Stop Selling Alcohol?

Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

You may not know the exact time Walmart suspends alcohol sales in certain stores. Walmart offers almost any item, with some limitations regarding alcohol sales.

  • So it is sometimes difficult to remember everything about alcohol sales at Walmart locations throughout the US or Canada. Here’s a handy guide that I put together to assist you!
  • What Time Does Walmart Stop Selling Alcohol On Sunday & Other Days?

    It is often unclear when Walmart ceases selling alcohol on Sundays. This means that even though Walmart may sell alcohol on Sundays, you shouldn’t expect it to be available at all times during the day.

    In order to maintain the day of worship as it was in prohibition, the government has tightened regulations on Sunday sales.

    Due to religious implications and societal norms, alcohol sales begin later on Sundays in many areas.

    Sales are generally open after noon in Southern US states, although there is no Sunday sale requirement. These states are also able to sell alcohol at Walmart during listed hours:

  • Delaware (12 pm-8:30 pm)
  • Indiana (12 pm-8 pm)
  • Iowa (12 pm-8 pm)
  • Kansas (12 pm-11 pm)
  • Kentucky (1 pm-2 am)
  • Michigan (12 pm- 2 am)
  • Nebraska (12 pm-1 am)
  • New Mexico (12 pm-12 am)
  • New York (12 pm-9 pm).
  • North Carolina (12 pm-9 pm)
  • Texas (12 pm-12 am)
  • West Virginia 1 pm – 2 am. Beer and wine.
  • There are several states where alcohol is not sold on Sundays.

  • Alabama (certain Alabama counties prohibit alcoholic beverages sales on Sunday)
  • Louisiana (certain Louisiana counties prohibit alcoholic beverages sales on Sundays).
  • Maryland’s Garrett County and Baltimore prohibit Sunday sales of alcohol.
  • Mississippi has no alcohol sales Sunday in the State of Mississippi
  • New Jersey (certain counties ban alcoholic beverage sales on Sunday)
  • Oklahoma: Sunday sales are prohibited in Oklahoma
  • South Carolina (various Sunday alcohol sale restrictions)
  • Tennessee (vintage and liquor sales in Tennessee are strictly restricted Sunday)
  • Utah (no Sunday sales)
  • You can buy alcohol in other states on Sundays and every day, including:

  • Alaska (6:00 am-2:00 am on any given day of week).
  • Arizona: 6 am-2am any day of a week
  • Arkansas: 7 am-1am, though some counties have restrictions or are not open.
  • California (6:00 am-2:00 am on any given day of the Week)
  • Colorado (8 am-12 am any day of the week)
  • Connecticut (8 am-6 pm any day of the week)
  • District of Columbia, (9am-12am every day of a week)
  • Florida: 7 am-12 am on any given day of the Week
  • Hawaii, 6 am-12 pm any day of each week
  • Idaho (6 am-1 am any day of the week)
  • Illinois (varies depending on city guidelines)
  • Maine (9:00-11:00 am every day of a week).
  • Massachusetts (Monday through Friday, 10 am-11pm)
  • Minnesota (11 am-6 pm any day of the week)
  • Missouri (Monday through Friday, 9 am-12 pm)
  • Montana: 10 am-8pm every day of each week
  • Nevada (24-hour alcohol sales seven days a week)
  • New Hampshire: 6:45 am-11.45 pm every day of each week
  • Ohio (5:30 am-1am any day of a week)
  • Oregon (7 am-2:30 am any day of the week)
  • Pennsylvania, 11 am-7 pm every day of week
  • Rhode Island: Open from 9 am to 6pm every day of week
  • South Dakota 7 am-2 am each day of every week
  • Tennessee 8 am-11pm any day of a week. Wine and liquor are not allowed.
  • Vermont 8-10pm every day of a week
  • Virginia (6 am-12 am any day of the week)
  • Washington, 6 am-2 am on any given day of week
  • Wisconsin (6 am to 9 pm for liquor, 6 am to 12 am for beer and wine any day of the week)
  • Wyoming, 6 am-2am any day during the week
  • Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Can I Buy Liquor At Walmart In Texas?

