Top 10 Best Geriatric Diapers In 2020 (Intima Clothing Disposable Too!)

Top 10 Best Geriatric diapers in 2020 (Intima Clothing Disposable too!)

The diapers make life easier for elderly or adults suffering from urinary incontinence or disabled. Therefore, comfort, absorbency and diaper materials need to be good enough to provide security to these people.But you know how to choose the best diaper?

To help you in this task, we analyze the products of the market, taking into account renowned brands such as Tena, Confort and BigFral. So we did a ranking of the 10 best adult diapers to buy. You want to know what is the best for your family? Continue reading this article!

How to Choose the Best Diaper Geriatric

Before choosing a diaper, you need to know the factors that provide comfort to the user. In this section we will discuss the best material, an appropriate size, body fit and absorbent capacity of the diaper. Want to know more? Then follow!

Common diaper or Dressing? Choose For User Needs!

There are two types of disposable diapers, and it is important that you know the two for you to choose the most appropriate. The way they dress, the type of adjustment to the body and the statement items are decisive for choosing the ideal diaper. See below:

Conventional diapers are those tapes with adjustment at the waist. They are indicated for bedridden or handicapped people because without great difficulty can be worn even if the user is lying down.

Unlike diapers dressing, conventional diapers are more suitable for people who need caregivers. In addition, conventional geriatric diapers are usually a little cheaper compared with the diapers to wear, you’ll know better in the next section.

Diapers dressing, also called disposable underwear, are indicated for people who can move or have an active routine. Unlike conventional diapers, such diaper can be worn as an intimate piece, the feet.

Another difference that compared to conventional diaper is that instead of having the waist adjustment tapes, they have a wide elastic band, which is adjusting the diaper to the body. At that point, the diaper also recalls an undergarment. The absorption capacity of them is as good as that of ordinary diapers.

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To avoid allergies and irritations, Keep an Eye on Some Features

In general, the diapers need to be used throughout the day. So it is important that they are dermatologically tested or at least be made of materials that do not harm the skin.

Top 10 Best Geriatric Diapers In 2020 (Intima Clothing Disposable Too!)

Always give preference to dermatologically tested diapers, since they are less allergenic potential. This type of product is tested in humans under control of dermatologists before they go to the store shelf.

However, it may be that users with very sensitive skin still present any allergies or irritation, but the chances are much smaller. Choosing diapers tested, helps prevent the user has contact dermatitis, itchy skin and other allergies do not get along with the material of the product. Stay tuned!

Top 10 Best Geriatric Diapers In 2020 (Intima Clothing Disposable Too!)

The diapers are in direct contact with the skin, so they must be made with materials that are not aggressive and have good breathability. The more breathable material is, the greater comfort and lower the chances of irritation.

The natural cotton diapers are the best because they are very absorbent and less allergenic, ie less aggressive skin. There are also diaper filter fleece which keep the skin moist, or even cellulose nanofiber that are soft and help prevent bad smell.

Some adult diapers have layers with gel aloe vera, chamomile and other herbs that make the touch softer, refreshing and help in absorption. Do not forget to note this detail.

Check the Intended Use to Know the absorption capacity of the diaper

The absorption capacity of the diaper is indicated by the level of incontinence that it can support. There are suitable for mild incontinence diapers, moderate, severe, or severe. This information is always indicated on the package, be sure to check.

It is worth mentioning that there are also nighttime diapers. They typically have higher absorption, to ensure comfort during the person’s sleep, and so are also indicated for those with severe incontinence.

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It is not recommended to stay many hours with the same diaper, it can cause allergies, irritation and even infection. Therefore, even if mild incontinence and use a diaper having highly absorbent, it is ideal to replace it every 3 to 4 hours, even though it is not completely soaked.

Select Suitable size and weight to your waist

As an intimate piece diapers have sizes ranging from P to XG. In addition, to further facilitate the choice brands also tend to indicate the user’s weight and waist circumference for which the product is indicated.

For example, a diaper typically fit persons P 30 or waist 50 kg with between 50 to 80 cm, but this varies between brands. This detail deserves attention, for when choosing the wrong size diaper may leak, which is not pleasant at all.

To play safe, always check all measurements of the diaper, particularly the waist measurement. Some users with little weight can have a circumference slightly larger waist, in this case, choose a product that prioritizes get comfortable at the waist to avoid discomfort and even injury.

Select Packages with 30 units to Save

Top 10 Best Geriatric Diapers In 2020 (Intima Clothing Disposable Too!)

In the market you will find 7 packages to 30 diaper units. If you will use for a few days, you can opt for smaller packages, but if you or the person you care for is daily use of the diaper, give preference to packets with larger quantities. This is because, the larger the amount, but will be cheaper to drive.

Just do a basic account and divide the total value of the package by the amount of diapers to know how much goes out the unit. While a package of 30 diapers can cost R $ 0.60 to drive in a 7 diapers each package can come out on R $ 1.50.

See If the diaper has Differentiated Technologies

Some technologies can make the diapers even more versatile and comfortable. Most of the time, a small detail can make all the difference. Therefore, we separate for you the key technologies of adult diapers. Read:

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Contrary to what you may think, some of these technologies do not leave the more expensive product. You can find diapers with almost all of them at an affordable price. Keep an eye!

Top 7 Best Geriatric diapers Common

Here are the best diapers to buy geriatric taking into account all the factors that we present you. So that the values ​​have no discrepancy, selected diapers size L, but know that the price vary according to the size. Now you just analyze and choose!

Top 10 Best Geriatric Diapers In 2020 (Intima Clothing Disposable Too!)
Top 10 Best Geriatric Diapers In 2020 (Intima Clothing Disposable Too!)

Comparison table of the Best Traditional Geriatric diapers

Adult Diaper Comfort Plus

Night Adult Diaper

Adult Diaper Premium Night

Diaper Adult Softness

Top 3 Best Disposable Underwear

Now that you know the best traditional diapers, know the best disposable underwear. Do not forget that just as the Top 7, here we also put the size G diapers to compare values.

Comparison table of the Best Adult Diapers

Adult Diaper Pants Premium

Adult diaper Protect Plus

Adult Diaper Pants Ultra

For Greater Comfort in Routine Check Our Pillows instructions antiescaras

If you are bedridden, has limited movement or shopping diaper for someone with these characteristics, that it enjoy and also buy pillows antiescaras? They are ideal to avoid these so unpleasant injuries. See more details link below.

And then, you know which one to choose diaper? After this text expect task is simpler. Do not forget that the comfort and safety should always come first, especially for those people who suffer from urinary incontinence or recovering from a post-operative period.

If you still have questions or do not know exactly what diaper choose, you can order directly with brands to send a sample of the product. So you can test and see if it really suits your needs. We hope to have helped you!

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