Top 10 Best Fans

Top 10 Best Fans to Buy in 2020 (Arno, Mondial and more)

The column and table fans are the most affordable way to refresh the environments of your home during the summer, but how to choose the best for you? There are dozens of brands and models on the market which vary in height, number and size of blades, engine power, air flow rate, among other features.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to consider when buying your fan. Also, for convenience, we also prepared a ranking of the top 10 market fans. In it you will find great brands like Arno, Mondial, Mallory and Britain. Keep reading and keep your home always freshly baked!

How to Choose the Best Fan

Knowing how to choose a fan is essential to ensure the comfort of your family during the summer. Below is everything you need to consider when buying.

Table or column? Choose agreement with the Environment You Want to ventilate

Top 10 Best Fans To Buy In 2020 (Arno, Mondial And More)

Among portable fans, there are basically two types: the table and column. The main difference between them is the height at which your propeller is. In column fans, the propeller is approximately at face level of a person sitting on a couch and, in general, this height can be adjusted. In the table, the propeller is at a fixed height, and much closer to the ground.

To compensate for this difference, many desktop models allow tilting the head of the fan up, causing the wind reach higher ground. The problem is that not always fit is easy, which makes many people prefer to support table fans on furniture, to make them taller.

However, this is only necessary if you need to ventilate crowded places or furniture that could block the wind passage. Otherwise, table fans the not fall short and they still tend to be lighter than the column, which makes it much easier if you need to change it from room frequently.

In summary, table fans are more suitable if you need to ventilate areas close to the ground or if you need to move it very often. Also, they are perfect for airing closely because you can support it even on his desk, facing you. As for the column will be useful to ventilate the room as a whole without the disturb furniture.

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For Rooms spacious, prefer or paddles 40 cm +. Distribute them better the Wind!

The propeller fans most market is between 30 and 50 cm in diameter, which is sufficient for air-conditioning rooms between 10 and 20 m². Models with shorter blades, with less than 40 cm, are set to refresh a few people, as they form a more concentrated wind, which gives the feeling that there is more wind and ends up more refreshing.

As for the models with blades of more than 40 cm, distribute the wind more and therefore are suitable for when you wish to refresh the environment as a whole. However, as the wind gets distributed, these models do not give a feeling of freshness as intense as those with smaller propellers.

Moreover, in general, the greater the length of the blades, the more work the engine must do to turn them. So, especially at higher speeds, larger fans tend to be louder than the smaller. It is important to take this into account, too!

Check the Air Flow. The Most High, More Wind!

Top 10 Best Fans To Buy In 2020 (Arno, Mondial And More)

The air flow refers to the volume of air that is moved by the fan and is the most important factor to ensure you do not pass heat. It is expressed in m / s and depends primarily on three factors: number of blades, the blade size and engine power. Although many manufacturers do not leave this clear, it is always present in Inmetro-Procel seals, check!

Do not forget that high power does not always mean more wind. So always check the fan air flow. Also note that it varies with the chosen operating speed but in Inmetro’s seals the value shown is the air flow at maximum fan speed. Most models have flow between 0.6 and 1.2 m³ / s. The higher, more wind. Keep an eye!

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Beware the Energy Account! Prefer models with Seal The Procel

Although fans do not consume a lot of electricity, on hot days, often let them connected throughout the day and night. Thus, there may be a significant increase in the value of your energy bill. A fan with a power of 100 Watts, used 12 hours a day, for example, can mean a monthly expenditure of more than R $ 30 reais, depending on where you live.

But do not be discouraged! There are fans that even with low power have a good flow of air! These fans have good energy efficiency, that is, their energy expenditure is low relative to the amount of wind produced. To identify these models is easy: they are rated A in the Procel seal! There are also models with high power and label The Procel, these are the most ventam!

Stay tuned! Most has three propeller fans rotation speeds at each speed and the energy expenditure and the air flow changes. Therefore, Procel has an energy rating for each speed. Ideally, choose a device with the classification in three speeds!

Avoid Accidents! Always check the voltage

Top 10 Best Fans To Buy In 2020 (Arno, Mondial And More)

You can find fans bivolt in the market, but the vast majority still works only in 110 or 220 volts. If you plug a device into an outlet 110 volts 220 volts, the unit will burn and you’ll be at a loss. If you do the opposite, usually only the wind will be weaker, but this is not the rule. So be careful and buy a device with the correct voltage for your home.

For More Comfort, Prefer Fan with Remote and Timer

Top 10 Best Fans To Buy In 2020 (Arno, Mondial And More)

The remote control is a rare commodity in column and table fans, but it can be worth much worth. It serves to ensure your comfort, as it allows you to turn on and off the device and also change its speed away. So, you do not have to get off the couch in the middle of the game and risk losing the goal of your team just to increase the wind in the room.

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In addition to remote control, another interesting practicality that some models feature is the timer function. With it you define how long the fan turn itself off. It is very useful to save energy without harming your thermal comfort. On cooler evenings, for example, you can sleep with the fan on and program it to turn off at dawn, when the temperature usually drops.

The cool thing is that some remote controls also allow you to set a timer! So if a quiet night’s sleep is essential for you, take the remote control and timer into account at the time of your choice. Nothing better than spending an entire night sleeping snug without lifting, is not it?

Top 10 Best Fans to Buy Online

Now that you know everything that a good fan should have, see the ranking of the top 10 fans to buy online. Remember our advice and choose the best for you.

Top 10 Best Fans To Buy In 2020 (Arno, Mondial And More)

Comparison table of the Top Fans

Table fan Silence Force Touch Control

Silence Force Table fan

Column Air blower timer TS +

Column fan Delphi TS +

Olimpo table fan TS 40

Table Turbo Fan Silence MAXX 40 cm

Ventilador Turbo Tech VT-CR-41-6P

Table Fan Maxi Power V-45

Ventilador Premium Black 30 cm NV-32-6P

Turbo 40 Stainless Column fan

Have you chosen which of the 10 fans is the best for your family? Remember that for large environments with more than 20 m², it may be necessary to put more than one device to ensure that the whole environment becomes fresquinho.

In our ranking, we compare models have in common durability, efficiency and design. Certainly one of them is the best choice you paw. So do not waste time and immediately buy your own!

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