Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

Now that Amazon is an international company with over 100,000 employees worldwide, the company needs its workers to be able to move as well, but does it offer any assistance with relocation?

  • If you are an Amazon employee, the guide will show you what options Amazon has for relocation and also how to make use of them.
  • Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022?

    Amazon provides employee relocation assistance programs that pay between $20K and $40K for moving costs. You can pay fees either in one lump sum or monthly, starting in 2022. The fees are negotiable as part of any new employee’s package. This can cover not only state-to­state but also international relocations.

  • Continue reading if you are a new Amazon employee looking for information on Amazon relocation assistance.
  • Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

    Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance for Employees?

    If you have ever worked for a major company in the US, relocation assistance is probably fairly commonplace for employees transitioning to a new location.

    Amazon is known for offering relocation assistance. Amazon currently offers two types of relocation assistance.

  • Option one: Lump sum
  • Option two: Package for Relocation
  • What Is the Amazon Relocation Assistance Lump Sum?

    This is where employees get a single payment which can be used for any moving expenses.

    Amazon typically charges around $20K for this lump sum, plus some tax benefits.

    Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

    What’s Included in an Amazon Relocation Package?

    Amazon offers relocation packages that pay for the costs of moving and settling in new locations.

    The following are some of the costs covered under the Amazon relocation plan:

  • Travel costs
  • moving costs (moving vans, hiring a moving crew, etc.)
  • temporary home rentals
  • car rental
  • Depending on the distance moved, an Amazon employee receives between $20K to $40k.

    Other than the normal moving expenses such as rent a moving van, this figure also included realtor assistance.

    Renters in high-cost areas, such as Seattle, may have to reduce their rent to save money.

    Does Amazon Pay Relocation Assistance for International Moves?

    Amazon offers relocation help for International mover, in addition and state-to -state moves.

    Ex-employees have reported that Amazon offers assistance with relocation. This includes setting up transportation and scheduling flights to the US.

    Based on your seniority, you may have access to additional cash allowances for other expenses.

    Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

    What Is the Process of Applying for Amazon Relocation Assistance?

    The relocation assistance program requires that new employees ask their employer directly about the offer.

    Many recommend it be in writing so that there is no confusion.

    Relocation packages can be negotiated. Consider your requirements as you relocate and settle into your new home.

    This is a sample of an email that you might send to Amazon recruiting staff regarding Amazon relocation help:

  • Subject: Relocation cost
  • Good morning [Their Name],
  • My excitement is immense to join Amazon’s team and make the move to Frisco. After looking over the associated expenses of the move, unfortunately, I feel $20k will cover it.

    Let’s have a chat about this to go over it and revise. You can let me know what a convenient time is for you and we’ll set up a brief chat.

  • Sincere Regards
  • [Your Name]
  • Amazon Employees Must Pay Relocation Assistance Fees

    Amazon often pays for new employees to relocate with the hope that they will stay for longer periods of time with the company.

    There are situations where employees regret a decision or get fired.

    An employee who leaves their job after a year must pay the relocation fees.

    Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

    Are Employees allowed to ask for assistance with relocation?

    Amazon workers may hesitate to ask for assistance with relocation, however it’s okay to do so if you are in an extenuating circumstance.

    You should keep in mind that relocation aid is included in the employee’s compensation package.

    Amazon seeks highly-skilled workers and is prepared to pay them well as help them travel to work.

    Amazon is eager to recruit new workers and should have no problem asking for worker assistance.

    Remain focused on the facts and only ask for what you are required to do in that situation.

    A move that requires more than $25K of assistance should be approved by the employee. An employee shouldn’t ask $40K to pocket any difference.

    Misuse of funds is far more dangerous than simply asking for money when it’s needed.

    To learn more, check out our posts regarding the Amazon employee program, Amazon discount for employees, and Amazon training program.

  • Conclusion
  • In order to help new employees manage the strain of relocating while beginning a new job, Amazon has developed an employee relocation program to help them with the process.

    With Amazon’s relocation assistance program, several packages are available to help employees cover expenses related to moving.

    .Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

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