Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

You could be asking if Walmart rents a carpet cleaner if you have a moving project or if your carpet is in need of some maintenance.

  • You will find our complete guide to the Walmart carpet cleaning service. It includes information about the cost, how it is used, which models are available, as well as the best way to rent them. Let’s get started!
  • Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022
  • Walmart offers a rental carpet cleaning service through their Rug Doctor kiosks, which are located at most Walmart locations. The rental of carpet cleaners costs $29.99/24 hours or $39.99 for 48/hours. Additional accessories and carpet cleaning solutions are not included in this price.

  • To learn more about the different models of carpet cleaners Walmart rents, accessories, and more, keep on reading!
  • Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

    What Walmart Locations Offer A Carpet Cleaner Rental?

    Rug Doctor’s dedicated rental site interface allows users to find a range of nearby stores that provide a carpet cleaning service.

    You can use this interface to see if your local Walmart offers a carpet cleaner rental service.

  • Walmart Carpet Cleaning Service: Renting a Cleaner
  • You can now rent one once you find a Walmart with a Rug Doctor kiosk.
  • The kiosk is located near the front desk of the store.

    The Rug Doctor kiosk will have a touch screen that allows you to enter your information, including the name of the cleaner, address, telephone number and phone number.

  • When you are done entering the data, you will be prompted for payment. After payment is successful, you will be able to unlock the kiosk cage and remove the carpet cleaner.
  • Returning A Carpet Cleaner To Walmart
  • Once you are done with the rental, bring the item back to Rug Doctor and provide the same information as when you hired the carpet cleaner.

    The kiosk will automatically unlock after you enter your personal information. You can then return the carpet cleaner to the storage container.

    Walmart provides a variety of models for carpet cleaning.

    Walmart has a wide range of machine options, and each store may have a different selection. However, most Walmart locations offer Rug Doctor models like the Mighty Pro or Wide Track models.

    Rug Doctor’s locater can be used to check if certain locations are offering older models.

    The service also allows users to search for particular models of carpet cleaners.

    Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

    Is there a late fee for renting a Walmart carpet cleaner?

    Walmart charges a late fee to rent carpet cleaners. You have two options: you can rent your machine for 24 hours or 48.

    If the machine isn’t returned within their rental period, then the customer will be made to pay for an extra day, regardless of if that day has fully elapsed yet.

    Does Walmart Rent Or Sell Cleaning Solutions?

    For Rug Doctor to be effective, the machines must have appropriate cleaning solutions. These solutions can be bought within Walmart stores from around $10 to $25.

    Some products focus only on pet stain removal, others are more general. To get the best out of your rental, it is a good idea to know what your needs are in advance.

    Rug Doctor advises Rug Doctor to use their solution brand. But, you can also use other brands or DIY options with these machines.

    Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

    Is it possible to rent extra accessories

    The carpet cleaners can be hired with additional accessories. You can rent accessories that allow you to wash furniture or dry fans for carpet drying.

    Do you think it is better to rent a carpet cleaner than buy one?

    The question of “What carpet cleaner do you intend to use?” can have a profound impact on how the carpet cleaner is used.

    At their most expensive, Walmart sells Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for up to $550, with the lowest price listed on their website at around $150.

    However, if you frequently clean your carpets or need them as part of your business, the investment to purchase may prove worthwhile.

    Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

    Does Walmart Rent Out Steam Cleaners?

    Walmart doesn’t offer rental services for machines and tools used to clean hard floors.

    Walmart stores sell steam cleaners, and they have a wide selection of models. Prices range from $20 to $200.

    You can also rent carpet cleaners at Kroger, Publix and Dollar General.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart does offer a carpet cleaner rental service. While most stores have this option, you can also find the specific stores via Rug Doctor.

    Walmart has a variety of machine rentals that you can rent for 48 hours or more for as little as $40.

    .Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

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