Top 10 Best Guitar Straps In 2020 (Fender, Basso And More)

Top 10 Best Guitar Straps in 2020 (Fender, Basso and more)

The belt for guitar is an indispensable item for every guitarist. Although it seems a simple thing, choosing the ideal model greatly influences the ease of playing the instrument. But among so many models available in the market, how do you know which is best for you?

To help you in this choice, in this article we explain the differences between the various types of belts, and what is the best for each situation. In addition, we selected the top 10 guitar straps, including brands such as Fender, Gibson and Basso. Let’s start?

How to Choose the Best Guitar Strap

To find the perfect model for your needs, some important points need to be considered. Check out!

Choose Material Agreement with your Play Style

The first feature is that we will analyze the belt material. As certain types may not be the most ideal for his playing, let’s start by explaining the differences between them, and which situations are best suited.

If your playing style requires that the instrument remains as stable as possible, a non-slip leather handle is the most appropriate. This material allows, even if you release the guitar for a moment, it remains firmly in position you are in.

For guitar models like Gibson SG, which has a greater tendency to slip when it gets loose, this type is ideal. To be very popular worldwide, there are leather belts with all kinds of texture and thickness as well as versions of natural, synthetic and ecological leather.

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While the leather offers durability, synthetic is not derived from animals, which clearly reduces the cost and still retains virtually the same benefits in the use of the belt. The synthetic ecological is similar, with the difference to be more sustainable, using fewer chemicals.

If your playing style is more intense, nylon belts are the most recommended. The main difference from the leather is the ease with which the strap slips by the shoulder. For some it hampers the control of the guitar, but there are many occasions when it is better to opt for this material.

For example, to stage performances with more drive, belts that are not sliding may limit the guitar movement by friction has the clothes. The nylon straps solve this problem by giving more freedom to the guitarist.

The most popular types of synthetic fiber straps are made of polyester, polypropylene or nylon. In addition to facilitating the movement are also cheap, sturdy, easy to handle and there is a wide variety of colors available. Are great models for beginner guitarists!

Comfort is also an important factor to consider. Even a little eclipsed by the advancing models synthetic fiber, cotton belts are still widely used, especially among guitar players. The biggest difference is the softness, the synthetic fiber still can not play.

Even wearing shirt, always happens at some point, the belt contact with the skin. In such cases, the delicacy of cotton handles really make a difference, avoiding irritation or even an injury. Consider this factor when making your choice!

For ease of handling, cotton belts are a compromise between the other versions already submitted. Even without sliding as easily as the fiber models also offer good handling, while maintaining stable instrument.

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There are also on the market options belts in other tissues, with similar benefits to cotton. If it considers this option, choose models with thin plots fabrics that absorb sweat.

Choose the Right Belt length is Fundamental

Able to keep the instrument in the ideal position directly influences the performance of the guitarist. Thus, the length of the guitar to handle is an item that deserves special attention at the time of purchase.

The average length adjustment of the models available in the market is 90 to 150 cm, but there are many options beyond these measures. Know that the fiber or cotton straps are fully adjustable within the minimum and maximum limits of the product, while the leather have predefined settings.

By default, the most comfortable position is to play with guitar center positioned between the lines of the navel and waist, varying according to the personal style of guitar. If this is your first purchase, try to measure the length approximate at home in order to make the best choice.

To Relieve Weight on Shoulders, Use Wide Belts More

The width of the webbing generally ranging from 5 to 8 cm. The larger the width, the more the pressure is distributed, easing the strain on the body of the guitar. On the other hand, if too large, it may hamper the drive with the guitar. It is important to seek a balance in their choice.

The weight of your guitar is also crucial in the belt width of choice. For example, while the Fender Stratocaster weighs around 3kg, the Gibson Les Paul weighs 4 kg or more, it is interesting to use a wider strap for greater comfort.

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very thin straps are not for longer periods of use because after a certain time can reach the injured shoulder. Even if you prefer to use thinner shows models may be good to have a wider belt for use in tests or when practicing on their own.

Top 10 Best Guitar Straps

Now check out our ranking of the top 10 Guitar straps to buy online, selected based on the reliability of the brand and quality of materials.

Top 10 Best Guitar Straps In 2020 (Fender, Basso And More)
Top 10 Best Guitar Straps In 2020 (Fender, Basso And More)
Top 10 Best Guitar Straps In 2020 (Fender, Basso And More)
Top 10 Best Guitar Straps In 2020 (Fender, Basso And More)
Top 10 Best Guitar Straps In 2020 (Fender, Basso And More)

Comparison table of the Best Guitar Straps



Correia Regular Safety

Correia The Split Diamond

Luxury Leather belt

Nylon belt Monogram

Belt with Lock Daddario

Correia Ernie Ball Polypro

Lock Strap with Lock

Correia Custom Shop Vintage

Guitar Strap Polypro

Always keep in mind that both your performance style as the model of guitar directly influence the belt of choice. With all our tips in hand, and analyze what material, length and width fit best for your need!

It is also important to consider the purpose. For example, you might prefer to have more mobility in shows, but want greater stability in trials. Whatever your case, with the variety of models in our rankings, some of them will be just right for you, then choose your own!

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