Best Books To Read

Best Books To Read

best books to read

The Phantom Tollbooth

The Phantom Tollbooth is about Milo. A bored little boy returns to his room to discover that there’s a tollbooth. Milo’s car passes through the tollbooth gates and he is transported into the Lands Beyond. This country has living languages in the form of animals, magicians as well as royalty. Milo chases Tock the Watchdog and the hopeless area of The Doldrums. He also overcomes boredom to pursue the Princesses Rhyme, Reason, and brings peace back to the Lands. The Phantom Tollbooth’s uniqueness is not only about its swashbuckling, middle-reader protagonists but also the transformative power that language can have on our lives. When we open a book (or travel through a tollbooth), even the darkest days are transformed into adventure and fun. Rhianna Wise Elizabeth Bishop’s poetry, while loved dearly by her followers, is not well-known. Although she’s one of America’s great talents of 20th-century America, it’s not widely read as often as Whitman and Eliot. This may partly be because her output is so small that her entire collection of poetry books clocks in at 368 pages. It is obvious that she was meticulous with her poetry. Every word is carefully chosen and there is no wasted space or empty words. Her writing is fiery intelligent, striking, unexpected, clearspoken, and filled with imagery both familiar as extraordinary. Bishop’s Poetry is essential reading for everyone who has an interest in literature or poetry. Jill O. Kurt Vonnegut was determined to publish a book all about war. It was a clean book that he wrote about, moving in and out time warps, setting up on Tralfamadore and occasionally landing there, many millions of kilometres from Dresden. He created a masterwork of humor in which every clever, funny moment and every whimsical line is infused with the sadness and starkness of Vonnegut’s atrocities in the very real war. – Gigi L. Before Things Fall Apart was published in 1958, few novels existed in English that depicted African life from the African perspective. And while the book has paved the way for countless authors since, Chinua Achebe’s illuminating work remains a classic of modern African literature. Achebe tells Okonkwo’s story, who is strong-willed and a member of late-19th-century Nigerian villages, using the customs and history passed to him. We are given a peek into the intricate details of village life as well as the complicated social structures. We then see the devastating effects of European colonization on the region and on Okonkwo himself, whose rise and fall become intertwined with the changing power dynamics. People who want to understand the complexities of civilized life and culture clashes better should read Things Fall apart. – Renee P. To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic book that almost everyone has enjoyed, but it remains subversive to society’s status quo. Scout, a teenage girl who is the central character of the novel, has her father removed from the equation. A power structure which still prevails in most towns where white males control every aspect of lives, and that even members of that group that want to do something noble, like Scout’s Father Atticus can’t defeat that flattening wave. This book is a must-read for all Americans until that system changes. – Lizzy A. We all hold our favorite childhood books dear, but there’s a reason Where the Wild Things Are is one of the most beloved picture books of all time. The book is all about Maurice Sendak’s imagination, his poetry sparse, and his whimsy. It’s also about Sendak’s exquisitely detailed illustrations that depict the wonder of nighttime wild rumpus as well as the graceful fiendishness wild animals who grunt their horrible teeth and roll their eyes. Most importantly, I believe it’s because beneath the endless (yet perfectly bounded!) inventiveness of Sendak’s world we see and can remember what it was like to be a kid. – Gigi L. Known for his beautiful, haunting, lyrical, and at times funny surrealistic stylings, Haruki Murakami is one of the most beloved Japanese authors in the Western world. Although infused with the pop culture of the West, his writing remains at its core firmly rooted in Japan. His writing is modern, but he draws on Japan’s history while digging deep into Japanese culture. Murakami is at his best in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. It’s a sprawling, dreamlike mystery that’s filled with surrealist dreams. The novel, which is considered his finest work, tackles many themes such as love and loss, consciousness and World War II. This multilayered, intricate tale will be a delight to readers. – Jen C.
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best books to read

Kate Quinn: “The Rose Code.”

best books to read

“One Last Stop” By Casey Mcquiston

best books to read

Jenny Lawson – Broken in the best possible way

best books to read

“Last Call: A True Story Of Love, Lust, And Murder In Queer New York” By Elon Green

Amazon’s “Last Call”, a true crime novel about the Last Call Murderer, a New York-based serial killer targeting gay men during the 1980s, 1990s. Despite its horrific murder rate and AIDS epidemic, the Last Call Killer is mostly forgotten. This book chronicles the decade-long hunt for the murderer, while sharing stories about the victims and the perseverance of the gay community.

