Top 10 Best Easter Eggs Kids

Top 10 Best Easter eggs Kids to Buy in 2020

It came one of most anticipated times of the year for the pile: Easter! This season is special because besides the families to meet and exchange gifts is a magical moment for the little ones. After all, what child does not like to follow the paws Bunny to find your egg this?

And that magic is guaranteed, you need to hit the choice of egg. It has several drawings as egg Watch Dog, LOL, Ben10, Spiderman, and even Frozen PlayStation. It is so much choice it’s hard to choose! Thinking about it made this guide with tips on how to choose your and also prepared a ranking of the top 10 to buy eggs this Easter. Be sure to check!

How to Choose the Best Easter Egg Child

Amid the many choices of Easter eggs it is difficult to decide which is best for each child. Factors such as the type of chocolate, toast that comes in the egg and weight should be taken into account in the decision. Next, check out our tips on how to choose the perfect Easter egg for small and set in choosing!

Prefer Milk Chocolate

Top 10 Best Easter Eggs Kids To Buy In 2020

most common types of chocolate are: milk, bitter and half white. Dark chocolate can be very strong to the palate of children, who generally prefer the chocolate sweetie. Already white chocolate usually please the children’s taste, but as has high rates of milk and sugar, is less healthy than other types of chocolate.

Therefore, the milk chocolate is the most appropriate for this age group: it is sweet enough and healthier than white. As you will notice when analyzing the products, most of the children’s Easter eggs are made with milk chocolate, and if you want another type of chocolate, you may have difficulty in finding children’s versions – those that come with free gifts. So it’s best to avoid.

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Choose eggs with less than 150g

Top 10 Best Easter Eggs Kids To Buy In 2020

There is no denying that chocolate is a delight, but it can also be a villain to health if consumed in excess. And when it comes to children, care should be even bigger! In Easter season, it is common that children make a lot of chocolate and end up exaggerating the amount.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose chocolates with less than 150 g, to avoid excessive consumption of sugars that period. Some eggs options have only 80 g or 90 g, which can be more interesting, especially for children who earn more than this one egg.

Toast is the Most Important Part! Give preference to Toys

When choosing an easter egg for a child it is best to give preference to those with toys as a gift. First because, for children, the toy is usually more important than the chocolate itself. Second, because the options that come with chocolate inside end up being less healthy as they have one more sweet for the child consume.

Also, unlike the chocolate that ends quickly, the toast can enjoy the child for much longer. Some brands are so interesting and durable gifts that can come to last for years in the hands of children. So when choosing the toast also consider the quality of the product, the more resistant, the longer it will last!

Choose Egg Favorite Children’s Drawing

Most children’s Easter eggs are themed and inspired by cartoons or children’s movies. It Spiderman Easter egg, Frozen, LOL, Paw Patrol and more! If the child you will gift has a favorite character, check if there are any egg design, this is a surefire tactic to the child like this.

And for this year 2020, check the eggs Kinder and Delicce, they have a huge variety of various movies and cartoons eggs. Also check the egg Playstation, a novelty launched by the US this year and is doing very well among video game fans.

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Check If the child has any dietary restrictions

Although not the case with most children, is a very important factor to be considered in choosing the easter egg, because some children have dietary restrictions and can not consume traditional chocolates. The main restrictions for chocolate are: lactose, gluten and sugar. In such cases, it is essential to choose an alternative product.

Few brands offer chocolate eggs with these differentials, but some already do this and the best: with exclusive models for children, with colorful gifts and packages inside the egg!

Top 10 Best Easter eggs Kids to Buy Online

To help you in choosing the children’s Easter egg in addition to the tips in the previous section, we have prepared a ranking of the 10 best products. Here you can check out the features of these products, the average price and even some suggestions store to buy them. Choose your logo!

Top 10 Best Easter Eggs Kids To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Easter Eggs Kids To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Easter Eggs Kids To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Children’s Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Surprise

Easter Egg Playstation

of Frozen Easter Egg

Easter Egg Ben 10

Easter Egg Spiderman

Easter Egg Patrol Canine

Easter Egg Divikids Gluten Free

Easter Egg White Tortuguita

Tal an Egg For You Too? See our selection for Adults

Who says only kids like to receive Easter eggs? There is a huge variety of eggs to adults with delicious goodies! Check out the link below our selection of eggs to adults and know what the perfect egg for you.

We know that choosing an easter egg is difficult, too many choices, with different values ​​and characteristics. To ensure that small like a lot of this this Easter, it is good to check the options and buy the most suitable for each child – nothing better than to see his eyes shining when they receive the egg, is not it?

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In this text, we explain what is important to consider when choosing an Easter egg and also did a ranking of the top 10 products for this year! We hope to have helped and want a delicious Easter for your whole family.

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