Top 10 Best Bases Powder In 2020 (Mac, Shiseido And More)

Top 10 Best Bases Powder In 2020 (Mac, Shiseido And More)

Top 10 Best Bases Powder in 2020 (MAC, Shiseido and more)

How about facilitate routine with a powder foundation? Super practical, they are indicated for those with combination skin, or oily, and so it needs a touch more sequinho and dull face. In compact and loose powder versions, they offer natural and good uniform coverage, perfect for day to day.

Choose the best powder foundation is not difficult, just keep an eye on the color, the ingredients of the formula and texture to raze the purchase. Developed by brands like MAC, Who said Berenice? and Clinique, check out the best products in our top 10 best bases in powder and get ready to impress!

For what skin type is the Powder Base Indicated?

Top 10 Best Bases Powder In 2020 (Mac, Shiseido And More)

The base powder is perfect for those with mixed or oily skin, as it has a very natural finish and sequinho that helps contain oils, because the powder has a strong absorption power. This type of base that prevents drips makeup throughout the day and is super easy to reapply.

Who likes very natural makeup for the day to day can bet the powder bases, as they unify the skin and provide a lighter finish. young and with few imperfections skins also fit very well with this kind of base, which gives effect to the matte look.

But stay tuned and do not confuse conventional powders with powder bases. The powders serve to set the makeup and remove the facial shine, as the bases can be used alone to form the make, since they have good adhesion to the skin and cover most effective way of the spotting.

How to Choose the Best Base Powder

With so many options available, choosing the best basis can be a challenge, is not it? The main step is to set the color, considering his tone and undertone skin, but also evaluate the ingredients of the formula, texture and sun protection, so you will have at hand a complete choice!

Prefer Base in Powder Compact for Day by Day

Top 10 Best Bases Powder In 2020 (Mac, Shiseido And More)

Although most bases are powder compact, there are also options with loose powder. The compact bases are more practical in both the time of application, such as to carry the bag and give one touched up during the day. They provide natural cover, great for day to day.

As for the loose powder foundations allow the construction of multiple layers, so you decide the coverage you want dosing the amount of product applied. But if you need to take the base in the bag, put on a makeup case, because if open, you prevent the loose powder from spreading everywhere.

Most powder bases guarantee a light and natural finish, matte effect, so are indicated for use during the day. Depending on the application and product you can best cover facial imperfections, but be careful not to overdo the amount of dust!

Choose the base that most closely approximates the tone and undertone of your skin

Top 10 Best Bases Powder In 2020 (Mac, Shiseido And More)

This is the main challenge in choosing the base, right? To be sure, do the test in a store before buying online. You can also use the site. Just tell the base that you already use it tells you what the name of the same tone in more than 200 other brands! It has up to national brands!

The undertone of the skin can be yellow, pink or neutral and also helps to set the correct color. Identify the undertone is pretty simple: observe the color of forearm veins if they are greenish, your undertone is warm, if bluish, your undertone is cold. Use a base with the same undertone of your skin.

Each brand has a way to identify the undertone of their products. If you have warm undertone and are buying a base of Shiseido, she should have the Ocher word in the name. If the MAC will have a name with NC. Before buying, make sure the brand you chose uses a different nomenclature.

Opt for Bases Minerals and Organic Skin Care for

Top 10 Best Bases Powder In 2020 (Mac, Shiseido And More)

As you already know, powdered bases are well sequinhas, so a good tip is to opt for minerals, organic and natural bases, composed of ingredients that contribute to skin care. Free of synthetic components, these databases offer many benefits to the skin.

Be hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils or mineral components, such base, in addition to fulfilling its role in the makeup, also treats the skin, providing moisturizing and even sun protection for the face. So if you want a quality product check the ingredients of the formula.

For Use During the day, Prefer bases with Sunscreen

Top 10 Best Bases Powder In 2020 (Mac, Shiseido And More)

Bases with a sun protection factor are great to help protect the face from UVA and UVB rays, is good that the product offers at least SPF 15 to use day. These are recommended for people who do not have direct contact with the sun, as those who work in offices or at home.

But if you are directly exposed to sunlight, such as on the beach, the ideal is to apply sunscreen before makeup to ensure greater efficiency in the defense against its harmful effects. Did you know that over time, the sun can contribute to premature aging of the skin? Take care!

Top 10 Best Bases Powder

Check out the following our ranking with the top 10 basic options in the market powder, which includes domestic and imported brands, and take time to make your choice. Check the benefits and colors available to take home a great product and let your natural look even more incredible.

Comparison Chart of Top Bases Powder

Base Powder Studio Fix

Base em Po UV Protective Compact Foundation FPS35

Based on Mineral Powder Original

Base Powder Beyond Perfecting Concealer +

Base em Po Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation

Based Water Proof Compact Powder

Based on Organic Compact Powder

Base Powder Hydra Touch

Base em Po Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup

How to Apply Base Powder?

light and natural finish or high coverage? That’s the answer you should have before deciding how to spend the powder base. The recommended is to apply this type of base with a sponge, which often already included with the product, because with it you can standardize the face thoroughly.

For a natural and very light effect, soak the sponge before application and apply the powder in circular motions all over the face of the extension. If you prefer to use more product to create layers and improve the correction of minor spotting, use a dry sponge, or kabuki brush.

Remember that as the powder base is more sequinha, the ideal is to clean your face and use a good moisturizer before applying the product, so you ensure that your makeup stay super beautiful, without drying, or will crease during the day.

Tal Check also the Perfect Accessories for Make?

Sure to make a perfect make-up, as well as a great base, you need to ensure you are using the correct accessories for the application, does not it? So enjoy our indications of the best makeup sponges and fine brushes for the application of the base, you’ll love it!

There you go, now you know how to make the best buy. Adopt powder foundation can be a great solution for the day-to-day, after all it is very practical and ensures a matte finish and natural. Who have oily or combination skin, also already know that you can get good income from this product.

If you know someone who loves makeup, but still does not know the great benefits of powder foundation, share our article and help more women to have a clean and simple look to do. And do not forget to check out the top 10 powder bases apart for you. See you!