Top 10 Best Chocolate Drinks In 2020 (Galak, Nescau, Toddy, And More)

Top 10 Best chocolate drinks in 2020 (Galak, Nescau, Toddy, and more)

A cup of hot chocolate appeals to almost everyone, after all, has a great taste combined with an incredibly creamy texture! Be cool or warm drink that is great to take at any time of day. Helps restore the energy in the afternoon gives place to start the day and still warm in the winter!

Brands such as Linea and Nestle have amazing options, from the healthiest rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals to unusual versions such as white chocolate. To learn how to choose be sure to check our tips below and then check the ranking of the top 10 chocolate drinks. In addition, we also comment on the question that remains: Toddy or Nescau? Check out!

You know what’s chocolate drink?

Top 10 Best Chocolate Drinks In 2020 (Galak, Nescau, Toddy, And More)

The chocolate is a product that is based on cocoa, however, despite being the main ingredient, it is not the only one. The product also has several other elements. The healthier versions, for example, have a formula with about 35% cocoa powder and the remainder protein, vitamins and minerals.

These healthy options also do not have sugar in their formulas. Usually they are sweetened with stevia, xylitol and erythritol. And for those looking for a product even more pure, there are those that are developed only with organic ingredients.

However, it is very important to pay attention to the nutritional information of chocolate, as some versions have very little cocoa, few vitamins and sugar and additives. Ie they are not nutritionally interesting. So you can choose the best chocolate will give some tips!

How to Choose the Best chocolate drink

We explain below how to choose the perfect chocolate. Are tips that will help you find the perfect version for your day to day!

Opt for chocolate drinks Healthier and Rich Nutritionally

Many chocolate drinks are not interesting for health, so below show you how to find those that have good nutritional values!

The use of sugar, according to several studies, is associated with several ailments, including diabetes, obesity, decreased concentration and even anxiety. As the chocolate is usually a drink ingested daily by their fans, the best solution is to opt for versions with sweeteners.

But be careful! Some sweeteners can be even worse than sugar. The safest are xylitol and erythritol, both sweeten well, have few calories and not increase glucose levels in the blood. The same with stevia that also promotes health benefits.

Cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate products, offers many benefits to the body, such as improved mood, is iron fountain and a powerful antioxidant. However, it is even better if it is organic, because organic foods are grown without pesticides, substances that can harm health.

Not to mention that, when choosing an organic chocolate, not just the cocoa that makes up will be organic, but also all the other ingredients in its formula. Therefore, it is a much healthier option for those who want to take this drink daily.

Top 10 Best Chocolate Drinks In 2020 (Galak, Nescau, Toddy, And More)

Many brands produce chocolate milk with very little amount of cocoa, which is not anything interesting for the consumer, since this should be the main ingredient of the drink. The worst thing is that when this happens, instead of cocoa brands use chemical additives, thickeners and sugar.

That is, this type of chocolate is a ultraprocessado product that does not have sufficient amount of cocoa to flavor chocolate to drink. What’s more is harmful to health, as the amount of chemical additives have. So always opt for products with at least 30% cocoa.

Top 10 Best Chocolate Drinks In 2020 (Galak, Nescau, Toddy, And More)

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients essential for maintaining the body. They act in heart rhythm, the brain function, among others. Vitamin A, for example, is great for the skin and vision, since C is an antioxidant and protects the heart. It also has calcium, essential mineral for the bones.

Already proteins participate in almost every cell of the body processes. They help in the production of hormones, neurotransmitters and antibodies in building muscle and more. So to that chocolate offers you even more benefits, opt for enriched with these elements.

Check the ingredients list if You Have Food Restrictions

Many people are allergic and intolerant to certain ingredients. If this is the case, check out how not to run the risk of buying an inadequate chocolate!

Top 10 Best Chocolate Drinks In 2020 (Galak, Nescau, Toddy, And More)

Wheat, milk, soy and oil are some of the foods that cause most allergies or intolerance. However, it is very common to occur in chocolate drinks what we call “cross-contamination”, that is, the presence of gluten, lactose and others in foods that are not originally made with wheat, milk etc.

