Top 10 Best High Pressure Washers In 2020 (Karcher, Wap And More)

Top 10 Best High Pressure Washers In 2020 (Karcher, Wap And More)

Top 10 Best High Pressure Washers in 2020 (Karcher, WAP and more)

To clean up a bit heavier, it’s nice to have a little help more! The high pressure washers with a jet of water strong, help clean difficult environments faster and eficiente.Com a high pressure washer Karcher, for example, you can wash the car, floors, walls and more!

To make our life more practical, brands such as WAP, Electrolux, Tramontina, and others, have a wide variety of products. Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide to choosing the best option for you, as well as a ranking of the top 10 best high pressure washers. Check out!

How to Choose the Best High Pressure Washer

At first, it may seem that all washers are the same or differ only by the power, but not quite. Some details must be observed when choosing the best option for you. So stay tuned to the details below. Check out!

Consider Motor Washer: Universal or Induction

The high pressure washers have two types of engine, the most common is the universal engine that equips the machines for household use and is characterized by the most affordable cost. However the durability and cleaning power are smaller. This is a good option for less intense and sporadic use.

In addition to this, there are induction motor. More robust and powerful, they mainly equip the high pressure washers semi professional and professional. This engine is more durable, but results in heavy machinery. Its main indication is for those who make more intensive use.

Cleaning Heavy, Select Models Pressure and Flow High

Top 10 Best High Pressure Washers In 2020 (Karcher, Wap And More)

The primary pressure is the strength index of the washer. For home use, pressure washers between 1400 and 1600 pounds (lb) are already sufficient. However, if the aim is a more intensive and heavy ideal, the best thing to do is to choose machines with at least 1600 pounds (Lb) pressure.

Moreover, it is important to observe the flow of the washer. Most washing machines have flow between 330 and 450 L per hour, or release this volume of water every hour, continuously connected. A high flow rate means a high water consumption, but also ensures a greater cleaning power.

So if you make a heavy cleaning, consider buying a machine with high flow. On the other hand, if you just want to wash cars or clean your yard, a pressure of 330 L / h is sufficient.

Make sure the hose length is Enough

Top 10 Best High Pressure Washers In 2020 (Karcher, Wap And More)

The length of the hose can be a factor that limits the use of high-pressure washer, after all it will determine how much you can move during cleaning. Usually the hoses measuring from 3 meters in the smaller machines, and can reach 10 meters in some models.

Another important point to note in this regard is the power cord length, as measured it added to the hose, represent in fact the mobility you have. Most brands have power cable with five meters on average. Watch this detail!

Check the washer weight, he can disrupt the Use

For some people, the weight can be one of the limiting features as usability. This is because if the machine is too heavy mobility may be compromised, especially if the use is made by older people.

It is a fact that the heavy and light of consideration varies from person to person, but it is important to know that the lightest high-pressure washers weigh on average between 5 and 7 kg, and the heaviest can pass the 20 kg. Therefore, stay tuned to this detail.

Accessories They make the Washer More Versatile

As a rule, the pressure washer comes with a standard boom which fits an adjustable nozzle. Water forms a fan, you can leave more open or more closed, increasing the accuracy and making the strongest flow. The lance and nozzle can also be a single piece, called tip.

However, there are many accessories that include brands with the washer to make the most versatile use, such as turbo nozzles and detergent applicators. There are other good options such as fixed and rotary brushes, but few machines that come with them. Some brands sell the accessories separately.

Check if the voltage is the same of His House

Top 10 Best High Pressure Washers In 2020 (Karcher, Wap And More)

Check the voltage of the pressure washer is one of the most basic precautions that should be taken. This is because, place the equipment in the wrong voltage can, in addition to burning the washing machine, cause injury to the user.

This care is also due to the fact that there is hardly bivolts high pressure washers, ie, that the equipment will be 110v or 220v. So be sure to check that the correct voltage is selected before adding the product to cart and check out.

Top 10 Best Washers High Pressure

Now that you know what the main points to be observed to make a good buy, how about checking the top 10 best pressure washer to separate for you? All ranking products are of excellent quality. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best High Pressure Washers

Top 10 Best High Pressure Washers In 2020 (Karcher, Wap And More)
Top 10 Best High Pressure Washers In 2020 (Karcher, Wap And More)

Washer High Pressure Wap Premium 2600

Washer High Pressure PW-C23P

High Pressure Washer HD 585 Professional Prof. S

High Pressure Washer Master 1900 psi

Washer High Pressure Powerwash EWS30

High Pressure Washer VLP1800

High Pressure Washer Plus J7000

High Pressure Washer HW101

Washer High Pressure Machine Acqua1400

High Pressure Washer LK1200

There are several details to look before buying a pressure washer is not it? But now that you have all this information in a simple and didactic way it is easier to choose the appropriate model. Remember to observe the details cited and especially consider what the purpose of the use.

Thus, such a search in more detail the products listed here in our rankings? We are sure that any of them will meet your needs perfectly. Finally, feel free to explore the MyBest and meet other must-see content. So, go shopping?