Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards

Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Besides Walmart)

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George, Asda Living





  • Walmart Gift Cards are a fantastic gift option if you’re looking for someone to gift a gift certificate they can use anywhere they like.
  • Where else can you purchase Walmart gift cards? This is what I came up with.

    Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Besides Walmart)

    You can also buy gift cards from Walmart, but not at Walmart.

    Walmart is the only retailer that allows customers to buy Walmart gift cards. Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart so they can only sell Walmart gift cards. Customers can also buy Walmart E-gift cards on directly and send them via email or print off the gift card.

  • Are you looking for information on where to purchase Walmart gift cards. We have all the information you need!
  • Consider getting a Walmart Digital gift card to save money (Save the Trip to The Store).
  • Whilst there are limited places to buy physical Walmart gift cards (Walmart and Sam’s Club), there are other options on where to get digital Walmart gift cards.

    First, visit PayPal to buy a Walmart gift card digitally. This can either be used in-store or online.

    You can purchase a digital Walmart Gift Card and send it to yourself digitally. Once you have done so, the gift card will be available for printing or forwarding to the intended recipient.

  • Alternatively, you can send the digital gift card directly to the email address of the person you would like to give it to!
  • Digital gift cards can also be purchased online or in store and redeemable at Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Sam’s Club.

    They do however have limits as to how much money they can hold ($500 maximum).

    Are Walmart Gift Card Resellers Safe?

    The only authorized sellers of Walmart gift certificates are Sam’s Club and Walmart. However, there may be secondary gift card sellers on other websites like Gyft.

    These gift cards might be fraudulent or not valid. It is best to stay with official Walmart gift card sellers in order to avoid any scams.

    Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Besides Walmart)

    What is the best way to buy a Walmart e-Gift card through PayPal?

    You can purchase a Walmart e-Gift Card via Paypal by going to the PayPal gift cards section. allows you to select how much money, from $10-500, and whether the card is yours or for another.

    If it’s for someone else, simply add their email, put in your name, and write them a short message if you want to, as well as the date you want it delivered.

    You just need to add it to the cart, checkout, and your card will be transferred to the recipient’s PayPal account.

    Additionally, you can also send it to yourself and print it off for a present to a friend or relative.

    Where can I buy Walmart gift cards online?

    If you are looking for a gift card to buy online, there is a choice of either a physical gift or an e gift card. E-gift cards are limited to $500, but physical gift cards may be loaded up to $1000.

    Physical cards will be delivered as normal, but e-gift cards have the advantage of being delivered immediately.

    While there may occasionally be some delays, your wait time should not exceed 4 hours.

    Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Besides Walmart)

    Walmart Gift Cards Can Be Purchased Other Than Canada.

    Walmart Canada Canada Stores have an identical policy for gift cards from Walmart to U.S. retailers

    You can’t buy gift cards at or any other chain.

    Does CVS Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

    CVS has no stores that sell Walmart gift card.

    Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Besides Walmart)

    Walgreens can sell Walmart gift certificates

    Walgreens is not a competitor to Walmart and does not offer Walmart gift cards.

    Walmart Gift Cards Sellable at Gas Stations

    Walmart gift certificates aren’t sold by gas stations. But, gas stations do offer a range of gift cards that are not from Walmart.

    Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Besides Walmart)

    Does Amazon Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

    Amazon doesn’t sell Walmart gift certificates through its ecommerce platform.

  • You can read my full post to find out if Walmart stocks Amazon gift cards and if they are reloadable. Also, learn how you can swap your unwanted gift card on
  • Conclusion
  • Unfortunately, you cannot buy Walmart gift cards at any chain or store besides Walmart itself. Sam’s Club, owned by Walmart, is the one exception. You can either buy gift cards in-store or order them online through either the Walmart or Sam’s Club websites.

    In-store cards are available for any amount up to $5,000, physical gift cards bought online for any amount between $10 and $1,000, and E-gift gift cards for any amount between $5 and $200.

    Does Walgreens Sell Walgreens Gift Cards?

    Walgreens Walgreens can sell gift cards in a variety brands and at more than 9000 locations all across the country. Walgreens Gift cards can be purchased at any Walgreens location in denominations between $5 and $500.

    Walgreens: Where can I buy Walmart gift cards?

    Walgreens has no Walgreens Walmart gift cards. Walgreens competes with Walmart. You can only buy Walmart gift cards directly from any Walmart or Sam’s Club store or order them online through their websites.

    Can You Buy Walmart Cards At Walgreens?

    Does Walgreens Sell Walmart Gift Cards? Walgreens doesn’t sell Walmart gift card because Walmart is its direct competitor.

    Walmart Only Offers Gift Cards

    Wal-Mart Stores Arkansas LLC is responsible for any balances on Gift Cards. Acceptance points. Acceptance locations

    .Where To Buy Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Besides Walmart)

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