What Is Amazon Business Prime?

What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

Amazon offers a customized packaged called “Amazon Business Prime” for companies and businesses that need to purchase supplies and equipment on a regular basis.

  • Amazon Business Prime can be a great way for business owners to save money on their commercial Amazon purchases. What I discovered is this:
  • What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    Amazon Business Prime is What In 2022?

    Amazon’s Business Prime membership provides several benefits such as free shipping, various discounts, extended payment methods, no sales tax on certain items, credit cards, Amazon WorkDocs, and more. Amazon Business Prime starts at $69 per year for a single user, or $179 per year for 3 users.

  • If you want to learn more about the membership fees of Amazon Business Prime, what features does it offer, and whether it is worth subscribing to for your business, keep on reading!
  • Amazon Business Prime is Free

    Business Prime is available for free 30 days.

    Users get the full benefits of paid memberships with a free trial subscription.

    To continue using Business Prime, however, after your first month is over you’ll need to pay the monthly subscription fee.

    What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    Amazon Business Prime Costs How Much?

    Business Prime’s annual subscription fees vary depending on how many users you have. Business Prime Duo members with one user start at $69 annually.

    The account’s basic version requires you to subscribe to the Prime service, which costs $188 each year.

    You can also opt for Business Prime Membership ($119 annually) which allows you to have a maximum number of 3 users.

    You will be charged $499 annually for up to 10 users and $1,299 for more than 100.

    If you’re willing to spend $10,000.99 annually, then your company can easily add users to your account.

    Amazon Business Prime: Which Benefits Are There?

    Amazon Business Prime provides a range of benefits and features to subscribers and their businesses.

    To this end, eligible members can get complimentary delivery within one or two days of placing an order.

    Here is a list of some notable features provided to Amazon Business Prime members:

  • Instant Customer Feedback
  • Instant Customer Feedback allows members to access the program. It allows businesses to send surveys through email, mobile apps and websites.

    When purchased without a membership, the prices of different ICF plans range from $0 to $449 per month.

  • Progressive Discounts
  • Business Prime subscribers benefit from special progressive discounts. Your company will pay less per unit as you order more products over the course of a twelve-month period.

    This volume discount does not require that you buy lots of items at once. You will also save space.

    Amazon does not consider the volume of your purchases throughout the year when calculating price drops.

  • It Takes More Time To Pay
  • Some members can pay more quickly for orders. This is a way to increase cash flow.

    Amazon Business customers can still pay in 30 days, but a Business Prime subscription allows for 60 more days.

    Please note, however that eligibility is determined by how many people are on your account as well as the credit history of the firm.

  • You can have better control over your spending
  • A commercial membership provides you extra information on your spending to help you make better decision.

    This allows you to set up rules for your staff that limit the products they can order on Amazon Business and encourage them select types of products.

    These features help prevent excessive spending while enabling you to keep track of your company’s expenses more easily.

  • Amazon WorkDocs – Access
  • Amazon WorkDocs Online Software is part of Business Prime.

    Google Docs’ alternative, this service offers cloud storage with HIPAA-compliant security. Staff members can collaborate to edit and create documents.

    You will need to pay a $5 per-user access fee for WorkDocs if it is purchased separately from Prime.

    What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    Why does Business Prime differ from Prime?

    A Business Membership offers a number of exclusive software and financial benefits that attract commercial subscribers. If you place the same order repeatedly, it will offer discounts.

    However, this subscription lacks the music, video, and grocery features of a standard personal account.

    Business Prime, compared to other memberships, costs $60 more.

    What is the best way to open an Amazon Prime Business account?

    This can be done by opening a Amazon Business account, upgrading to Prime and transferring it.

    Not only can you convert an Amazon Standard account to a Amazon Business membership, but also set up business accounts from scratch.

    Choose the last option to distinguish personal from commercial transactions. Amazon will require you to prove that your company is actually operating.

    What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    What’s the Amazon Business Prime Card and How Does It Work?

    Amazon Business Prime Card: This American Express card is exclusive to Business Prime members.

    Use this card to pay and earn 5 percent off your entire order at Whole Foods, Amazon or other retailers.

    Note that the card has a variable interest rate of 14.24 to 22.24 percent, with a higher rate of 24.99 percent applied to cash advances, according to Investopedia.

    Amazon Business Prime is it Worth It?

    How you use Amazon Business Prime will determine whether or not Amazon Business Prime is right for your company.

    Consider the separate costs of included services and think about how often you order supplies. The cost of these services can be compared with the amount you’ll have to pay for Business Prime.

