart’s hex codes for color schemes include #004c91, which is dark blue; #007dc6 medium blue and #78b9e7 lightest shade of blue.

    Walmart uses #f47321 for orange and #ffc220 for yellow.

    Walmart’s deep green shade, “Fresh Product Dark Green”, is coded with the hex number of #367c2b. #76c043 is the lighter shade.

    Why Does Walmart Use Blue For Its Logo And Store Design?

  • Research has shown that blue can be used to create feelings of tranquility, peace, calmness and serenity. This could explain why Walmart picked blue as their brand color!
  • Also, blue is a soothing color. It doesn’t strain the eyes or cause pain.
  • Walmart therefore makes Walmart a welcoming store.

    The History, Evolution & Meaning Behind The Walmart Logo

    Why Did Walmart Change Its Logo Colours?

    Walmart used to change its logo colors, but they now use the original color blue to reference the warm and welcoming nature of their store.

  • Walmart provides affordable goods at extremely reasonable prices. Therefore, light blue highlights Walmart’s wholesome atmosphere!
  • Walmart logo has become more iconic with the inclusion of the bright yellow spark. This makes the design stand out even more.

    What Is Walmart’s Slogan?

  • Walmart’s official slogan at the moment is “save people more money so they live better.” It is also echoed throughout their marketing and PR campaigns!
  • This slogan is slightly modified from the statement that Sam Walton, Walmart founder, made when he was presented with President George H.W. Bush 1992.

    The History, Evolution & Meaning Behind The Walmart Logo

    What are Walmart’s core values?

    Below are Walmart’s 4 core values.

  • Service to the customer
  • Respect for each individual
  • Excellence is what you strive for
  • Be honest
  • Walmart is committed to instilling core values within its employees and has established policies for staff and stores that reflect these principles.

  • Walmart’s brand colors scheme and design layout were also created to reflect these core values. This creates a friendly and inclusive atmosphere inside every Walmart store.
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  • Conclusion
  • To summarize, Walmart has lent its logo to help convey a family-friendly and welcoming atmosphere to its stores. The changes made to the design over the last few decades show the brand’s convergence to popular marketing trends to stay in fashion and up to date!
  • The history of the Walmart logo uncovers some fun facts regarding Walmart’s initial founder, Sam Walton, and highlights how Walmart’s brand mentality is weaved into every design aspect, both within advertising and store design!
  • Walmart’s Logo is a Sun: Why?

    Walmart wanted the logo to be friendlier, warmer and more inviting. With its spark that conveys sunshine, warmth, as well as innovation, Walmart has created a positive atmosphere.

    What does the Walmart Spark symbolise?

    Half Spark stands for an express connection to Sam Walton’s original spark of creativity and innovation. We use it to connect with his legacy. Sam saw it as about providing service for customers. Respecting the person.

    Why Did Walmart Change Its Logo?

    Walmart’s new look, which was in development for two years, is the first time the company has reworked its logo since 1992. September 1, 2008

    Walmart’s use of blue and yellow?

    Walmart Logo Design Elements The Walmart Logo’s most recent logo features a soft and warm blue-yellow scheme.

    .The History, Evolution & Meaning Behind The Walmart Logo

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