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best books to read

Here’s a list of 8 books that you need to read this October

These are the best new books this month, which dive deeply into various topics. Amor Towles is back in October, as well as John le Carre’s posthumous novel. There’s plenty to read this month, including thought-provoking fiction, fascinating examinations of fictional relations, and much more. Check out these top books for October.

Andrea Elliott: Invisible Child: Survival, Hope, and Poverty in an American City. Andrea Elliott is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who tells the story of a little girl’s journey to adulthood against the grim backdrop of New York City’s homelessness crisis. Invisible Child covers almost 10 years of Dasani Coates’ life. It begins in 2012, when Dasani was 11 and lived in Brooklyn’s shelter. As Dasani grows up, she must choose whether her family will remain intact or if she should go to boarding school. Elliott’s story is a intimate look at poverty and racism in America. It also shows the young woman’s resilience.

The Invisible Child is now available at Bookshop Amazon. The Memo was created by Minda Harts to help women of color navigate their career paths. Her follow up is a self-help book tailored for the same readership, this time offering actionable advice on how to heal from racial trauma that occurs in the workplace. Incorporating guidance from therapists and faith leaders, Harts takes a comprehensive look at what this trauma can look like and provides strategies for how to talk about it. Harts also shares strategies for women of colour to be successful in the workplace, and he goes beyond how to heal.

Bookshop Amazon Sankofa Chibundu Onuzo (Oct. 5, Anna discovers some interesting things about her father while going through the belongings of her mother. He has never been a part of Anna’s life. It is revealed that his student diaries show his involvement with radical politics in London during the 1970s. She learns that he became the president of a country in West Africa and that he’s still alive. Anna is in a personal identity crisis and the revelations come as her daughter grows up and she no longer has her husband. Author Chibundu Onuzo offers a stirring narrative about family, our capacity to change and the need to belong.

Sankofa on Bookshop Amazon. Amor Towles, June 5, 1954. Emmett Watson is 18 years old and has just been released by a juvenile workfarm. Involuntary Manslaughter was his sentence for 15 months. Watson has returned to Nebraska where he will pick up his small brother. The goal is to make a fresh start in California. But the brothers’ plans are quickly thwarted by the surprise arrival of two escaped inmates, and soon the group is instead off to New York City. The Lincoln Highway is a flipping story that takes place in just 10 days. It showcases Amor Towles’ talent as an author of Rules of Civility and A Gentleman in Moscow. He guides the reader through a captivating cross-country road trip.

Jay Caspian Kang, author and editor of The Lincoln Highway, reviews the isolation that Asian Americans experience. The son of Korean immigrants, Kang combines his personal family history with deft reportage in a provocative and sweeping examination of racial identity, belonging and family. “America has only two races: Black or white,” Kang writes. John le Carré’s novel, “Everyone is part of one demographic group or another.” It arrives almost a full year after his passing in December 2020. John le Carré promises that this thriller will be the perfect ending to his 60 years as an espionage writer. Silverview is the classic le Carre spy novel. The story tells how a bookeller from an English coast town becomes unnerved when a visitor comes to his shop. This person knows too much about his family’s history. London: A potential leak is reported to the spy chief in London. He arrives at the same beach town. The story unfolds as a tale of loyalty, surveillance and betrayal.

Buy Now: Silverview on Bookshop Amazon The Days of Afrekete, Asali Solomon (Oct. 19) In Asali Solomon’s searing satirical novel, two middle-aged Black women who dated in college are thrown back into each other’s orbits after losing touch for years. Following the failure of her husband’s white bid for state legislative office, Liselle plans a dinner party. He might be indicted on corruption charges and she is compelled to ask questions and leave a message for Selena her ex-lover, who lives just across the road. Solomon can switch between past or present. Through describing her time with Selena, Solomon questions how these women have experienced their intimate moments.

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