    A 30-day no-risk trial is available. Track your month’s expenses in order to see if any savings are made.

    Remember that you can get shipping free from some competitors, such as Staples.

    An alternative approach is to evaluate Business Prime against other, commerce-oriented memberships like Staples Plus.

    This program offers one-day shipping at no additional cost, with no minimum purchase, as well as a range of discounts.

    Although it offers fewer benefits than Amazon Business Prime, the price of this subscription is still significantly less than Amazon Prime.

    What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    What exactly is an Amazon BusinessAccount?

    Amazon Business Account is your free account. This account allows you to shop for business products and use Prime Business Prime.

    You can make qualified purchases and not pay sales tax.

    Additionally, you can get discounts on products that are business-oriented, especially if you buy bulk.

    How can I claim Amazon Prime Business Expense?

    It’s generally possible to deduct the annual cost of a subscription from your taxable income in the United States.

    However, this is only permissible if you exclusively use the account for commercial purposes. Be sure to consult the latest IRS rules and speak to a professional tax accountant if you have any questions.

    What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    Can I Change My Amazon Prime Account To A Business Account?

    Although you can add Business Prime Benefits to your personal account through Business Prime Duo subscriptions, you’ll still need a Business accounting (see above).

    You can make any changes by going to Amazon Business. To log in, you will need your Amazon-linked email address.

    Look for the Business Prime logo under “Your Account”, and then click this link. Next, click the link to manage your membership to change it.

    What is the best way to cancel Amazon Business Prime?

    Click the Business Prime logo under “Your Account” if you feel that it isn’t appropriate for you or your business.

    Once you have clicked “Manage”, click the “Cancel!” option. The system will ask you to confirm your decision to cancel the subscription by clicking on this button.

    What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    Can I Get A Refund On My Amazon Prime Membership?

    Some customers qualify for partial or full refunds when they quit, but you won’t be fully reimbursed if you used any of the membership benefits after paying the last fee.

    Purchases that are eligible for free shipping or special discount will be included in this offer.

    It is likely that customers won’t be required to contact customer support to request a refund. However, the site instantly shows any amount due upon cancellation.

    What is Amazon Business Prime Duo and How Does It Work?

    Consider upgrading to Business Prime Duo if you want to enjoy the combined benefits of Amazon Prime and a commercial subscription.

    You can only use this account for one company, making it not suitable to large businesses.

    You’ll pay $110 less for the upgrade than you would for separate personal or commercial memberships.

    What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    Amazon Business Prime Includes Video And Music

    Amazon Business Prime doesn’t offer the same entertainment options as a personal account. You won’t have access to Amazon Music or Prime Video, nor Prime Reading.

    These benefits have been replaced by features that are work-oriented, such as progressive quantity discounts and instant customer feedback.

    Amazon Prime Business Offers Whole Foods

    Unfortunately, commercial subscribers don’t qualify for the Whole Foods Market benefits that members with personal accounts can receive.

    Amazon Fresh deliveries have been stopped for Business Prime users.

    If you already have Business Prime Duo, you will be eligible for all these personal benefits.

    To find out more, you can also read our related posts on Amazon lightning deals, Amazon warehouse deals, and renting movies on Amazon Prime.

    What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

    Conclusion: What is Amazon Business Prime?

    Amazon Business Prime offers a commercial edition of its premium membership. You get lightning deals and quick delivery for no additional cost.

    There are also separate business-oriented features that include progressive discounts, access to WorkDocs, and more detailed spending data.

    Does Amazon Business Have Better Prices?

    Amazon Business has exclusive discounts and shipping offers for members of its business community. offers a way for anyone to buy through a business account.

    How Much Does Amazon Prime For Business Cost?

    Prime Duo business is $69/year. This is for one user only and will require an Amazon Prime membership. The cost of Business Prime Essentials for 3 or more users is $179/year. It includes extra benefits, such as Amazon WorkDocs, Guided Buying, Spend Visibility, and Amazon WorkDocs.

    Amazon Prime Prices to Increase

    New prices for current Prime members will take effect on March 25, 2022 at the renewal date. Upcoming changes include an increase in the Prime monthly membership to $14.99/month; and an increase of $139/year to the Prime annual membership.

    What Makes Prime So Expensive? Inc. AMZN.-3.59% disclosed Thursday that it is increasing the price of its digital-media and delivery services by $139 from $119. This increase was due to “continued expanding of Prime-member Benefits” as well higher transport and wage costs. … Prime remains a bargain, if you use the services often enough.Feb 5, 2022

    .What Is Amazon Business Prime? (Benefits, Price + More)

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