Top 10 Best Hand Bags For Travel In 2020

Top 10 Best Hand Bags for Travel in 2020

The last thing you want on short trips is having to carry a heavy bag that hinders and has not even room to bring some memories, is not it? So choose a practical and versatile type, such as a handbag for travel, it is ideal. And at the time of purchase it is important to check the structure, pockets and the bag material.

Brands like Moroni, Yins and Viccina offer models with different shapes and functions for business or pleasure trips. So to help you hit the choice we made is guide how to choose the best handbag travel and even list the 10 best in the market. Check out the following our tips!

Top 10 Best Hand Bags For Travel In 2020

To make short trips lasting up to seven days is not necessary to take all the wardrobe and not a huge suitcase. The same ideal is to only take the necessary to carry less weight and be able to enjoy the trip. The handbags are great choices instead of suitcases, because usually well malleable, lightweight and very practical.

Many come with two types of handles for you to carry on the shoulders or hands, thus offering more comfort and practicality. Being flexible fit in different sizes of cabinets plane or bus and even under the seat. Choose from various styles for your next trip!

How to Choose the Best Hand Bag for Travel

Is to spend a few days on a business trip or tourism, it is important to choose a bag that matches your lifestyle and meets your needs. It needs to bring comfort, practicality and safety. Check out our guide!

For each trip type Choose one bag with Format Structure One

There are bags of different shapes, more structured and other more malleable. And choosing the right model will depend on the type of trip you want to do, like business or tourism. Meet the following types.

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Top 10 Best Hand Bags For Travel In 2020

Travel to work or business are usually quick and objective, requiring only take essential appliances such as notebook or tablet, toiletries kit and few costume changes. So the bag can have a compact size, but is preferably rectangular and structured to leave everything organized and well protected.

See if the purse corners and seams are reinforced, as are the parts that most hit and damage quickly with time. The stronger the seam structure and more weight you will get put. Many bags come with the fund also further strengthened to ensure quality.

Top 10 Best Hand Bags For Travel In 2020

For trips to tourism and leisure the ideal is that the bag is more versatile with expandable option and that is well malleable. Thus, you will gain even more space to bring souvenirs and shopping trip! And being flexible will get fit in cabinets of different formats without problems.

It is better to opt for bag with several compartments and dividers to get store items of different sizes and formats. So you’ll get to take what you need to destinations such as beach, city, mountain, snow or even park with family over the weekend.

Have more Convenience with Casters Exchange and handles Removable

Top 10 Best Hand Bags For Travel In 2020

Today there are bags with casters, which end up being a smaller version of a suitcase. With them you can drag and park in various places, reducing the weight and strain on the shoulders. Some come with 2 and other with 4 wheels ranging in price. It is an excellent option to have more convenience when traveling with long wait.

The hand strap is usually fixed, but many models come with removable straps that offer different footprints. The cross handle is great to keep your hands free. If you prefer a model without training wheels, choose one with less protection to be able to support the ground without soiling or damage.

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Choose between a Material Tough as Leather or more accessible as Polyester

Top 10 Best Hand Bags For Travel In 2020

When choosing the ideal bag it is important to evaluate the material and check its durability. The genuine leather is one of the most durable and resistant materials. Today there are synthetic which also has great quality and elegant appearance. They are well structured and usually have high prices are more suitable for business travel.

The most flexible with good strength materials are canvas, PVC and polyester. Some are waterproof, and great to endure rain, fog and high humidity on trips to tourism and leisure. And will your personal taste choose from numerous color options!

If Organize Best with multiple compartments, pockets and dividers

Choose a bag with several compartments, dividers and pockets to make everything more organized. To bring notebook it is important that it has a large partition and firm. In external pockets you can store items you use most, such as document, wallet and cell phone. Already in the inner pockets can organize cosmetics and personal hygiene items.

Bag Prefer a Lightweight weighs less than 2 kg

If the stock market alone is already very heavy it will be difficult to want to take many items on the trip. Generally prefer to bag weighing no more than 2 kg, so that you will get easy to carry and store multiple items without straining your shoulders. If you prefer a wheeled, choose a maximum weight of 3 kg.

Check the bag size to Take as hand luggage on plane

To carry the bag as hand luggage on the plane without paying extra is important to choose a smaller model that the airline’s size limit. The general rule of ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) is up to 158 cm value by adding the width, height and depth. But keep in mind that varies from company to company.

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Even if the bag is large and has a very high load capacity, such as 20 kg or 30 kg, try to put a maximum of 10 kg. So you will be able to take as hand luggage without having to ship the bag and you pay extra for it.

Top 10 Best Hand Bags for Travel

Check out our list of the best hand bags found in the market to make short trips for business or tourism with more convenience, comfort and style!

Comparison table of the Best Hand Bags for Travel

Purse Tote Bag Expandable Travel

Bag for Travel Trolley

Bag Travel Bag with Casters

Bag Expandable Travel

Purse Bag Travel

Stock Striped Women Travel

Purse Bag Travel

Stock Cross Hand Travel

Bag Hand Travel

Florence stock Women Travel

Such that one suitcase Maior? See Our Indications!

Traveling bags are practical, but sometimes even just a large suitcase to take charge account everything we need, right? Therefore also separated tips incredible how to choose a good suitcase and still ranqueamos the 10 best in the market. Click below to check.

Travel with more comfort with a Neck Pillow

Whether for travel by car, plane, bus or train, you can have even more comfort by using a cushion for your neck. It helps in posture and support the head at bedtime, which is very convenient for long trips. Click below and check out our guide on neck pillow!

After reading our tips on how to choose a handbag will be easy to find the ideal model for you! Remember that it must be practical, versatile and has a good structure to carry all the essentials for your trip for business or tourism.

Do not waste time and choose one of the bags on our list of the best! We hope you enjoy your next trip already with the new handbag.

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