This can occur in various ways, for example, harvesting, storage, transport or food handling area. So it is very important to pay attention to the label information, opting for those who, in fact, are free of such substances.

Top 10 Best Chocolate Drinks In 2020 (Galak, Nescau, Toddy, And More)

The love for chocolate is almost unanimously, but even enjoying many people can not consume because they are allergic. So some companies have created a kind of chocolate “fake” made with carob, ingredient that has similar flavor to the chocolate.

In addition to the flavor, carob offers many health benefits, as well as cocoa. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, A and C, besides being an excellent source of fiber. Not to mention that carob is caffeine free, so if you are not allergic to cocoa, but seeks a non-stimulant drink, bet on it.

White chocolate is an Option for Those Who Like to Innovate

Unlike the traditional chocolate, the main ingredient of chocolate white, as its name suggests, is the white chocolate. So if you’re a fan of this type of chocolate, you can not fail to try this version. The preparation is super simple and it works the same way that black chocolate.

It is worth noting, however, that in addition to the white chocolate is sweetened with sugar, is not made with cocoa. This is because white chocolate, ingredient main of this product is made with cocoa butter, fat one obtained when the fruit is pressed.

In addition to sugar and cocoa butter, there is the added milk and vegetable fat. Thus, although tasty, it is ideal to enjoy it in moderation!

Top 10 Best chocolate drinks

Now that you know how to choose a chocolate, it’s time to check the most interesting options in the market. Check from now the top 10 chocolate milk!

Table Comparison Best chocolate drinks

Bullet Cream chocolate drink with Met

Chocoki chocolate drink VITAMINS

Chocolate Protein Powder with Whey

Organic chocolate Powder

Powder chocolate flakes Crunchy

Chocolate powder in Alpine

Galak chocolate White Chocolate

Toddy chocolate milk or: What is the Best?

Hard to talk about chocolate drinks without Nescau or Toddy come to mind, does not it? Despite the high amount of sugar that make them a drink to be taken sporadically, can not but admit that they are very tasty. Soon, we can not mention them! But what then, what is better?

Well, nutritionally the two are equivalent, what differs is the taste. Toddy has a sweeter taste. In addition, a very unique feature of this product are not dissolved balls he leaves on the surface of the drink. Some hate, but there are those who love it!

Nescau already has a more concentrated flavor, not to mention leaving the darker drink than Toddy whose color is clarinha. It is also worth noting that both have a fair amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as lights versions and pricing. Be sure to try!

Curiosity: What’s Ovaltine?

The Ovaltine is a very popular drink in our country. Nevertheless, there are many questions around it and not many people know the product is chocolate or not. Well, yes Ovaltine is ranked as the chocolate, but its formula is a little different from traditional versions.

Originally it consisted of malted barley, eggs, milk, vitamins and minerals. However, in 2017 the brand made major changes in the formula of version “crunchy flakes”, making it vegan. Currently it consists of cereal extract (barley malt), cocoa powder, cinnamon, vitamins and minerals.

A legal curiosity is that the “crunchy flakes” version is sold only in Brazil. That’s because when the product arrived in the country in 1946, Brazilian machines do not completely dissolve the ingredients, leaving some crunchy flakes. Cool huh?

Also Check Other Drinks Indications Delicious

In addition to chocolate, you can choose to vary a bit and have a coffee. It is as tasty as also gives energy, as well as chocolate drinks, instant versions have. Click the link below and find out which is best for you!

There are many choices of chocolate milk, does not it? It has with vitamins and minerals, protein and even white chocolate. But always remember to give preference to those that are sweetened with stevia, xylitol or erythritol, okay? If the product is organic, even better!

Be sure to check the ingredients of the product if you are intolerant or allergic to any substancia.Se you have allergies to cocoa, carob option will help you kill the chocolate will. Following all of these tips you are sure to find the perfect chocolate for you!