Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

With the average Walmart store built over 180,000 square feet, you’ll likely need a hand locating specific items.

  • Condoms are one item that can be difficult to locate. If you are looking for condoms in Walmart we can help you find them!
  • Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

    Walmart Condoms: Where are they?

    These condoms are often found in Walmart near the men’s razors. Walmart’s stores might stock condoms. In packs of 10, or greater, most Walmart stores carry a variety of brand condoms like Durex, Trojan, Skyn and Durex.

  • Continue reading for more information about how to quickly spot condoms in your Walmart local store.
  • For Condoms, Use the Walmart App
  • If the problem persists with detecting condoms, you can download Walmart + App right to your Android/Apple smartphone.

    To locate the nearest Walmart, just enter your Zip Code. Then type “condoms” in the search field.

    If your selected Walmart has the necessary stock, the App will inform you of exactly which shelf and aisle the condoms are stationed on.

    The App is accessible on all handheld electronics via the App Store or Google Play; so you’ll need to log on to your Walmart account to make use of the feature.

    If this app isn’t right for you many Walmart associates will gladly help you to locate condoms.

    Is There Condoms Available in Grocery Stores & Pharmacies

    Condoms are often found next to men’s shaving cream and deodorant in grocery and pharmacy stores like Walgreens and Meijer. Some shops may store condoms in locked cabinets located behind the counter.

    Our posts include information on the length of Walmart pharmacy prescriptions being held, Walmart accepting Tricare, Walmart taking GoodRx.

    Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

    Walmart sells which condoms

    You’ll find many brands of condoms at Walmart such as Durex and Skyn, Lifestyles and Magnum.

    Many designs are available with the option to use Latex condoms, or Non Latex condoms. A standard set of 10 condoms will cost you $6-9, and a pack of 24 condoms can be purchased for as low as $10.

    If you prefer buying in bulk, Walmart sells sampler packages containing 90 condoms for just $15.49. Walmart provides access to the complete list of available condoms on its website.

    For more hard-to-find items, also see my guides on where to find heating pads and lighters in Walmart and other grocery stores.

    .Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

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