    Many Texans were shocked to discover they could buy their favourite alcoholic drinks at Walmart.

    There are however some limitations that must be understood before purchasing alcohol.

    Walmart customers in Texas have the option to find state-specific guidelines for selling alcohol on Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission’s site.

    It means that establishments can offer beer and wine only at certain times.

  • Monday through Friday, 7 am to midnight
  • Saturday (7 am -1 am)
  • Sunday (noon-midnight).
  • Additionally, a licensee of a beer or wine license can’t sell alcohol with less than 17% by volume at any time on Sundays after 10 p.m. or on other days.

    Walmart does sell alcoholic beverages but its sales of beer and wine are restricted because it holds only a license for beer and wines.

    When does Walmart stop selling alcohol in Oklahoma?

    Oklahoma used to have a law restricting the sale of alcohol that was refrigerated. Groceries now sell beer and wine seven days per week from 6 am to 2 am.

    But, if you want to buy harder alcoholic beverages from liquor stores, you better make it there before midnight as the hours to purchase drinks from liquor stores are between 8 am, and 12 am.

    When does Walmart stop selling alcohol in California?

    California residents don’t have to be concerned about alcohol sales. Walmart is open from 6 am to 2 am.

    Is it possible for Walmart to stop selling alcohol in Virginia at this time?

    Virginia retail stores can offer alcoholic beverages Monday-Sunday from 6am-12am

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    At what point does Walmart cease selling alcohol in Utah

    While you may think a state as deeply associated with religion as Utah would have extremely strict regulations on alcohol.

    The state, however, allows wine and beer with less alcohol than 5% to be sold in supermarkets between 11 am and noon every day.

    Is Walmart going to stop selling alcohol in Florida at any time?

    Florida’s alcohol laws allow for a large window of time to buy alcohol. It is open from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m., seven days a semaine. However, there are limits on how many you can purchase in one sitting.

    That said, state regulations only allow you to purchase 32 ounces at once.

    Can You Buy Alcohol From Walmart On Holidays?

    It is common to host many holiday parties and events that include alcohol.

    It used to be illegal in Tennessee to sell alcohol on holiday. It is now legal to serve alcohol at New Year, Fourth Of July, and Memorial Day parties.

    Just try to stock up on drinks a few days before Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas since the ban is still in place for these holidays.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Is Walmart selling alcohol in Ontario?

    The Ontario government allows beer to be sold in several grocery stores including Walmart since 2016. Walmart Canada also offers beer for sale.

    Groceries may not be closed at all hours like the States, but alcohol sales are limited to certain hours.

    For example, customers can purchase beer at Walmart from Monday to Saturday from 9 am-9 pm and Sunday from 11 am-6 pm.

    There are additional restrictions:

    Singles and 6-packs cannot be bought.

    Beer must be less than 7.1% by volume.

    All sales are restricted to designated beer lines.

    Walmart’s Alcohol Policy

    Along with selling general merchandise, Walmart also sells different types of alcoholic beverages at its stores.

    While many stores are open 24 hours a day, alcohol sales can only be done during limited hours.

    Walmart says that you can buy alcohol in the majority of areas within the United States or Ontario (Canada) on any day of week.

    Yet, alcohol purchases in any other retail outlet are subject to state and local laws.

    Can You Buy Alcohol From Walmart Online?

    Walmart offers legal drinking age for those over 21 years old in the US. You can purchase alcohol via their website and app.

    Online orders that contain alcoholic beverages must adhere to several guidelines.

    For example, before you can schedule a delivery or pickup, the Walmart customer must agree to the online Alcohol Disclosure.

    Furthermore, the Walmart Alcohol Disclosure reads that:

    When picking up or delivering, you need to sign the form and provide proof of age. This includes a driver’s permit, US passports, US Immigrant cards, Tribal ID, Tribal ID, state-issued ID cards and passports.

    Coupons, discounts or other promotions outside of alcohol sales are not available for sales. They are also not tax-exempt.

    Customers cannot make purchases of more than 20 gallons of any combination of alcoholic beverages at one time.

    They will refuse delivery if they believe the customer may be under the influence.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

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