The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for the Best Air Fryers (No Oil) in 2020 – Mondial, Philips Walita and More Best Fryers Airfryer (No Oil) In 2020 (Mondial, Philips Walita And More)

Best Fryers AirFryer

If you want to have a healthier diet without giving up fried foods, a deep fryer AirFryer is the solution. With deep air fryers, you can deep fry many kinds of foods without using oil! And the best part is that there are great options from air fryers brands like Mondial, Philco, Phillips Walita and Britain.

The  good air fryer models vary in size, power and usability. To help you choose the best air fryer, we have created a good comprehensive guide full of tips and a ranking of the top 10 models in the market. In the end, you’ll also find tips on how to clean your AirFryer. Do not waste time and check out the best air fryers!

Mondial Airfryer

One of the best home appliances on the market, Mondial air fryer is known for its reliability and reliable features that address daily cooking requirements. They are groundbreaking kitchen appliances known for their health-friendly low fat, no capacity for oil cooking.

Philips  Air Fryer

Philips Avance Collection Airfryers provide you with sophisticated controls to create practically oil-free, great-tasting meals. On the outside and tender on the inside, frying with air makes food crispy without all the grease, mess and odour. Safe dishwasher for quick simple cleanup.

Philips Kitchen Appliances

One of the best home appliances on the market, Mondial air fryer is known for its reliability and reliable features that address daily cooking requirements. They are groundbreaking kitchen appliances known for their health-friendly low fat, no capacity for oil cooking.

Cuisinart AirFryer

The Cuisinart Compact AirFryer is not bizarrely shaped like a massive egg or space capsule, unlike most of these air fryers. Instead it is a large cube of stainless steel that looks like a truncated toaster oven.

The Cuisinart also takes up a bit of countertop real estate while its boxy shape allows it to fit more neatly on a countertop or in a drawer (in spite of its name)



The Cuisinart Compact AirFryer is not bizarrely shaped like a massive egg or space capsule, unlike most of these air fryers. Instead it is a large cube of stainless steel that looks like a truncated toaster oven.

The Cuisinart also takes up a bit of countertop real estate while its boxy shape allows it to fit more neatly on a countertop or in a drawer (in spite of its name)


Learn How the Fryer AirFryer

Fryer AirFryer is an electrical apparatus that uses the hot air flow to fry food


Basically, this type of electric fryer comprises a heater and a powerful fan which puts the hot air to circulate inside the basket and fried foods


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Made for people seeking a healthier diet, the fryer AirFryer keeps sequinhos food and crispy outside


The hot air cooking food inside, thus minimizing the consumption of fats, common in frying  oil


Another advantage is the convenience of use, just put food in AirFryer, adjust the temperature, time and expect to get ready

. Cleaning is also much more practical. In addition, the fryer AirFryer leaves no odor in the kitchen! Find out how to choose your logo below!

How to Choose the Best Fryer AirFryer

The main parameters that you must evaluate to choose an excellent fryer AirFryer are size, power, type and basket size, temperature settings and the presence of extra features and accessories. Sounds like a lot, but just read our tips will be easy!

For couples, Select Models up to 3.2 liters

The capacity of the good internal trays AirFryer range between 2 and 5.5 liters.

It is important to choose an ability to give clearance for the preparation of different amounts of fried foods, but it is not too great because the fryer AirFryer occupies a lot of space and can not fit into smaller kitchens


Couples do well with a deep fryer AirFryer of 3


2 liters, this ability allows fry foods in greater quantities when entertaining guests

. If you live alone and receives sporadically guests, invest in an even smaller AirFryer will do the trick.

As for families with 3 or more people, it pays to buy a larger AirFryer fryer.

After all, it will be used constantly to fry a large volume of food and they can get raw or molengos if put a lot into a small space


The higher the wattage, the faster the preparation!

The power of the fryer AirFryer is directly related to the food preparation speed, if the equipment has high capacity, but low power, can take too long to fry a lot

. Soon, smaller equipment with a higher power results in a faster preparation.

Models up to 3 liters have an average 1400W of power, but larger devices require more power, so they have 1700W or more. So if you want to save time when preparing your food, check the potency of the product.

Choose the type and format Basket

You should also assess the type and basket size, practicality is the main issue, it must be easy to organize the food and clean up after use! Check out what are the key points when making your choice.

In the square baskets it is easier to organize food in a single layer, best way to fry evenly. Moreover, even if you need to put food on more than one layer, squares baskets can be a bit easier to scale the optimal amount.

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The material is common in many non-stick cookware, because it enables the food heated does not stick to the device surface.

In fryers AirFryer the basket nonstick increases the price of the equipment, but offers much more convenience than the cheaper options, wireframe


The wire fences baskets are more difficult to clean, especially after frying meat and foods that can break, because the food sticks more easily

. In addition to soil his unit, the food is still left with an appearance nothing appetizing.

The non-stick baskets, in turn, avoid the extra work and leave the food with more juicy appearance. So, when making your purchase, prefer non-stick baskets with him the food not cutting and non-sticky, and will be much faster to clean after use!

Choose models with temperature need adjustment

One of the main advantages of the fryer is AirFryer versatility, different recipes and food can be prepared. To ensure this, prefer models that allow a greater range of temperatures. Thus, you get more practice or prepare elaborate recipes with ease!

There are many options that varies between 80 ° and 200 °, but there are also designs which lower temperature is 140 °, which can be very high for some recipes. Check also that the AirFryer has overheat protection, it prevents accidents and frying pass the point.

Also check out the Features and Accessories Extras

Details make the difference in AirFryer fryer. Prefer models with timer function, and if it is 60 minutes better because you do not have to worry about the time when frying, just put the food inside your AirFryer the timer warns you when you are ready.

Another difference that can make your life easier, are the models that already have pre-programmed fried food options. These latest models have buttons with pre-programmed frying time for the most common dishes (fries, chicken, etc.), simply click and wait for the magic happen!

Prefer equipment that have plastic tab on the handle button to avoid accidents in time to remove the basket. Currently, some extra accessories are sold part as ways to breads and cakes, as well as partitions to fry two different foods at the same time.

How to Clean Your AirFryer

Cleaning the AirFryer is easy! Let cool and use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the air fryer, if you need to put a few drops of mild detergent. Inside take out the removable parts and pass the cloth inside. In the strength and fan use a brush or sponge to avoid damaging the air fryer.

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Have removable parts can go straight to the dishwasher, if the hand washing own use soft sponges for nonstick without much effort. If the material is wired will give a little more work, rub well with a sponge to get out all the dirt  in the air fryer instant and if you need to use a brush to help!

Now you know how to make fried food a healthier way, with AirFryer you can prepare simple dishes or elaborated a faster and easier way. And best of all, without a smell or making mess in the kitchen!

Certainly one of the options in the top 10 fryers AirFryer listed here is perfect for you. Check our posts about choosing the ideal AirFryer, evaluate the options and make your purchase! Do not forget to share this tip with your friends. Enjoy your food!

Feature Advantage
Boxy shape Fits neatly on a countertop or in a drawer
Hot air flow Minimizes fat consumption
Convenience of use Just adjust temperature and time
Size Choose an ability to give clearance for preparation of different amounts of food
Power Directly related to food preparation speed
Basket Nonstick increases convenience, easier to clean
Versatility Different recipes and food can be prepared
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