Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfumes In 2020

Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfumes In 2020

Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfumes in 2020

Every woman loves to feel fragrant, beautiful and elegant, is not it? Therefore, a good perfume is an item that makes all the difference in self-esteem women. They are sweet, citrus or woody, feminine perfume has the ability to transform, bringing lightness, sensuality and power.

Foreign brands such as Lancome, Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne, are increasingly popular in Brazil. So in this article we will help you choose the ideal imported perfume. For this, we have prepared great buying tips and prepare a ranking of the top 10 women’s perfumes imported. At the end, check out our application tips!

How to Choose the Best Female Perfume Imported

Choosing a perfume should go through some important points, such as the concentration of essences, the types of olfactory notes and also the times when you want to use it. And then, I had thought of all these details before? Not? Then check out our tips that will get much easier!

Choose agreement with Concentration: Parfum, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette

Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfumes In 2020

The duration of a scent on the skin depends on the concentration of essences diluted in alcohol and water perfume presents. Check out the classification of imported perfumes according to its concentration of essences:

Choose Perfume for their family type Olfactory

Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfumes In 2020

Each scent belongs to a category of olfactory family: a set of essences with similar characteristics. Most scents take flowers in their compositions, therefore, are floral. Check out his other family olfactory variations:

Understand the Olfactory Pyramid: Output Notes heart and Fund

Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfumes In 2020

The fragrances are built through a pyramid olfactory notes. Each floor of this pyramid brings a new feature to perfume. Knowing these notes you will know which scent that will stand out and stay longer on your skin.

Think of the occasions in which You Want to Use Perfume

Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfumes In 2020

When choosing perfumes, think of it versatility for different occasions. Remember that perfume, as well as the costumes, comes before you in the environment. For day to day and work, prefer lighter and softer fragrances such as fruity floral; and citrus for the warmer days, as they bring a sense of freshness.

To exit the night, either for ballads or romantic dinners, select striking fragrances that exude sensuality, as the eastern floral and woody, which are more full-bodied, are for milder temperatures. In more sophisticated occasions, prefer elegant and classic fragrance, floral and rose and jasmine.

Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfume Buy Online

Every woman has a favorite fragrance and sometimes uses it for many years. Have you ever thought about giving a renewed and buy a new perfume? Check out our ranking with the best imported Perfumes and get inspired!

Top 10 Best Women Imported Perfumes In 2020

Comparison table of Best Imported Perfumes Women

Eau de Perfume

How to Apply your perfume and Store it Right Way

Not to go overboard and end up flooding the environment with the strong scent of a perfume, we must take some care at the time of application. The same goes for bottle storage, after all, we do not want to invest in a great perfume for it to lose its properties by heat bill and other factors. Keep an eye on these tips!

Now you know more about perfumes and knows how to choose a great fragrance that has your personality. Enjoy, get one of these wonderful perfumes and start praise where to pass! But without exaggeration, huh ?!

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