How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second, Minute & Hour?

How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second, Minute & Hour?

Amazon, the largest international online retailer with over 100 customers worldwide, is Amazon. Amazon ships millions of packages every day.

  • It is possible you are curious as to how many Amazon orders it receives in order for them to achieve these incredible earnings. We did some research on the topic, and here are our findings!
  • How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second, Minute & Hour?

    How Many Orders Does Amazon Get In 2022?

    On average, Amazon ships 18.5 orders per second and 4,000 orders every minute. Amazon delivers an average of 66,000 orders every hour. Amazon delivers approximately 1.65 million packages each day.

    If you are curious to know how many Amazon customers they have and what type of products they use, or why they trust Amazon so much, then read the following.

    What is the Amazon Ordering Time in Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, and Years?

    It is possible to use Amazon’s shipping data to figure out how many orders it receives. Amazon staff ship over 66,000 orders per hour.

  • It’s about 18.5 orders every second or 1,110 per minute. Around 1.6 Million packages are shipped daily by Amazon.
  • In addition, third-party sellers who sell through Amazon Marketplace receive on average 67 orders every second. This is approximately 4000 orders per minute, and 240,000 each hour.

    How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second, Minute & Hour?

    What Is The Value Of Amazon Orders Every Second, Minute And Hour?

    The value of the orders fulfilled by Amazon is quite staggering. Let’s see the numbers.

    Amazon ships orders totaling approximately $7,300 every second.

  • Amazon sends orders worth $443,000 every minute.
  • Amazon has an Amazon order average daily of over $638 million
  • Amazon has annual revenues of $232.9B
  • What Makes Amazon So Popular?

    Amazon is the number one online retailer by volume and value.

    Customers prefer Amazon based upon trust, price, selection, speed of delivery and benefits from Amazon Prime membership.

    Amazon shoppers love the variety of products online as well as the fast delivery. Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping on many items.

    Amazon has affordable prices that are attractive to customers. In fact, shoppers often begin their search at Amazon to check prices and the range of available products.

    How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second, Minute & Hour?

    What percentage of Amazon customers shop there?

    You can best answer this question by breaking it down into 2 parts: The number of Amazon Prime paid members and visits to Amazon.

    The Amazon website gets billions of visits per year, worldwide. was visited 2.7 billion times in a single month by both desktop and smartphone users.

    Amazon Prime offers its members free shipping, as well as many other benefits. It has over 200 million members worldwide.

    What Do People Order From Amazon?

    Amazon originally sold books. Today, Amazon allows customers to shop online in virtually all of its retail products. It also has its own software and entertainment services.

    The most popular items sold at Amazon include electronics, fashion, and home products.

  • Amazon sellers purchased 44% more electronic products, such as headphones, laptops, and gaming consoles.
  • Fashion, including clothing, shoes and jewelry – bought by 43% of shoppers
  • Amazon buyers purchased kitchen products and other goods in 39% percent of their purchases
  • Amazon Marketplace offers third-party sellers an opportunity to sell their products directly to the vast Amazon customer base.

    How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second, Minute & Hour?

    Who Orders From Amazon?

    Amazon is named as their favorite shopping site by 43% of American teens. Amazon is equally popular with Millennials who shop twice as often as Boomers.

    A majority (or 80%) of Amazon buyers own their houses. Over half of the people who shop at Amazon have annual incomes over $50,000 and nearly half have a college degree.

    What Happens if Amazon’s operations are disrupted?

    Shutdowns can be a major problem for both customers and Amazon as well as third-party sellers. A shutdown of even just a few seconds can result in a huge loss of revenue. was shut down 40 minutes ago. This shutdown cost Amazon $4.8 million.

    For more information on Amazon’s shopping experience, please read the related articles: Amazon shipping so quickly, Apple product purchases on Amazon and Amazon shipping to Mexico.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, shipping around 1.6 Million orders each day. The total value of the orders shipped by Amazon every hour is over 17 million dollars.

    Amazon has gained its market share and revenues by offering customers reliability, convenience, selection, and fast, free delivery.

    Amazon makes how many deliveries per day?

    We deliver 250-300 packages a day. It’s about 200 stops. You can expect to make between 20-30 stops every hour depending upon the weather.

    Amazon does how many sales every second?

    Each second, Amazon records $4,722. They sell approximately $283,000. In an hour that is more than $17 million, those sales amount to $283,000.

    .How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second, Minute & Hour?

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