Top 10 Best Playing Cards

Top 10 Best Playing Cards to Buy in 2020

card games games are extremely popular among friends and family, a simple deck offers various gaming possibilities. In addition to fun games, traditional decks are also used by magicians and illusionists to delight people with his tricks! It is essential to consider the material, size and playing style when choosing the best model for you.

To help you choose the ideal deck, we made a guide to everything you should note before buying a deck and ranqueamos the top ten decks available for sale online. At the end of the article, also check out how to play card games. Meet each option and get ready to shuffle your new deck of cards!

How to Choose the Best Deck

The traditional playing card suits follow the standard French, 52 cards, 13 of each of the four suits, plus 2 jokers. If on one hand the decks are standardized, the specifications in the composition of letters and style differentiate each deck option. Next, know the most important features you should consider.

Select the Card Size Right for Your Hand

Top 10 Best Playing Cards To Buy In 2020

The sizes of the conventional cards are known as “poker”, which is 63 by 88 mm, and “bridge”, which is somewhat smaller and measures 57 by 89 mm. Also known as the world standard, the poker cards are the most used in professional gambles and magic tricks. If playing in large groups is an excellent choice for suit different people.

The size bridge may be better for women and children, since they are easier to handle for smaller hands. There are also special shapes of letters, much smaller and larger than standard sizes, quadrangular or round shapes. If looking for an exclusive deck, choose any size or with differentiated and have fun format.

Games Stick with Plastic Playing Cards, Are More Durable

Top 10 Best Playing Cards To Buy In 2020

plastic decks have great slide, are more difficult to knead and still are great for parties with pool and drinks, because they are more water resistant than the decks of paper. So, they are the best option. Of course, not all plastic cards to be wet frequently, but there are options for themselves what they will give you many forms of entertainment.

However, although they are more fragile and eventually end up crushing, watering or even tearing, paper decks are cheaper. In addition, some also have the advantage of textures and reliefs, preferred characteristics for some magic tricks.

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There are also paper options that are coated with special materials that help letters to slide a little more. So if you want to save and choose a deck of paper, be aware of the product specifications, but do not expect high durability. So for plastic decks games are the best option.

The Design Is Important For the Game and Impress

When choosing a deck it is also very important to consider the design. At this point it is important to check two things: artistic features such as color and design; and usability features such as size of the suits. The design style of the letters can be simple or more detailed. There are many models of theme decks and even some that are objects of collection.

If you like unique articles and want to be successful among friends, choose a deck with different design. Golden decks, black or shining in the black light, for example, are a success, but if you do not want to be so radical, you can also opt for decks with custom designs just in back of the cards. They are a great balance between classic and fun!

Be sure also to check the usability of the deck. For seniors and children, large suits make all the difference. Already magicians and illusionists can seek decks easy to read and traditional styles. In any case, choose a deck to impress!

Theme decks are Fantastic for Kids

Participation in games is good for socialization and education of children, so some families may choose to teach about card games. In addition to traditional games, there are card games to stimulate memory, to train basic math, develop logical reasoning and many other things. To arouse the interest of the small, furnished decks are a good option.

Large suits facilitate the identification and reading the letter. In addition, the theme decks with characters and designs are fantastic, can facilitate the assimilation of numbers, suits, names and rules of the game faster and playful way!

Double deck is perfect for Some Games

Some very common games like Swedish hole and require the use of two decks, or 104 cards. So, a tip is to look for the double-deck offers (2 decks). These kits usually have different colors on the back, more traditionally blue and red, facilitating the organization after the game. Moreover, prices are affordable, more advantageous than buying two separately!

Top 10 Best Playing Cards to Buy Online

Now that you know the main points to observe in a deck, see our list of the top 10 decks currently available and buy online now!

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Top 10 Best Playing Cards To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Playing Cards To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Playing Cards To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Playing Cards

World Series Of Poker

Standard Blue / Red

How to Play Truco – Rules

The card games is one of the most popular and fun card games. Played in four people (two doubles), it uses a deck where you must remove the 8, 9, 10 and the jokers, leaving so 40/4. The letters and suits have different values, as can be seen in the table below:

In addition to the table values, there is also a shackle. The shackle is the strongest card in a turn, and it is decided each turn according to the amount of the first letter in turn turn, turn. The shackle always be seen above a value, for example, if the turn is a Q, the shackle will J. J Recalling that sticks is the strongest and the weakest is the diamonds (see table).

At the beginning of the game each player should receive 3 cards. In turn each player discards a card, with the goal of playing the highest card of the round, and the game moves clockwise. Each player plays one card per round and whoever plays the highest card of the round wins. The double winner of two rounds wins the hand, ie 1 point (if no request for card games).

The goal is to get 12 points before double opponent. The game is divided into rounds with three rounds each. Every new turn, new cards should be distributed. Earn up point whenever you win 2 rounds a turn, or in the event of a tie, it follows the rules below:

But now it’s starting the game grace: everything can change with the cry “TRICK”! When a couple asks truco double opponent has three options: accept the card games and make the shift spending to be worth 3 points, ask to bend and make the shift worth 6 points, or ask to leave, giving one point tray to the team he asked truco.

If the dual opposing ask to assert turn 6, you can also accept, ask for the match worth 9 or give up and deliver 3 points the team who requested 6. You can even ask for the shift worth 12 points if the nine points are accepted! Dangerous, is not it? But it shows that it can be very advantageous to bluff, and ask the same card games with bad cards in hand.

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When a pair makes 11 points before the shift starts you can see the letters from his double and decide whether or not to play the turn. If you decide to play, the shift will be worth 3 points, to give up, the other team gain 1 free! It is not allowed to ask for card games in that match.

Throughout the game the double can communicate by signs. The Truco is a very exciting card game, you can bluff and even with weak cards to win the hand or even the match!

In this article, you learned that it is important to consider the material and size of the letters, in addition to the style and number of decks (decks) of each product sale. If you are looking for a deck games or magic tricks are sure to find an excellent option among those listed in our rankings.

Also we learn how to play card games, so go to our list and choose the perfect model to start playing this or other card games!


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